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    ** Message to ALL Clubs **

    Does your club have what it takes to be the best of the best? Want to become the next star player in the 6’s community? Now is the time! LG is proud to bring to you the next generation of competitive hockey with the introduction of the E-Sports Hockey League! The E-Sports Hockey League (E-SHL) brings the opportunity for gamers to unite in one location to compete among the top players in the game. Games will showcase elite talent in this community as they battle to win the LG Cup, and even more… a monetary prize!! This event will be rolled out at the beginning of NHL 18, and will span 3 qualifying events, and one end of year playoff based on point totals for a grand prize!!

    Even though the year-long LG Cup is slated to begin with the release of NHL 18, LeagueGaming is pleased to announce that we will be offering a special event for players to compete on NHL 17!! This mini event will be exclusive to PlayStation 4, as Xbox currently has another event sponsored by Greb, Mashley, and Marc Savard already taking place where the winning team earns themselves a free copy of NHL 18. Below are the details of the E-SHL event on PS4 for NHL 17:

    Structure of the E-SHL event on 17??

    We will begin the E-SHL event on Sunday, May 14, 2017. It will span 6 full weeks – 4 weeks of regular season play, and 2 weeks of playoffs to determine a champion. Number of games played per week will be determined by the number of teams signed up for the event. The initial plan is to have approximately 7-10 games scheduled in each of the four weeks, for a total of 28-40 games. The last day for registration in this event will be Sunday, May 7,2017.

    How will playoffs work??

    There will be 3 rounds of playoffs played over 2 weeks. Rounds 1 and 2 will be Best of 5 series, and Round 3 (finals) will be a Best of 7 series. Round 1 will be played in between the days of Sunday-Tuesday of Week 5. Round 2 will be played in that same week between Wednesday-Saturday. Round 3 (finals) will be played in Week 6. There will not be a 3rd place game in this tournament. Pay outs will only be given to first and second place. They will take a split at 65/35 percent of the pot after league fees are deducted from the buy in.

    As an added bonus, the winning team of this E-SHL event will be given free entry to the first qualifier in the LG Cup on NHL 18 on PS4!!! This free entry will allow the winning team’s roster (eligible for one replacement from entered roster in this event, to LG Cup) the opportunity to defend their title in the season long battle for the LG Cup!!

    How are games played??

    Gone are the days of pre-scheduled games on LeagueGaming for the Pro Series events. LeagueGaming will now operate the E-SHL league on the challenge system. Each week, teams will be given 7-10 games that they are required to play based on the randomized schedule assigned to your team. No set time will be given to play the game, and it is your responsibility to organize a time to play your games with your opponent. Games scheduled for that week must be played within the predefined window set by LeagueGaming. This window will be from Sunday 12:00:01 am – Saturday 11:59:59 pm (7 full days). Games that are not played by week’s end will be given a 0-0 loss to both teams.

    An appeal may be made to overturn the 0-0 loss to the committee providing sufficient evidence is given to why the game was not played. The burden of proof lies with the team owner making the appeal. If the appeal is granted, an extension of 48 hour will be given to mutually agree on a new time to play the game. Both teams will be required to show up for the game at that time, to play the scheduled game. If a team does not show, a 1-0 win will be given to the team ready to play at the specified time.

    What is recorded from the games??

    Each game played for the LG Cup, as well as this E-SHL event, are required to be recorded on LeagueGaming’s stat system on the website. LeagueGaming has partnered with EA in order to create a seamless transition between games played in the challenge system, and the website’s API. Games can be recorded on the website minutes after the game has been completed, and all stats will be tracked for the tournament!!

    All games will be required to be streamed and archived for review. LeagueGaming’s website will save the Twitch stream, and attach it to the game for you once your account has been linked. The stream proves the game was played, and will be used to determine the outcome of any dispute between clubs.

    How will standings and points in the event work??

    Depending on the number of teams signed up, you may not play everyone over the 4 week season. As such, we have developed a system to accurately rank teams outside of wins, and losses. Teams will be ranked in the same way the HUT league rankings work currently on NHL 17. At the start of the season, each team will be assigned a baseline rating. As games are played, each club’s rating will increase/decrease based on the games won/lost. Not all wins will be viewed equally, however. Games will be weighted based on the opponent you are facing each week on your randomized schedule. If you beat a team that has a significantly lower ranking, you will not receive many points. If you beat a team that has equal or greater points than your club, however, you will see a substantial increase to the points earned for that win. This system is designed to give a more accurate picture to the rankings of each club than standings alone. A premium will be had for wins against better competition, and a stronger penalty will be given for losing games against weaker opponents. Playoffs will be determined by the top 8 teams at the conclusion of the 4 week season.

    Roster guidelines, and buy in cost??

    Rosters will be composed of 8 players on each team. The buy in cost for the event will be $120 ($15 per player). There will be no substitutions allowed for this tournament, and all rosters are deemed final on May 13, 2017 11:59:59 pm est. Players may be added to the roster if they are under the 8 man limit at any time throughout the event. No player may be removed once added to the roster.

    Buy ins from each team are pooled together to create the pot in which teams are competing for. First and second place in this event will split the pot remaining at 65/35 percent. Again, there is no third place game. Only one buy in will be made for each qualifying roster, and is to be made by the team owner. Any payouts to the winning team will be made directly to the team owner. It is the team owner’s responsibility to collect, and disburse, all fund associated with this event. LeagueGaming is not responsible for the disbursement of funds to each member on the roster.

    Who do I contact for information, appeals, and questions for this event??

    All questions and information regarding this event can be answered by contacting me on via personal message (@frostx17), or on PlayStation at: frostx17. When sending a PM regarding an E-SHL event issue or appeal, please include the following members: @LG McDonald, @frostx17, @Greb, and @mashle93. Please be as specific as possible in the PM title so we can answer in a timely manner.

    It is an exciting time to be a part of the LeagueGaming community, and a member of the NHL community. We look forward to seeing the best of the best play competitive 6’s in this upcoming event. We look forward to your involvement in the E-SHL event on NHL 17, and your future involvement with the LG Cup!


    LeagueGaming Staff

    @Tris10 @LG McDonald

    League will be taking a 23% cut in this event of the total buy in. The payment processing fees associated with this event cost LeagueGaming 10-12% of every dollar cycled through the system. The other 11-13% of the money goes towards the cost of continual maintenance, upkeep, and servicing of this site. Very little money taken from this percentage goes to the site owner. The money collected continually goes back into the site to make LeagueGaming the best platform for organized league play on the internet. Without the investment made to continually improve this site, we would not be able to offer the features we do today, and improve for tomorrow.
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