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    Due to some people being confused on when deadline is for registering for this event (a.k.a. fully buying in to the team), we are going to push everything back one full week. This will allow for more time to get teams that have messaged me that they intend to play to get their money in the system to register their club. We should have at least 16 based on the messages I have received, and I believe there are a few more that can slide in as well. That means the following:

    • Last Day to fully pay to register your team - Sunday, May 14th at 11:59 pm est
    • First day for games - Sunday, May 21st
    • Regular season will last 3 weeks based on current team sign ups. If we get to 15+ teams, we will have 4 weeks of regular season (7-10 games played per week, 2 games per team)
    • Playoffs will still last 2 weeks (Round 1/2 week 4, Round 3 week 5)
    Registration for your team is very simple. On the main page, you will see this box to buy in:


    YOU CANNOT BUY IN INDIVIDUALLY. Only the team owner can buy in for your team. He/she will be responsible for collecting money from his/her team, and distributing any winnings from the tournament. Sponsorship prizes will be paid out in accordance to the sponsors agreement.

    Once the team owner has bought in, message myself with your club name BEFORE ADDING ROSTER MEMBERS. I will assign you your team, and privileges. Once I do that, you can add roster members in the box that will appear below the green buy in box on the ESHL PSN page. YOu can upload a logo from that spot, and will be good to go.

    We have been working on an ELO system that will establish a team rank prior to first game played of the ESHL. We were going to use it in this session, but it is not ready to go. As such, we will be saving it for a later date when we can implement the system properly to work the way it was intended to work. Details about the system, and how it works, will be released at a later date when it is operational.

    As such, this event will be based of the same schedule system as before. 2 games played vs each team in a home/home series. We WILL NOT be making your teams schedule, however, for exact game times. We will be giving you the teams required to play in that week, and you will be responsible for organizing your games with the teams you are required to play in that week. A team is able to play more games if another team is on than just the ones required in that week if they wish, but they must AT MINIMUM play the required games for that week. The 3 week season will allow for teams to play a significant amount of games in a short window of time. This keeps things moving at a fast pace, and will allow teams that do not have much success to not suffer a lengthy event.

    @LG McDonald

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    Some things never change @Girgss

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    HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA this sounds messy. We took you for granted, Nugent.
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