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    Any issues, complaints, or rule violations shall be sent via PM to the above mentioned commissioners. We will review the incident, and provide a ruling for problems that arise during the event.

    Roster Size:

    Teams will be composed of a roster of no more than 8 players, and no less than 6. Teams that have less than 8 players on their roster may use their token to buy in a player at any point in the session until reaching the maximum of 8 players allowed. Roster members may not be removed from the roster once they are added past the deadline. It is the team’s responsibility to choose their members carefully to ensure participation from all members assigned to one’s team.

    Buy In/Pay Out:

    Each team participating will be required to register by paying $120 per team USD ($15 per person USD) using the link provided on the ESHL main page. The buy in will be made by the team owner ONLY. Teams are not allowed to participate in this event until the buy in has been paid in full on the LG site. Each team owner will be responsible for all collections of money from the team. All monetary winnings will be distributed to the team owner, who will then be responsible for distribution of funds to his/her team.


    Teams are responsible for scheduling their own games with the opposing teams participating in the event. Teams will use the google doc provided in the managers chat to mark games as they have been scheduled. Each team will be required to play each team 2 times for this event.

    Game Stats:

    All games are required to have stats uploaded to the site using League Gaming’s EA API from the club challenge mode located in EASHL. Tris has made inputting stats extremely easy for managers, and allows us to track stats through your ESHL career. Inputting stats take less than 1 minute, and can be uploaded as soon as a few minutes after the conclusion of the game. A screen shot of the team stats page is required for back up proof of the game in the event the API is not able to pull game stats to the LG site. Stats must be uploaded to the site no later than 3 hours from the conclusion of your game.


    Points will be awarded on a scale:

    · Win - 3 points

    · Overtime Win - 2 points

    · Overtime Loss - 1 point

    The top 8 teams will advance to a playoff to determine the winner of the ESHL event. Reseeding will be done after each round to ensure the higher seed plays the lower seed. Round 1 and 2 will be a best of 5 series played over 2 days. The finals will be a best of 7 series. 1st place will receive 70% of the pot, and 2nd place will receive 30% of the pot after the 23% take from LG for hosting the event on this site. First place will also be rewarded with 1 men’s CHRON MESH watch from the sponsor, Independent Apparel, per roster member as stated in the sponsors agreement.

    Streamed Games:

    All games are required to have 1 stream present for the game. Streamers are required to have streams archived on twitch settings so they can attach themselves to the twitch main page. Streams will save on LG, and be proof for any issues in game needing addressed by commissioners of the ESHL.

    Game Creation:

    Games will be played via club challenge system in the ESHL page. An open challenge will be created on the ESHL page by the home team on game night. The opposing team will go in, and accept the challenge based on the pre-arranged time set by the managers. The game will be played, and all stats MUST be recorded using the EA API here on the LG site. All games are required to have stats uploaded on the LG site in order to count as a game played.

    Lag Out Procedure:

    All games must be completed with zero AI present on the ice (with the only exception being multiple penalties that force an AI to be present to play 5 on 3). If any member lags out of a game, play shall continue until the next stoppage of play. Any and all goals/penalties that occur within this time count, and must carry over to the next game. At the stoppage of play, all members shall quit the game, and a new challenge shall be sent to continue play. One member shall take a screen shot of the game stats page in the event of the API not working properly.

    The team with the lag out shall win the face off at the start of the new game, and the player who lagged out shall take the penalty at the time of the lag out. Any other penalties taken, at the time of the lag out must also be taken at this time. Play will resume from that point with the score carrying over from the previous game. If the lag out occurred in the 2/3 period, the resumed play in the new game will also reflect the 2/3 period. At the conclusion of the 3rd period, the losing team shall quit to allow the winning team the ability to take the final screen shot of the stats page for proof in the event the API does not pick up the game.

    Penalty Carry Over:

    Penalties that are :59 or less will not carry over after a lag out. Penalties that have 1:00 or more remaining shall carry over as a new penalty in full by the offending player.
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