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    With the Season 11 Off-season underway, I figured now would be a good time to address the league with some of our future changes and where we are headed in the next couple months.

    1. Staff Changes

    With Xbox and PSN both having HIGH demands, we've decided to go an alternative route to our staffing at the Commissioner's Level. Phillyfan765 will still remain as Deputy Commissioner, but he will be acting for both consoles as I will be as the Commissioner for both consoles, too. We have added a new position named League Director. The League Director will be the direct communication for managers with day to day tasks. They will report to Philly or myself when needed. This will free up time for both of us so we are able to tackle on future tasks and have the league setup for future seasons ahead.

    League Director (Xbox) - nubsy004
    League Director (PSN) - jlm1410

    2. Calendar

    As this was something that was only spread through word of mouth, I wanted to give an official statement on that we will be using the tab below the league at the top of the LGFA forums named "Calendar". This will have all of upcoming need to know events.

    3. FIFA 17 Finish

    We are running our last season of LGFA on FIFA 17 for Xbox. After that, we will be entering the World Cup (back by popular demand). We are still looking for a few ownership applications, apply here :

    Those that are owners or management, will have first dibs at World Cup teams. World Cup hasn't been added to the calendar, yet.

    4. eLeague

    eLeague was an exciting future to LG, but unfortunately through recent events, we weren't able to make it work for FIFA 17. As for the future, only time will tell and we will be trying again in the future.

    5. S11, LGFA goes MLS.

    With the potential of future LGFA looking to go in a certain direction, MLS is what this league would need to do to have everything work out. With the MLS, we will now have end of the season playoffs and an All-Star game!

    That's it for now,


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