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    Whats going to make this team win isn't all up to Kobe and Shaq, its up to the role players like rick fox, Isaiah rider, Horace grant and Robert Horry. We are looking for role players that stand out and get 15 pts , 5rbs, 7 assist, 2 steals , 0 turnovers for example. Someone who can play the game effectively and know their role. This is an idea of the players :

    SF- Rick "The Fox" Fox - Great role player who has the potential to go off and drop 30 pts any game. With an 84 3pt , and gold corner specialist he can shoot. He can get to the rack as well with decent speed and driving. The Major plus side to rick is his defense, with 88 lateral quickness , Silver interceptor and pick pocket , bronze perimeter lock-down defender. He can guard whoever hes matched up with at 6'7. - I am looking for someone to take pride in their defense and play great defense and to take smart shots and score at the SF position along side of kobe. FOX CAN SCORE!

    PF- Horace Grant & Robert Horry- First you have the starter Horace Grant who is secretly a SAVAGE down low . Horace Grant has silver hustle points, bronze defensive and offensive crasher, screen outlet, and post lock-down defender. 91 standing layup, 80 standing dunk. Then you have Robert Horry to spread the floor with his 84 3pt, 88 standing dunk, 84 standing layup, Gold unfazed, Silver Deadeye , bronze corner specialist and bronze break starter to utilize. He also has offensive crasher bronze, interceptor bronze, and silver chase down artist. These are two diverse PF's that can impact the game in different ways, so thats something to work with at the PF position. Horry is a young Stoudemire thats a fact, guy has some crazy dunk animations. - Im looking for someone who can play as horry and spread the floor if need be and do it all, also must be able to play interior like a beast with Horace Grant. We need a good all around player here honestly, this is one of the most import positions for our squad.

    PG- tyron lue can run the court and has quickness , looks like a young AI but cant do much more than that. The savage at pg is Isaiah Rider. 6'5 with and 84 3pt ,80 middy and 94 driving dunk and a 97 vertical lol with 88 standing layup and 85 freethrow. Dudes a beast , and will shut down Magic Johnson with the right person on him. - Rider is like russel westbrook with a little nicer jumper and alot less badges lol. We are looking for someone who can run the floor with Tyron Lue, but also can ball out with Rider , iso=dunk
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