Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

User PokemonShowdown Account Name: Pokemon Battling Experience Preferred Team Name Preferred Team Abbreveation (2-4 Characters): Date
Tcx7 Tcx7 Its my league bb TBD TBD 2016/07/31 12:37
snipefest1122 better than rico none rico sucks suck 2016/07/23 13:08
bievsea bievsea Moderate Hartford Wailords HRT 2016/07/30 13:52
i need too P00 Smithx24 Deputy Commissioner of LG Pokemon Ottawa ThunderShocks Shoc 2016/07/21 12:16
Snook l13l Snook l13l Ive been playing pokemon since i was a child Snook l13l 2016/07/22 14:52
DxG Cynical Kessel50in16 A lot of XP Valor RED 2016/07/26 11:25
S2NxPuckStopp3r KyleRules41699 Played all games and have played showdown with friends a lot on my main Showdown account Squirtle Squad SS 2016/08/18 15:47
SteveB9211 SteveB9211 played since r/b/y The Newfs newf 2016/08/12 16:18
DwnSyndromeDAV3 DwnSyndromeDAV3 Season 1 and that's it!! Six In The City CITY 2016/08/25 13:02
One Hit Pony OneHitPony Original Pokemon games and some new ones. Team Pony Pony 2016/10/30 15:10
Da GeRmAiNiAc Orca6 Blastoising your mom BYM 2016/07/22 15:58
Nekski nekski 2 years. S1 Champion Pittsburgh Empoleon's PIT 2016/07/21 15:03
dooglare I Duclair 10 I Played 4 battles against Restricted Beta and have played some emulators Dicks out for Harambe DOFH 2016/07/25 21:30
jcouloigner44 Jcouloigner44 Season 1 LG and most games Jcouloigner44 JC 2016/07/25 21:30
DeeSa Ali Deesayali Been battling since out the womb Nastynaggers NNNN 2016/08/08 18:02
Drasik13 drasik13 God level Drasik13 D13 2016/11/18 17:22
x Maple EH GoalsHQ A lot St.John's Wingulls STWG 2017/01/07 22:46
DrOz2385 Droz2385 2016/09/07 11:15
Ducksfanwaterloo Ducksfanwaterloo I've used the pokemonshowdown site several times in the past, I've also played all of the games so I know all of the basic and advanced tactics to the game. The Bingo Slaya's Bap 2016/08/18 19:56
Ya Boy Yahtzee Yahtzee I have the app Yahtzee's wonderland Yaht 2016/07/24 20:56
Glimi Glimi February 27, 1996 Squareheads SHD 2016/08/13 21:45
Eh CanadianHobo C-Flowz Flow 2016/08/13 21:45
Pastahnak irishsean ;) Boston Red Sawks Bos 2016/07/24 19:05
GonzoArmstrong GonzoPokestrong Minimal Safety Dance SD 2016/08/11 13:27
ilovebruins4 luckygoal4 2014-15-16 NY second and third rounds spinda express SE 2016/07/21 20:06
Restricted Beta Restricted Beta Some experience Don't Get Lost In The Sauce LOST 2016/07/25 21:38
Yak Ant Narwhal YakAntNarwhal Limited 2016/07/25 13:50
SmokenWrappers The Ice Climber Competitive battler, fantastic in NU tier Pittsburg Registeelers The Pittsburg Registeelers (PIR) 2016/07/23 19:14
MustacheMan20 ReamyThePug81 2016/08/31 08:41
Flames7pardy Flames7pardy Competitive smogon battling, playing games for 15 years, team building, etc. Flames7pardy Fla 2017/02/03 16:23