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Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Alternate Position(s) Questions or Comments
1 Symbieh Symbieh Goalie I'm the greatest 79 overall GK on the planet
2 Biglambers Biglambers Midfielder Forward,Defender
3 LoeufQC LoeufQC Forward Forward,Midfielder
4 CUMMINSx7 CUMMINSx7 Midfielder Forward I am an LGHL Owner, and will not be very active. Probably once or twice per week.
5 j_carlos_44 j_carlos_44 Forward Midfielder
6 Stavio_98 Stavio_98 Forward Forward,Midfielder
7 CFairman7 CFairman7 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
8 soccaplaya11 soccaplaya11 Midfielder Forward,Defender Can play anywhere, I'm the GOAT
9 The_Blind_Ref The_Blind_Ref Forward Midfielder
10 Nyydus Nyydus Forward Midfielder
11 JClaus33 JClaus33 Midfielder Forward,Defender I've played 1 game of pro clubs before, so don't expect me to be like I am in NHL, but I'm good in FUT for what it's worth
12 DG_Keeper DG_Keeper Forward Midfielder
13 oO_Andy oO_Andy Midfielder Forward
14 thesophist10 thesophist10 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
15 BlackMamba TalentCheckl94l Midfielder Forward
16 xJKx91x xJK10x Forward Midfielder,Defender
17 Jeoffreh Jeoffreh Midfielder Forward,Defender
18 Boomer4593 Boomer4593 Midfielder Forward,Defender
19 Tkachuk__7 Tkachuk__7 Midfielder Midfielder
20 Guilbault27 Guilbault27 Midfielder Forward
21 DG_MINDTRIP DG_MINDTRIP Midfielder Forward
22 JTowNE41 JTowNE41 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
23 xXLikeABOSSXx92 Polska_B0SS_780 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
24 sparkplug87 nic Sparkplug87_nic Goalie Midfielder
25 wingsfan81 wingsfan81 Forward Midfielder
26 ZBallZ5 ZBallZ5 Forward Midfielder
27 CoopandRemer CoopandRemer Defender Forward
28 PureSnipes96 PureSnipes96 Midfielder Defender
29 Semple19 Semple19 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
30 letsgoblues74 letsgoblues74 Midfielder Forward,Defender
31 sINGLE-g6_ sINGLE-g6_ Midfielder Forward IM NEW
32 Claytonking17 Claytonking17 Forward Midfielder
33 MajorDixieRect MajorDixieRect Forward Midfielder,Defender,Goalie
34 TmorrJr20 TmorrJr20 Midfielder Forward
35 sportsgeek5 sportsgeek5 Midfielder Defender
36 Fatjoedashow1984 Fatjoedashow1984 Midfielder Forward,Defender
37 OhCanada27 OhCanada27 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
38 Leg_al Leg_al Forward Midfielder
39 Tyrone257 Tyrone257 Midfielder Midfielder
40 Lers780 Lers780 Midfielder Forward,Defender
41 SnugzySnoopy SnugzySnoopy Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goalie Avaliable for any positions .
42 Battz Battz Midfielder Forward
43 alonzi401 alonzi401 Defender Forward,Defender,Goalie
44 leblond1112 leblond1112 Forward Midfielder
45 eqbomber Eqbomber21 Forward Midfielder,Defender,Goalie
46 Noiseitmon Noiseitmon Forward Forward,Midfielder
47 xKillhouse Diewithonor Forward Midfielder
48 jboro1227 jboro1227 Forward Forward,Midfielder
49 realdemonX realdemonX Goalie Goalie
50 Unabuga6 Unabuga6 Forward Midfielder
51 Bruchboi900 Bruchboi900 Midfielder Forward,Goalie
52 MolsonQ MolsonQ Defender Goalie
53 sizzlak09 sizzlak09 Forward Midfielder
54 BroadwayCJ97 BroadwayCJ97 Goalie Defender
55 xXvaladaoXx xXvaladaoXx Forward Defender LB, CB, CDM, CM, CAM
56 BeAsT_MoDe-ToNi beast_mode-toni Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender
57 Extendo28 Extendo28 Midfielder Forward
58 sajeel25 sajeel25 Forward Forward,Midfielder
59 Cityslicker97 Cityslicker97 Midfielder Forward
60 SouthernIceJay SouthernIceJay Forward Midfielder
61 TheRabidPanther TheRabidPanther Forward Midfielder,Goalie
62 craig78917891 craig78917891 Midfielder
63 Prince-Of-Zeus Prince-Of-Zeus Midfielder Forward,Midfielder Can play CAM, Wingers and Striker
64 Rickchel98 Rickchel98 Forward Forward,Midfielder
65 filoukent filoukent Forward Forward
66 Carmstrong95 Carmstrong95 Midfielder Forward I'm not as good at Fifa as I am NHL. So don't expect much;)
67 Djnel2011 Djnel2011 Forward Midfielder,Goalie
68 hunter6d hunter6d Midfielder Forward,Defender,Goalie
69 Darknight330 Darknight330 Forward Midfielder
70 matt139139 matt139139 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
71 I-Dekar-I I-Dekar-I Midfielder Forward I have not much experience in fifa but im Average
72 Bigchocolate13 Bigchocolate13 Midfielder Forward,Defender
73 McGoogles50 McGoogles50 Forward Goalie
74 purp_kush187 purp_kush187 Goalie Forward
75 ToughCutsYT ToughCutsYT Forward Midfielder
76 jewofcanada jewofcanada Midfielder Forward
77 Matt_4029 Matt_4029 Defender Midfielder Best 500k player available
78 DTaylzHD DTaylzHD Midfielder Midfielder
79 Bbrawler84 Bbrawler84 Midfielder Forward
80 imudd imudd Midfielder Forward CAM
81 Shotl72l That-One_Shot-22 Forward Forward
82 KaneL88I Kanel88i Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender Not cb
83 jeff0012 jeff0012 Midfielder Forward
84 The_extreme_curl The_extreme_curl Forward Midfielder
85 snipe9493 snipe9493 Forward Forward
86 uWannaBeMeSoBad uWannaBeMeSoBad Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
87 zeffster zeffster Midfielder Forward
88 HJHF14 HJHF14 Forward Forward available saturdays and sundays 8-10
89 M-A-Skotlas20 M-A-Skotlas20 Forward Forward Availability: 1-2 Nights a week.
91 xxSNIPESHOTxx21 xxSNIPESHOTxx21 Midfielder Midfielder I can play the 8pm and 8:40 games Due to lg NHL game times
92 Delano JDono34 Forward Midfielder,Defender I mainly play striker, although I can play central midfield or wingback.
93 Auto Jets Chipy_19 Forward Midfielder
94 WheresYaGurl WheresYaGurl Midfielder
95 beatzr beatzr Forward Midfielder
96 TheVikesBull53 TheVikesBull53 Forward Midfielder
97 J_Tryhard_412 J_Tryhard_412 Forward Midfielder How do you pass?
98 dophares2000 dophares2000 Midfielder Defender
99 sanjose01 sanjose01 Goalie Midfielder,Goalie
100 TheFlyers1992 TheFlyers1992 Goalie Defender Play Goalie in LGHL. Play a bunch of GK in Be A Pro on Fifa if that counts for anything lol.
101 Mcloughlin93 McLoughlin_93 Midfielder Forward CAM
102 MysticMac_IRE MysticMac_IRE Goalie Goalie
103 T_Slomey T_Slomey Forward Midfielder
104 Bigyan__ Bigyan__ Midfielder Midfielder
105 ACK-stonerboy ACK-stonerboy Midfielder Forward
106 Etsy29 Etsy29 Midfielder Forward Can't play until holiday season ends at work
107 John_SheIdon John_SheIdon Defender Midfielder
108 Navarro21_ Navarro21_ Forward Forward,Midfielder
109 The__answer23 Dydy23 Midfielder Forward
110 woeisme2185 woeisme2185 Forward Midfielder,Defender
111 Ykaneko15 Ykaneko15 Midfielder Forward
112 ChyzNasty ChyzNasty Midfielder Midfielder I fucking suck, just here for party presence. #StandStrong
113 JDForthy JDForthy Forward Defender Availability may be an issue due to prior commitments, but looks like fun.
114 Nine2Fiver Nine2Fiver Midfielder Forward
115 eZDangles eZDangles Midfielder Forward,Defender late games only (9pm+)
116 NorthernLoud420 NorthernLoud420 Forward Forward,Midfielder NetSix N Chill?
117 Gour_x_71 Gour_x_71 Forward Midfielder
118 thekiller9879 thekiller9879 Forward Midfielder
119 BBK24 BBK24 Forward Midfielder
120 Penguins2013 Penguins2013 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
121 jaredrox1103 jaredrox1103 Forward Forward,Midfielder,Goalie
122 Tha-Real-TMAN Tha-Real-TMAN Defender Midfielder
123 Cpt_Kritter17 Cpt_Kritter17 Forward Midfielder
124 schroyer69 schroyer69 Midfielder Forward
125 BakedRiverOtter BakedRiverOtter Forward Midfielder
126 Forcebergs Forcebergs Forward Midfielder
127 budmarques Budmarques Midfielder Forward
128 X9_SebLaRosa_6X X9_SebLaRosa_6X Forward Midfielder,Defender
129 BREZZYxGH0ST BREZZYxGH0ST Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
130 jonhardcoq jonhardcoq Forward Midfielder,Defender
131 OneWayRock OneWayRock Midfielder
132 SteelCityFan17 SteelCityFan17 Goalie Forward
133 awilbraham awilbraham Forward Midfielder
134 II_Jcross_II II_Jcross_II Midfielder Defender
135 EvO NubolutioN Midfielder Forward
136 PheNoMeNaLxOnE17 PheNoMeNaLxOnE17 Forward Forward
137 TheKaner_88 TheKaner_88 Forward Midfielder
138 rV_CLuTcHz rV_CLuTcHz Forward Midfielder
139 Pastahnak Pastahnak Midfielder Midfielder
140 AyeeGibby AyeeGibby Midfielder Forward
141 Marktsib marktsib Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
142 NeutralityEleven NeutralityEleven Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender Only available part-time. Prefer central midfield, box-to-box. Can CAM if needed. LB/RB okay if you let me overlap.
143 PERKS-_14_-QC PERKS-_14_-QC Midfielder Defender
144 Kush-Demon_QC Kush-Demon_QC Midfielder Forward
145 KingKonz- KingKonz- Goalie Midfielder
146 RockyBalboa_sp RockyBalboa_sp Forward Forward,Midfielder
147 Oso-Sic Oso-Sic Midfielder Forward,Defender I've never played GK.
148 ll_Larkin_71_ll ll_Larkin_71_ll Forward Midfielder
149 Mooner2014 Mooner2014 Goalie Goalie
150 TheBipolarJew69 TheBipolarJew69 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
151 balake96 balake96 Midfielder Forward
152 Kerns Kerns-_- Forward Midfielder
153 dudeman ryo Dudeman_ryo Midfielder Defender
154 bidou96m Xx96_BiDoU_96xX Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
155 vxWoytkiw8xv vxWoytkiw8xv Forward Forward JIMMY
156 i9-Stamkos-1i i9-Stamkos-1i Forward Forward
157 Rowbo73 Rowbo73 Forward Midfielder good availability
158 DomSquad100 DomSquad100 Forward Midfielder
159 CrazyRon_v1 CrazyRon_v1 Forward Forward,Midfielder,Goalie
160 x_ReAcTiiOnz_71 x_ReAcTiiOnz_71 Forward Midfielder
161 RAMBOKILLER_23 RAMBOKILLER_23 Forward Midfielder
162 B00gie_man--- B00gie_man--- Midfielder Defender
163 KingClutch x 77 KingClutchlx77l Midfielder Forward,Defender
164 Doggybag1985 Doggybag1985 Forward Midfielder Can try to play in the back 4 but no promises I'd be worth anything
165 JoPz JoPz Forward Forward Auto assign me to LG Leciester or whatever the fuck it's called
166 Alexqc9 alexqc9 Forward Midfielder
167 Revenix1 Revenix1 Goalie Goalie
168 HazeeHype HazeeHype Forward Midfielder
169 Taiter316 Taiter316 Forward Forward,Midfielder
170 GhostMK GhostMK Midfielder Forward
171 Karlsson_MVP Karlsson_MVP Forward Forward,Midfielder,Goalie
172 Recker12 Recker12 Forward Midfielder
173 NSpencer34 NSpencer34 Goalie Forward,Goalie
174 czechsniper040 czechsniper040 Forward Forward
175 FR0BE 8 Th3K1ngR3turns_ Forward Midfielder
176 Autokratic Autokratic Forward Midfielder box to box type of player, like to play as a forward but have no issue playing the CAM
177 F0R3IGN_0BJ3KT F0R3IGN_0BJ3KT Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goalie
178 joshb12345 joshb12345 Forward Forward
179 WateryDolphin77 MrNotSoAwesome07 Defender Midfielder
180 Grnz9mn Grnz9mn Midfielder Forward,Defender
181 fatman3456 fatman3456 Forward Midfielder
182 JLott0910 JLott0910 Forward Midfielder,Defender
183 XCurtisJoseph31 XCurtisJoseph31 Midfielder Forward Used to be big into fifa, I was pretty good, Barca all day
184 Couzinni Couzinni Midfielder Forward PSN: Couzinni CDM main position Looking to join LG Everton recommended... anywhere I'm needed
185 Borje_Salming_21 Borje_Salming_21 Defender Midfielder
186 Str8Syko__ Str8Syko__ Midfielder Midfielder
187 x Braydenn xBraydennn Midfielder Forward
188 nowelbaby nowelbaby Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
189 dankchank dankchank Midfielder Midfielder
190 Matty_A_31 Matty_A_31 Midfielder Forward
191 Nhltwister Nhltwister Forward Midfielder
192 Live_by_SIN Live_by_SIN Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender
193 Tronthedon23 Tronthedon23 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Goalie
194 THE-_DuffHouse THE-_DuffHouse Midfielder Forward Left footed
195 zay_daddi zay_daddi Midfielder Forward,Midfielder im pass first and 6'2
196 Crown_prince24 Crown_prince24 Forward Forward
197 Youcef252 Youcef252 Forward Forward
198 Apperation EMPEROROFGAME Midfielder Forward Can play defense as a last resort I suppose, but don't expect much.
199 oz_OGES oz_OGES Midfielder Forward
200 FrxZzieNation FrxZzieNation Midfielder Forward
201 VRGN_XxVERITASxX VRGN_XxVERITASxX Forward Midfielder
202 Mr_Mendoza_94 Mr_Mendoza_94 Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender I'm a 89 overall
203 Kush710goons Kush710goons Forward Forward,Midfielder