The largest online hockey community in the world.

Over 60,000 registered members from around the world. Largest 6 vs 6 Hockey league ever.
Full career stat system, 3 Tiers (LGHL, LGAHL, LGCHL). Xbox One & PS4
Founded in 2003, longest running video game website

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The Leaguegaming Hockey League (LGHL)
Your Virtual Career

The LGHL is the longest and largest online hockey league in the world, compete against thousands of online players for hockey glory.

Start your virtual hockey career in the LGCHL and work your way up to the LGAHL and if your good enough the LGHL. Gain awards, records as your battle vs the largest online hockey community in the world.

The Best of The Best

The largest & most competitive online hockey league in the world

Free To Play

100% Free to join and play. No fees , no charge

Multiple Tiers

3 Tiers for all skill levels, the LGHL, LGAHL and LGCHL

Rich Features

Full features including automated stat system, career data, instant stats, live stream support, mobile app and much more

The Features Of the LGHL

Learn about all the awesome features of the LGHL & Leaguegaming.

Career Stats

Every game at LG is recorded. Track your careers throughout your online career

Xbox One & PS4 League

There are 2 versions of the LGHL, a Xbox One League and a PS4 League. All stats & history are transferible.

Watch Games Live

Watch games LIVE. We automatically connect Twitch streams to LG Games

Automated Stats via EA Sports API

Stat input is automated thanks to an API to EA Sports for the NHL Series.

Mobile App

LG has its own custom built iOS & Android app to serve you stats, chat and all the features of LG for free

EA Game Changers

Leaguegaming has full time staff members enrolled in the EA Game Changers program to offer feedback and support both LG and EA's sports titles

Additional Key features
about the LGHL

Automated Schedule System - Players signup, managers confirm lineups

Power Rankings algorithm

Team & Group Chat System

In-depth stats, player vs player, awards, record book and detailed career stats

Follow System - Follow players & teams and get their latest activity all in one place

Other Mobile App Features
  • - Push Notifications for Scores & Updates
  • - Scheduled Games added to players calendar

See what our memberssay
about Leaguegaming

Real members, their experiences in their words

The relationships a guy can build over the course of a few years with other guys is bar none. Ive met some really great guys on here, and know them so well you'd almost consider them family. I know it sounds "cheesy" but to be able to come on here for a few hours at the end of a long day each day, you really get to know guys on here, it's almost like a separate world.

Andrew P

AKA RedMile_89

LG provides a competitive and fun experience for me to challenge my skills on NHL. I find my self spending some of my off hours from work or home, conversing with the rest of the LG community within the shoutbox. There are always players looking to organize teams during the day and night, so you'll always have a chance to meet some new people and play some chel. Tris10 and the rest of the staff are taking this site in the right direction towards the ultimate goal for every video game community, eSports. I would highly recommend the website to anyone looking to challenge their skills on NHL or any of the other leagues provides by the website.


Computer Systems Administrator

LG has the most active hockey league I've seen thus far. Friendly staff and community. Helpful teammates who motivates you and your team to try to be the best in the league. Starting your virtual hockey career from the ground up is a dream come true. You need to earn your way into the NHL, it's not going to be given.


College Undergrad Student

LG is a great place for people to come together amd share and enjoy there love of hockey with around 6000 other people from around the globe! When i first came to LG i didnt really want to give it the time of day and figured oh great another banana league that will fail to VG once again! Well here i am in Season 4 on the PSN side of LG as Owner for a 4th straight season! The people for the most part are genuine and fun to engage with and share opinions on not only the video game of NHL but other titles as well as real life sports discussions! The site is also top notch and no other league can compete with it at the moment what else is there to say lol LG is the place to be!!!!


Private Contractor

Mobile App Features

What else can the LG Mobile app do?

Calendar Support

Scheduled for an LG game? If so the game will be added to your phone's calendar with a reminder 30 minutes prior to game time

Push Notifications

Get instant score results, chat notifications and much much more


Get live game stats, player stats league stats and more right at your finger tips


The mobile app is fully equipped so you can chat with your team mates, members, talk in private groups and one on one chat

Watch Live

Want to watch your team play live? LG Supports Twitch streams right in the app

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Click on the Log In or Sign Up tab in the top right corner of the forum, then create your account using your email or by logging in using your Xbox account.

Please review the provided video found here

Click here to sign up for the League of your choosing from all of our available Leagues. You can also sign up in any of the League forum pages by clicking on the League logo in the menu bar.

By clicking on your account name in the upper right hand corner of any forum page you can edit your profile settings by clicking any of the show options.

are the TOS (Terms of Service)?

The TOS for League Gaming can be found here.

Please review the associated walkthru video found here.

Please review the following found here to participate in LGTV.

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our product History
See the timeline

ESHL Launched

13 Mar 2017

LG Announces it's ESports Hockey league for professionals.

Season 25 of the LGHL

02 Oct 2016

LGHL celebrates it's 25th season

Brodie Mcdonald Joins The Team

01 Dec 2013

Brodie Mcdonald joins Leaguegaming and the community merges the best leadership with the best tools & feature to grow to its modern day form.

Hired By 2K Sports

01 Mar 2008

Tristan Hodge is hired by 2K Sports to be their Online Engineer for all NHL 2K, NBA 2K & MLB 2K game titles.

Created The LGHL

15 Sept 2007

The First ever team online hockey league is created.

Leaguegaming Created

05 June 2003

LG was founded as a community to play online hockey games with NHL 2K3

our executive team

Our Top level LG Staff

Tristan Hodge

Founder & CEO

Brodie McDonald

Senior Manager of Hockey Operations


Leaguegaming Administrator

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