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    LEAGUE ROSTER: Scroll Down

    AFC North
    Cleveland Browns – Da Kidz Crafty
    Pittsburg Steelers – BXGngsta
    Cincinatti Bengals – NJBomber86
    Baltimore Ravens –Mattmillstar1

    AFC South
    Houston Texans – JBlack2R
    Jacksonville Jaguars – TJanglesJ
    Indianapolis Colts – ChillBoogie
    Tennessee Titans – Paddlefoot72

    AFC East
    New England Patriots – Arosa1024
    New York Jets – True G4mer
    Buffalo Bills – Datnga2sRvU
    Miami Dolphins –Wanderlust1995

    AFC West
    San Diego Chargers -Repairmanmanman
    Denver Broncos – LayNher15
    Kansas City Chiefs – PC76
    Oakland Raiders – Gyatso

    NFC North
    Greenbay Packers – GetEvennLeaveM
    Chicago Bears – Jonezy48
    Minnesota Vikings – ChildPlease8523
    Detroit Lions – Hattori Hanso

    NFC South
    Carolina Panthers – F3 Core
    New Orleans Saints – FirstLadyofXBL
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers – BigTyme21
    Atlanta Falcons –Legend of Turbo

    NFC East
    Washington Redskins – GokuBear
    Dallas Cowboys – jonGka
    Philadelphia Eagles – Smythe Dawonder
    New York Giants - BxFinestPlaya69

    NFC West
    Seattle SeaHawks – Old dirty MAK
    San Francisco 49ers – The Choirboy
    LA Rams – x Factor STL
    Arizona Cardinals –D1RTY35UR1NE
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