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    I've created this thread to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Friday Night Puck. I am going to split this into two sections, one for players and another for the captains.

    Player FAQ


    I signed up and my PSN is not on the list? Do you update them before the draft?
    A: The Cut-off for signups will be 7PM EST on Friday, The Draft list is resynced after the signups have closed and will then show everyone who clicked the green signup button on the FNP Main page.


    ok i didn't get bid on will i be placed on a team or am i SOL ?
    A: Each team consists of 1 Captain and 7 drafted players. If we play with 16 teams, we will draft a total 112 players. Anyone who is not selected becomes an ECU who is eligible to be added to any team who has a No-Show/No-Reply player. Only players who signed up and are on the FNP Draft list are eligible to ECU.


    Do you have to sign up every week, cuz I wanna do it but not available until 2 weeks.

    Yes you have to signup each week

    FNP Captain FAQ
    Q: Can I skip a draft pick after I've picked 5 players?

    A: No, you absolutely must draft all 7 players.

    Q: Is everyone required to play a game?

    A: Every player is entitled to play 1 game as long as your team makes it to the 2nd round.

    Q: What happens if somebody doesn't show up?

    A: A no-show or no reply means that player loses his right to play for the night, you can continue playing with your roster as long as you can field a legal team with players only playing the positions they signed up for.

    Q: What if I can't field a full team in the proper positions?

    A: There is usually a large pool of undrafted players (ECU's) you can add any undrafted player to your team at any point, in doing so the player who no-showed then becomes ineligible to play for the rest of the night.

    More questios and answers will be added to this thread as they come up.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.