Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Questions or Comments
1 IV Garbz VI IV Garbz VI Right Wing
2 BoogieHedgehog6 BoogieHedgehog6 Center
3 L Zherd L L Zherd L Right Wing
4 l Rider l x 88 l Rider l x 88 Right Wing
5 PastorGaiins PastorGaiins Left Wing
6 LB58 LB58 Left Defense
7 cDuBs allSTAR cDuBs allSTAR Left Wing
8 BergIar BergIar Right Wing
9 Dualtz Dualtz Right Defense
10 zGuentzel En Mit Left Wing
11 TIGxThe Fighter TIGxThe Fighter Goalie
12 JiveTurkey x91x JiveTurkey x91x Right Wing
13 Chanderson773 Chanderson773 Goalie
14 AlexinThe305 AlexinThe305 Center I've submitted my application for ownership.
15 King Zouric King Zouric Goalie
16 I_Am_Wonger I Am Wonger Right Defense zeno
17 P_Po_Patches P Po Patch3s Right Defense
18 UTackleFatKids UTackleFatKids Right Wing
19 AromaticVenus8 AromaticVenus8 Left Wing
20 o S m i i t t y o S m i i t t y Center
21 Kazmazotz Kazmazotz Goalie
22 JBask JBask Right Defense
23 l Gentry l l Gentry l Left Wing
24 iLLesTKO iLLesTKO Left Defense LD ONLY
25 Clutch x 19 Clutch x 19 Right Wing
26 Sprunt4u Sprunt4u Right Defense
27 lxl MLGesus lxl lxl MLGesus lxl Left Wing
28 DieselDominator DieselDominator Right Defense
29 JacobAA19 JacobAA19 Goalie
30 xJLucas xJLucas Center C or any fwd spot.
31 Ill Kill Ya MAN Ill Kill Ya MAN Center
32 Splash Cole Splash Cole Right Wing
33 CKxWhalefan26 CKxWhalefan26 Right Defense
34 Big Tony 16 Big Tony 16 Left Wing
35 TheSnipeShow91 TheSnipeShow91 Goalie
37 Scorvat Scorvat Center
38 TimmyTheTig3r TimmyTheTig3r Left Wing
39 Smith x 27 Smith x 27 Right Wing
40 NewMapleLeafs NewMapleLeafs Right Wing
41 Slim Chucky Slim Chucky Left Wing Any Day
42 Kiroxy IV Kiroxy IV Left Defense
43 SenSei Dropshot SenSei Dropshot Right Wing
44 ItzA WaterMelon ItzA WaterMelon Goalie
45 LeFantomeNordik LeFantomeNordik Right Wing
46 xXBoNeZx v4 xXBoNeZx v4 Center
47 ROMAN95 ROMAN95 Left Wing
48 Mantha Mantha Left Defense
49 APX 7080 APX 7080 Right Wing
50 Marr570 Marr570 Left Wing
51 Grandpa Jagr Grandpa Jagr Left Defense
52 SlyCerealKiller SlyCerealKiller Goalie
53 ExclusiveJonny ExclusiveJonny Right Defense
54 kdogpa kdogpa Left Wing
56 JimGottaXBOX JimGottaXBOX Left Wing
57 naughtyUncleTed naughtyUncleTed Center
58 RiseAboveDaHate RiseAboveDaHate Right Defense
59 X3R0 9 X3R0 9 Right Wing
60 XxTHEMASTERQCxX A Blind Referee Goalie probably will pass first playoff round so i might not be able to play
61 Lit Bread Lit Bread Right Wing
62 JTavares l91l JTavares l91l Center
63 jimmyjamonit jimmyjamonit Goalie
64 RedhaChedda RedhaChedda Center future WJC RA ONCE AGAIN
65 Mav x19x Mav x19x Left Wing or C
66 l Draper x 97 l l Draper x 97 l Center
67 CaptainCampos79 CaptainCampos79 Left Wing I can play all over the ice cept G. Use my body as you will.....
68 xxTOXICDRIFTxx5 xxTOXICDRIFTxx5 Left Wing
69 purplehaze2513 purplehaze2513 Right Wing
70 Edgarnormous Edgarnormous Left Wing
73 jared2112 jared2112 Center
75 Suneedee Suneedee Left Wing
76 UT75035 UT75035 Goalie
77 Come Gun Come Gun Left Defense
78 Mg2452 HighVoltage2452 Right Wing PS4 hero over here
79 xxpeteymacxx xxpeteymacxx Left Defense I like turtles.
80 Zero Choice Zero Choice Goalie
81 BigDTw81 BigDTw81 Center
82 GreasdUpDefGuy GreasdUpDefGuy Left Defense
83 ArterialJam8 ArterialJam8 Right Wing
84 CroDome CroDome Right Defense
85 I Duclair 10 I I Duclair 10 I Center My schedule will be based off of my chl schedule.
86 AG Pogyz AG Pogyz Right Wing
87 itsdevv17 itsdevv17 Right Wing
88 ThE KiNg ChArBi ThE KiNg ChArBi Left Defense
89 Just A Goalie Just A Goalie Goalie
90 XeroDestruction XeroDestruction Right Wing
91 Ryley Ryley Left Wing
92 Jay Saucey1 Jay Saucey1 Right Defense Defenseman on Barrie Colts active roster
96 zrowny zrowny Goalie
97 D0S eXeL D0S eXeL Left Wing
98 DxG Cynical DxG Cynical Left Wing
99 McDavid lI97Il McDavid lI97Il Left Defense
100 JWeezy1123 JWeezy1123 Goalie
101 Sadowsky3 Sadowsky3 Left Wing
102 EX BOX B1NG EX BOX B1NG Left Wing
103 xU Tyrant xU Tyrant Left Wing
104 AngryFawn368505 AngryFawn368505 Goalie
105 FugSMASH FugSMASH Right Wing Open availability
106 CroydonKNIGHT9 CroydonKNIGHT9 No
107 Unhinged Canuck Unhinged Canuck Left Defense
108 WavedTiger82 WavedTiger82 Goalie
109 Oh So Country Oh So Country Right Wing :(
110 StealthyAdopted StealthyAdopted Right Defense I suck
111 Gagne l83l Gagne l83l Right Defense
112 l Huskie l l Huskie l Goalie
113 Kookies 4 Free Kookies 4 Free Left Defense im available MOST DAYS but somedays i work late
114 sharpskyll sharpskyll Right Wing
115 CDN GUNNER 81 CDN GUNNER 81 Right Wing Available for any game. Cheers boys.
116 F4C3UP29 F4C3UP29 Right Wing
118 CoreyPerry1 CoreyPerry1 Goalie
119 Rallo x 74 Rallo x 74 Right Wing
120 lDRUNK lDRUNK Center
121 l Bobby l57l l Bobby l57l Left Defense
122 Schwifty7 Schwifty7 Goalie
123 BLA244 BLA244 Left Wing
124 Gnora x 14 Gnora x 14 Left Wing
125 Icesn1per2525 Icesn1per2525 Left Wing
126 Doan x 19 Doan x 19 Center also rw rd
128 SamSchwartzy SamSchwartzy Goalie Pretty good guy and an over average G to have on your roster ;)
129 P3k1ng DuK P3k1ng DuK Goalie
130 Kindl l4l Kindl l4l Goalie
131 KNIFEinYOURguts KNIFEinYOURguts Left Defense Availability so open, baby.
132 S Dangles S Dangles Right Wing
133 ThatCurfewLife ThatCurfewLife Left Wing
134 Rindiee Rindiee Right Wing
135 x3x BK x3x x3x BK x3x Left Defense I am a pretty solid ld in my opinion, i move the puck quickly and can hop up with the fwds on the breaks, all round smart player, i can play any position good af boiiii get at me
136 Juney Juney Center
137 Idropyy iDropyy Left Wing
138 JIMMY x JAMS JIMMY x JAMS Right Defense
139 ii Am Messiah ii Am Messiah Left Defense
140 TrapLord847 TrapLord847 Left Wing
141 TheRandemGamer TheRandemGamer Right Defense
143 SoKe Insanity SoKe Insanity Right Defense
144 Billpro007 Billpro007 Left Wing
145 TKShooter22 TKShooter22 Left Defense
146 iZer iZer Right Defense
147 DarK1VapoR DarK1VapoR Center
148 meka DVA meka meka DVA meka Right Defense
150 l Magic l 12 l l Magic l 12 l Left Defense
151 Corey Crow I50I Corey Crow I50I Goalie Available most nights
152 bure-x-10 Bure xx 10 Right Defense
153 Ovech8kin Ovech8kin Left Wing
154 iTzz Freddy iTzz Freddy Center
155 B DuB 718 B DuB 718 Center
156 Grazzei Grazzei Left Wing
157 Hunter x 39 Hunter x 39 Right Defense
158 WolvesWithArmor WolvesWithArmor Goalie
159 Potente l92l Potente l92l Center
160 Forsberg l9l Forsberg l9l Left Defense
161 l Costello 33 l l Costello 33 l Right Wing
162 DSA Caron18 DSA Caron18 Left Wing
163 IIVI Blackfyre IIVI Blackfyre +Left+wing+as+well
164 Senko x 91 Senko x 91 Right Wing
165 getzlaf9815 getzlaf9815 Left Wing
166 trevwings trevwings Right Defense if im still here come draft time that means we got upset in the first round rip
167 R Mac7 R Mac7 Goalie
168 DAV1S0N DAV1S0N Left Defense
169 LIVE Jordan LIVE Jordan Left Wing Not sure if I'm suppose to wait until I know if I make it to the second round or not to sign up
170 Furyan PrimeX Furyan PrimeX Right Defense
171 l Dangs l l Dangs l Goalie
172 Great488 Great488 Left Defense
173 Magik Road Magik Road Right Defense
174 Dying Lucky Dying Lucky I+can+play+and+practice++anytime.+Thanks
175 TEXASMX91 TEXASMX91 Center
176 Xx2murph7xX Xx2murph7xX Right Wing
177 Birdinals13 Birdinals13 Goalie
178 LL Shockley LL ll Shockley ll Left Defense Can play multiple positions
179 Mayers Mayers Right Wing
180 Geeson12 Geeson12 Right Wing
181 MMJ24 MMJ24 Right Defense
182 RideThePorkChop RideThePorkChop Center
183 Eh CanadianHobo Eh CanadianHobo Right Wing
184 Dip City Don Dip City Don Center
185 ArchAngel l87l ArchAngel l87l Center
186 Zack6811 Zack6811 Right Defense
187 Jones l31l Jones l31l Goalie
188 fuzzmiller23 fuzzmiller23 Goalie
189 Glimi Glimi Goalie
190 Stryder881 Stryder881 Right Wing
191 xJettx xJettx Two+Time+World+Juniors+Medalist.+A+gold%2C+and+silver%2C+would+love+one+more.
192 St0n3r41 St0n3r41 Left Wing
193 ibluehefneri ibluehefneri Can+play+any+position+in+the+O
194 CenterSniper 19 CenterSniper 19 Left Defense
195 I Voracek I93I I Voracek I93I Right Wing
196 justinbright97 Left Defense
197 LowLyfeSociety LowLyfeSociety Center I suck.
198 Turfarea Turfarea FINLAND+OWNER
199 xNFx Marc xNFx Marc Right Defense
200 EG Soul Reaver EG Soul Reaver Left Wing
201 TheePastorDave TheePastorDave Right Wing
202 Awful Dman Awful Dman I'm+elite
203 Da GeRmAiNiAc Da GeRmAiNiAc Goalie
204 Bullfrog1899 Bullfrog1899 Right Wing Hope I get selected and have a chance at playing!
205 SomaticAddict SomaticAddict Left Wing
206 Jude le Polski Jude le Polski Right Wing
207 DmAc4lyfe DmAc4lyfe Left Wing very active!
208 Schlemko x 17 Schlemko x 17 Left Wing
209 Polska_B0SS_780 xXLikeABOSSXx92 Right Defense
210 Field Goal Team Field Goal Team Left Defense
211 Zacha l 37 l Zacha l 37 l Please+don't+remove+me+I+wanna+play
212 RDuke 97 RDuke 97 Goalie
213 ParkerMcLovin ParkerMcLovin Left Defense
214 D3v3nb0y10 D3v3nb0y10 Center i can play every position