Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Other Leagues Active In How many nights a week can you play? (on average) Questions or Comments Status
1 Air Raiders Killabfreddy60 Left Wing All Amateur
2 Gatinofreak1977 Gatinofreak1977 Right Defense All Veteran
3 QC_Moreault QC_Moreault Left Defense 5 Veteran
4 big_tony666 big_tony666 Left Wing Vghl All Amateur
5 bcrae88 bcrae88 Right Wing All Amateur
6 iLLuminOttie iLLuminOttie Right Defense All Amateur
7 JSILVERS JSILVERS Left Defense All Veteran
8 Malliaman Malliaman Goalie All Prospect
9 FullyDynamic FullyDynamic Left Wing 4 Draft Pick
10 Iplay_for_keeps Iplay_for_keeps Right Wing All Amateur
11 JEDI-INFIDEL JEDI-INFIDEL Center 4 Imma defensive playmaking centre who plays and sticks to his position well. I a, always I front of bot nets and I have mad hustle. Prospect
12 Pastahnak Pastahnak Right Defense All I enjoy memes, I believe in aliens, and I once scored 18 points in the beta Veteran
13 ultimateGamer940 ultimateGamer940 Right Wing All Amateur
14 JTx11- JTx11- Goalie fuk+da+ops Veteran
15 BryanAdoresLiz BryanAdoresLiz Right Wing 4 Veteran
16 dmac7719 dmac7719 Left Defense All Draft Pick
17 Slowdethmarch420 Slowdethmarch420 Goalie All Amateur
18 BigDiddy17 BigDiddy17 Left Defense 3 Amateur
19 SliestGibbon659 SliestGibbon659 Right Wing All Amateur
20 sml09 sml09 Left Wing All Amateur
21 Mike_yacoub Mike_yacoub Right Wing All Prospect
22 MajiikalSniipes MajiikalSniipes Left Defense All Amateur
23 WolfxI29I WolfxI29I Left Wing 5 Veteran
24 bottle_man bottle_man Left Wing 3 Hi. Bye. Veteran
25 Double_brah Double_brah Center All Veteran
26 MuchOpello MuchOpello Right Defense 5 can play rw lw too Amateur
27 ViRuS_I29I_ ViRuS_I29I_ Goalie All S5 Memorial Cup Val'dor Foreurs G #29 / Looking for starting G spot preferred. Back up works as well. Draft Pick
28 Zborg10 Zborg10 Left Defense 4 Amateur
29 Blitzburgh_31 Blitzburgh_31 Left Defense 4 Amateur
30 eGodJumps eGodJumps Left Wing All Veteran
31 Markz_51 Markz_51 Right Defense 6 Veteran
32 debarrd debarrd Left Defense 4 Veteran
33 DynoMikeV2 DynoMikeV2 Right Wing 2 uncertain about work schedule come next season, fair warning Veteran
34 Peeace--- Peeace--- Left Defense 3 Amateur
35 LSCANUCK LSCANUCK Goalie 3 Amateur
36 Goblues2012 Goblues2012 Goalie 5 Amateur
37 omnicidal-havoc omnicidal-havoc Left Wing All Draft Pick
38 WHOstifher WHOstifher Center 4 Can play lw also Draft Pick
39 AllinFitness AllinFitness Goalie All Amateur
40 Thesassman12 Thesassman12 Left Wing All Veteran
41 Veclaran Veclaran Goalie All Veteran
42 woeisme2185 WOEisME2185 Right Defense All Amateur
43 Selke_Smooth ovogreekovo Center All Veteran
44 D1ggy420 D1ggy420 Center 3 Amateur
45 CwbyFn94 CwbyFn94 Left Defense 4 Amateur
46 Bigtizzle33 Bigtizzle33 Left Defense 3 Rd or ld. No preference Amateur
47 ItsAPurpleDragon ItsAPurpleDragon Right Defense All Veteran
48 realdemonX realdemonX Goalie All Veteran
49 I_swear_im_sober I_swear_im_sober Goalie All Amateur
50 Dxwny Dxwny Left Defense All Play both hands evenly. Veteran
51 xX_PARAYKO_55Xx xX_PARAYKO_55Xx Left Defense All Amateur
52 rat48180 rat48180 Left Wing All Amateur
53 MyNamesMino MyNamesMino Left Wing All Amateur
54 Jlm1410 Jlm1410 Center 5 Veteran
55 LKG_REAPERSRAGE LKG_REAPERSRAGE Goalie 6 Early games unless work schedule Veteran
56 Buy_my_dogs Buy_my_dogs Right Wing All Draft Pick
57 cementkidd57 cementkidd57 Goalie All Amateur
58 I-Gumby I-Gumby Right Defense 3 Amateur
59 TheRealDudester TheRealDudester Right Wing 5 I also play C and minimal LW Amateur
60 BrennanFrasso MrSkittleBaby Right Wing All Amateur
61 Frauts Frauts Right Wing All Draft Pick
62 bNYCe83 bNYCe83 Goalie All Veteran
63 KllerJ KllerJ Right Wing All Amateur
64 Shmucked Shmucked Goalie All Veteran
65 jathen380 jathen380 Right Wing All Prospect
66 Atboud Atboud Left Defense 5 Amateur
67 Flapjack8796 Flapjack8796 Center 6 C/LW/RW Veteran
68 Kingilkillu Kingilkillu Right Wing 5 Amateur
69 sfcman sfcman Center All Amateur
70 SICKTRICK25 SICKTRICK25 Right Wing All Amateur
71 XxbanditxX84 XxbanditxX84 Right Defense 3 Prospect
72 priceless_1982 priceless_1982 Goalie 6 Draft Pick
73 Krok-o-dill Krok-o-dill Goalie All Moving back to Goalie for new Gen. Dont let me slip to CHL or RIP Veteran
74 RarryxxVX RarryxxVX Left Wing 6 Amateur
75 O-jay23 O-jay23 Center All Amateur
76 Rockgosu4 Rockgosu4 Left Wing All Veteran
77 roB_wHitEy roB_wHitEy Center 4 Amateur
78 xXLikeABOSSXx92 Gaborik_x_l12l Left Wing All Veteran
79 looper_61 looper_61 Center All If i am at home, ill most likely be playing NHL. Some days i wont be availble. Amateur
80 XDoctor-jackalX XDoctor-jackalX Left Wing All Amateur
81 Prince-Of-Zeus Prince-Of-Zeus Right Wing All Had the cancers. Beat the cancers. In remission right now, any concerns or questions hmu. Veteran
82 Firefighter58 Firefighter58 Left Wing All Amateur
83 samael329 samael329 Goalie All Prospect
84 FU2-GnomeofDeath FU2-GnomeofDeath Left Wing All Amateur
85 xBrickwall-_- xBrickwall-_- Goalie All Draft Pick
86 jhawkman81 jhawkman81 Left Wing All I can play any time after 8:30pm Central Time , I can play RW and Goalie as well. Amateur
87 Igotdat420 Igotdat420 Left Wing All Prospect
88 Dysfunction07 Dysfunction07 Center 4 Amateur
89 Spkstr69 Spkstr69 Right Defense All Veteran
90 Dedstarks Dedstarks Right Defense All Amateur
91 FizzFazel54 FizzFazel54 Left Defense 4 Prospect
92 El_cucuy79 El_cucuy79 Right Wing 4 Can play RW, RD, LW, LD. Amateur
93 FUQT FUQT Right Wing All Veteran
94 p0itraz2z p0itraz2z Center All Veteran
95 nibblingwalrus nibblingwalrus Goalie All Amateur
96 atlknights21 atlknights21 Left Wing LGOHL PSN, LGAHL PSN All Amateur
97 KingWillum KingWillum Right Wing Vghl 6 Amateur
98 Illyfilly Illyfilly Center All Please change me back to C! Veteran
99 Brian_7931 Brian_7931 Center 5 Amateur
100 jetsareawsome1 jetsareawsome1 Left Wing 3 Amateur
101 SilKyy_96 SilKyy_96 Center All Draft Pick
102 Faytal_Flow Faytal_Flow Goalie All Elite CHL goaltender trying to make it to the big leagues. Draft Pick
103 sportsgeek5 sportsgeek5 Goalie SSHL, All Prospect
104 RippedJockStrap RippedJockStrap Right Defense 3 Prospect
105 Tbnkelqc Tbnkelqc Left Defense 5 Prospect
106 LHSbrad35 LHSbrad35 Right Wing All Play RW mostly, but has played Center and RD as well. Ex-owner in season 5 LGCHL PSN and available all nights. Amateur
107 jnh5hpbtda79 jnh5hpbtda79 Right Wing 4 Amateur
108 MrGhillieDMR MrGhillieDMR Goalie 4 Draft Pick
109 TheMonkeyShow TheMonkeyShow Left Defense 5 Amateur
110 KStormmmmmmmmmmm KStormmmmmmmmmmm Right Wing All Best at RW/LW, but can play C. Amateur
111 Mathdouble2 Mathdouble2 Right Defense 5 Veteran
112 donron011 donron011 Left Wing All Prospect
113 Boss77x_O Boss77x_o Right Defense 4 Veteran
114 Mikel98809 Mikel98809 Left Defense 4 Prospect
115 SavageChaos-x SavageChaos-x Right Wing All Prospect
116 Ath0miiic Ath0miiic Right Wing 4 Amateur
117 CFairman7 CFairman7 Center 5 Veteran
118 Chikenbiskit Chikenbiskit Left Wing 4 Veteran
119 Fumancheezy_ Fumancheezy_ Left Defense All Veteran
120 Kush-Demon_QC Kush-Demon_QC Right Wing All Veteran
121 Lazy Pedestrian Lazy_Pedestrian Right Defense 2 Don't be a fidget and bid me up over 4mill. You'll be disappointed. Veteran
122 zeffster zeffster Left Wing 3 Veteran
123 arogame123 arogame123 Right Defense 3 Prospect
124 Throatpunch87 Throatpunch87 Left Defense 3 Prospect
125 IKiiNG_94 IKiiNG_94 Left Wing All Draft Pick
126 GaryLemley GaryLemley Center All Season 4 owner of the Chicoutimi Sagueneens Amateur
127 bear10house bear10house Left Wing 3 Prospect
128 VGamingWorldYT VGamingWorldYT Goalie All veteran on xbox side ahl goalie season 5 psn if in chl i play all positions I'm a livestreamer on Youtube Amateur
129 LRKrazyLR LRKrazyLR Left Defense 3 Veteran
130 OdessaSteps OdessaSteps Right Defense All Veteran
131 DeadShadow781 DeadShadow781 Left Defense All Amateur
132 quinsrule quinsrule Left Wing All Amateur
133 Bubba17- Bubba17- Left Defense 3 Veteran
134 SabbyAy SabbyAY Right Defense 3 Veteran
135 iLegend_Trippy iLegend_Trippy Right Wing FBHL 4 I would like to be the AGM of the owner arogame123. He applied for owner and offered to me to be AGM and I would like to do so. Amateur
136 Rampagekiller815 Rampagekiller815 Center 3 Veteran
137 Drippy Hardin DrippyHardin Right Wing All Top Pass First/Cycle Fwd Prospect
138 DRHuckleberry DRHuckleberry Right Wing 6 Prospect
139 Android2110 Android2110 Right Defense All I am willing to play either LD or RD. I am proficient at both sides, and I switch my handedness according to the side. Amateur
140 B-Bunny B-Bunny Right Wing 5 Veteran
141 Dirtydeeds1212 Dirtydeeds1212 Goalie VGHL All Veteran
142 Chislett 19 Chislett19 Left Wing All Hello Veteran
143 The Gr8 Haxby TheGr8Haxby Right Wing All Greatone. Avail varies can be bad Veteran
144 JJ-Finesse- JJ-420-qc Center 1 Xbox and working 4 game avail Veteran
145 WestSideHockey WestSideHockey Goalie All Veteran
146 you_mecca_me_sik you_mecca_me_sik Center 4 Veteran
147 UnshippedOwlcat cup4blues Goalie 3 Veteran
148 magnum_316 M-A-G-N-U-M_316 Center All Amateur
149 playmaker x 7 Playmaker_x_7 Left Wing 3 Veteran
150 Iron_byron20 Iron_byron20 Left Wing 5 Prospect
151 Class Act 27 Class_Act_27 Left Wing 3 Veteran
152 Marner93 aslamsaleh Right Wing All Amateur
153 LAZEYE LAZEYE Center VG All Veteran
154 Rageeez Rageeez23 Right Defense All Veteran
155 Full_melt707 Full_melt707 Right Wing All Amateur
156 Mcgraw522 Mcgraw522 Goalie All Amateur
157 JBrodeur435 JBrodeur435 Goalie 3 Amateur
158 iTsKingJayDee JuDe-I92I Left Wing LG Xbox 4 Veteran
159 Cardinalsin47 Cardinalsin47 Left Defense 4 Can play RD and G as well Amateur
160 drdetroit317 drdetroit317 Right Defense 3 Veteran
161 Johnkenney01 Johnkenney01 Left Wing All Amateur
162 PEACEKEEPER500 PEACEKEEPER500 Goalie 3 Prospect
163 T_B_61 T_B_61 Center All Amateur
164 Traz615 Traz615 Center 4 Veteran
165 Chernoble29 Chernoble29 Left Defense All Amateur
166 SgtVandoos SgtVandoos Goalie All Veteran
167 K-Ols9 K-Ols27 Left Wing 5 Draft Pick
168 MN-StoneMason MN-StoneMason Goalie All Amateur
169 Deifenbaker Deifenbaker Right Wing 5 Prospect
170 Kipperboy33 Kipperboy33 Left Defense 3 Draft Pick
171 Tangelis Tangelis Goalie 3 Prospect
172 SmearedPap Smearedpap Right Wing All Draft Pick
173 xDarts-_-23 xDarts-_-23 Goalie All i play D and fwd to Amateur
174 Rowbo73 Rowbo73 Center 5 Veteran
175 Skitzo369 Skitzo369 Right Wing All Amateur
176 Reider15-15 Reider15-15 Center All Amateur
177 Free_xX-19-Xx Free_Xx-19-xX Center All Draft Pick
178 wolfric_99 wolfric_99 Right Defense 2 Veteran
179 the_tack the_tack Center 2 Amateur
180 jayvee028 jayvee028 Left Defense All LD or RD Draft Pick
181 Jthersch16 Jthersch16 Goalie 3 Amateur
182 Huggiebear Huggiebear2369 Center All Prospect
183 skullpuckyamotha skullpuckyamotha Left Wing All Amateur
184 chadkillz134 chadkillz134 Goalie All Amateur
185 jaffer38 Jafine38 Right Wing 5 Amateur
186 radicalapex radicalapex Right Defense All GM of San Jose Sharks, S2-S4 Owner of San Jose Sharks, S5 Veteran
187 x_2-Domi-8_x X_2-Domi-8_X Goalie 2 i wont be able to make most games in the season Veteran
188 ItzA WaterMelon Itz-A-WaterMelom Goalie 6 I CAN BE THE ONLY MEME ON THE TEAM Veteran
189 x25j75x x25j75x Left Wing All Amateur
190 Nhltwister Nhltwister Left Wing All Im just here so I dont get fined. Veteran
191 nickyP1999 nickyP1999 Center All Only time I won't be able to play nights is if i work which will be at most 1 night a week. Draft Pick
192 Krt-Peanutbutter Krt-Peanutbutter Goalie All Amateur
193 KilluminatiKro KilluminatiKro Left Wing All Prospect
194 Kalvinator95 Kalvinator95 Right Wing All Amateur
195 XPLOSIV-THR34T XPLOSIV-THR34T Goalie All Prospect
196 Rickstoneman11 Rickstoneman11 Goalie All Amateur
197 Kevdak Kevdak Goalie All Amateur
198 MrGiraud MrGiraud Goalie All Amateur
199 Heaters50in07 Heaters50in07 Goalie All Willing to split starts with another solid goalie for team stability Amateur
200 Hbjhockey18 Hbjhockey18 Left Defense All I can play center Prospect
201 Lynyrd_Skynyrd Lynyrd_Skynyrd Left Wing All Amateur
202 EmptyLsawesome EmptyLsawesome Left Defense 4 Prospect
203 FilthyPuck97 FilthyPuck97 Center Ighl 4 Prospect
204 Brad0703 Brad0703 Goalie Vghl 5 Amateur
205 H4dES__SP4wN H4dES__SP4wN Goalie 4 Amateur
206 Potato-Head48 BasedPotato_ Right Defense All Amateur
207 Back342 Back342 Goalie All Draft Pick
208 HorrorSeen HorrorSeen Left Defense 4 Amateur
209 headhunter9872 headhunter9872 Goalie 6 Veteran
210 Dark3lf73 Dark3lf73 Left Defense 4 Amateur
211 bertone2909 bertone2909 Center All Draft Pick
212 Green1791 Green1791 Center All Prospect
213 DufOurmick DufOurmick Right Wing All Amateur
214 geesteak geesteak Left Wing Vghl 4 Veteran
215 Justcause17 Justcause17 Left Defense 5 Played season 5- was first time in league and after a few weeks really got a hang of it! I am very excited for season 6! Amateur
216 snake16doctor snake16doctor Goalie 5 Amateur
217 budymaya budymaya Left Defense All I can literally play all 6 positions Prospect
218 j_marz25 j_marz25 Right Wing All Veteran
219 KittyKing69 KittyKing69 Right Wing 3 Veteran
220 lBl2llNlK lBl2llNlK Right Wing 2 Veteran
221 El_Guapo41Six El_Guapo41Six Center 5 Prospect
222 barrdown barrdown Center 3 I do shift work... available all nights one week and Sunday/Thursday nights the next Prospect
223 Kozmo483264 Kozmo483264 Goalie VG and SPNHL All Veteran
224 Tychi91 Tychi91 Center All Amateur
225 vCodester vCodester Right Wing All Veteran
226 IND1gl3x IND1gl3x Right Wing All Amateur
227 JoeWink13 JoeWink13 Right Defense All Veteran
228 calmblueicex calmblueicex Right Defense 3 (: Veteran
229 GZUS19 GZUS19 Center All Draft Pick
230 NH4JP NH4JP Goalie 1 Veteran
231 MajorDixieRect MajorDixieRect Center All Looking forward to the season! Amateur
232 JRG173188 JRG173188 Left Wing 4 Amateur
233 Better_Made Better_Made Center 5 Amateur
234 DR_T_BAGG DR_T_BAGG Right Wing All Amateur
235 xMAssStAtiC- xMAssStAtiC- Left Defense 6 Prospect
236 rockygratt84 rockygratt84 Left Wing 3 Can play any forward position and defense if needed. Prospect
238 Mooner2014 Mooner2014 Goalie All Veteran
239 NatureX NatureX Right Defense 4 Veteran
240 Craig_D85 Craig_D85 Goalie 4 Veteran
241 jacksdawgs jacksdawgs Goalie All Amateur
242 Slamtastic86 Slamtastic86 Left Defense All Stay at home defender. Left or right defence.. Doesn't matter. Amateur
243 Trapppgawddd Trapppgawddd Left Wing All Amateur
244 Col4Bin420 Col4Bin420 Right Wing 4 Veteran
245 Kingbling647 kingbling647 Center All Veteran
246 jonny__ross jonny__ross Right Defense 4 Amateur
247 TH3 0N3 l24l Th3_0n3_l24l Right Wing All Veteran
248 goalscorer9 goalscorer9 Right Defense All Draft Pick
249 EVILDESTINY64 EVILDESTINY619 Left Defense VG All Veteran
250 Hallowleg088 Hallowleg088 Left Wing All Prospect
251 Th3Fr3akSh0w76 Th3Fr3akSh0w76 Center SSHL,Vghl qchl 5 Amateur
252 UrbanGuerrilla UrbanGuerrilla Left Defense 4 Amateur
253 Joshleaman2015 Joshleaman2015 Goalie 6 Amateur
254 Bardownski69 Bardownski69 Left Wing 4 I+can+play+both+wings+effectively+ Draft Pick
255 COULTER145 COULTER145 Right Defense All Prospect
256 Goostav_12 Goostav_12 Right Wing All Amateur
257 Pickleboy1988 Pickleboy1988 Left Wing 3 Availability changes with work schedule Amateur
258 XxJusT4TheShoWxX XxJusT4TheShoWxX Right Wing All Cri Cri Veteran
259 Trio_Bigmac- Trio_Bigmac- Right Defense All Tbnk Veteran
260 nitram308 nitram308 Right Defense 3 Prospect
261 JLAden12 JLAden12 Left Defense 5 Can play either side. Draft Pick
262 Bill6_2000 Bill6_2000 Right Wing 2 Amateur
263 BCNYY02 BCNYY02 Left Defense 5 Prospect
264 tengaray tengaray Left Defense 6 Prospect
265 SN1PINGKING SN1PINGKING Right Wing 4 Amateur
266 XxToMMy6926xX XxToMMy6926xX Center 5 Amateur
267 ll_Larkin_71_ll ll_Larkin_71_ll Center 5 Veteran
268 baverstock4700 baverstock4700 Right Wing All Prospect
269 VRain_19 VRain_19 Goalie 4 Sunday+i+have+the+chance+of+getting+called+in+for+overtime+shifts.++I+give+any+team+I+am+on+notice+within+12+hours+before+the+game.++ Veteran
270 ABIGFNJINX ABIGFNJINX Left Defense All stay at home defender and play all positions Amateur
271 dannyk2399 dannyk2399 Center 3 Veteran
272 Hriiz Hriiz Right Wing All Veteran
273 Big_Gren Big_Gren Left Defense 4 I am teal Amateur
274 BANJOBOY19 BANJOBOY19 Goalie All Veteran
275 jaZz134 jaZz134 Left Defense All Veteran
276 fishiswah fishiswah Goalie 5 Amateur
277 Joeynova22 Joeynova22 Right Wing All Amateur
278 Mollet_29 Mollet_29 Right Defense All Can play any position best at G but looking to change it up and play D have NHL experience at G but going for a more needed position Veteran
279 Nba2k16islife201 Nba2k16islife201 Center 3 Amateur
280 VEXEloQuence VEXEloQuence Left Defense 3 Veteran
281 cLaPPxD cLaPPxD Right Wing All Amateur
282 dankatsva13 dankatsva13 Goalie 5 Draft Pick
283 Degabrad Degabrad Left Wing 5 Amateur
284 Eccoldsteel Eccoldsteel Right Defense All Amateur
285 VoltageFusion VoltageFusion Left Wing All Veteran
286 HockeyK1d1210 HockeyK1d1210 Right Wing All Prospect
287 xOneTimer xOneTimer Left Defense 5 Draft Pick
288 bstende bstende Left Defense All Veteran
289 Agesquod Agesquod Center All Willing to play LW depending whos playing center Amateur
290 N_A_G_55 N_A_G_55 Right Wing 5 Amateur
291 WizardInBlack72 WizardInBlack72 Right Defense All Amateur
292 monkeydaddy7130 monkeydaddy7130 Goalie All Amateur
293 seeyoukey seeyoukey Right Defense 3 LD/RD Veteran
294 Hail_mgoblue Hail_mgoblue Right Defense 3 For the summer I can play on weekends. For the rest of the year, I should be available all week. Prospect
295 mostwanted026 mostwanted026 Left Wing All Comfortable playing any position Prospect
296 mamm7216 mamm7216 Left Defense 3 Amateur
297 Captnobody420 Captnobody420 Right Defense 3 Amateur
298 GodsGift911 GodsGift911 Left Defense 4 1 LGCHL season under the belt. True D man, looks for pass over shot. Amateur
299 ticKlemEkeV ticKlemEkeV Center 3 Prospect
300 MaverickUSA85 MaverickUSA85 Center 4 Signed up as center. I also have no problem playing defense as I know there is a overload of offensive players most times. Practicing goalie a lot as well. Prospect
301 F7__ F7__ Center vg All Draft Pick
302 OptimusPrimus77 OptimusPrimus77 Right Defense All Veteran
303 wincowboy wincowboy Goalie All Amateur
304 iCHIRP18 iCHIRP18 Right Wing All Amateur
305 M1keal M1keal Left Defense All Veteran
306 Dr_Death_116 Dr_Death_116 Right Defense All Amateur
307 VattanRulez VattanRulez Left Wing 2 I can play LW and RW Prospect
308 MBrown412 MBrown412 Right Wing 3 Prospect
309 HSBFOREVER666 HSBFOREVER666 Right Defense All Amateur
310 Darkkjoe78 Darkkjoe78 Left Defense All Veteran
311 2TROUT its2TROUT Left Defense All Amateur
312 MrHappyhappy1 MrHappyhappy1 Right Wing All Amateur
313 M-A-Skotlas20 M-A-Skotlas20 Left Defense 5 Le Gruden Football League is LIT Veteran
314 Scores-alot Scores-alot Left Wing 5 Amateur
315 Nastyboyblake Nastyboyblake Left Defense All Amateur
316 ShirtNoService ShirtNoService Left Defense 5 Prospect
317 Zachcvh Zachcvh Left Defense All Strong on defense, a little weaker on offence. I can also play goalie. Prospect
318 ZeRo_SyMPoThY ZeRo_SyMPoThY Left Wing All Amateur
319 Williams_55 Williams_55 Right Wing All Can play lw too. Prospect
320 Titler73 Titler73 Goalie 2 Amateur
321 pittpensfan76 pittpensfan76 Left Defense All Veteran
322 xDubz47 xDubz47 Right Wing All Veteran
323 Vapetokes77 Vapetokes77 Right Defense All play in nhl Amateur
324 EarlTheGoat1979 EarlTheGoat1979 Goalie All Amateur
325 Le_CLO Le_CLO Right Defense 3 Prospect
326 JKHank07 JKHank07 Right Wing All Draft Pick
327 Xx1ninjastar1xX Xx1ninjastar1xX Left Wing All Prospect
328 Capitalsfan_08 Capitalsfan_08 Goalie 3 Amateur
329 SnydesUSMC SnydesUSMC Left Wing All Prospect
330 BlackDawgg71 BlackDawgg71 Goalie MHL,HNHL,OPTHL,HVHL,SSHL, 5 Amateur
331 P_Po_Patches P_Po_Patches Right Defense 5 Prospect
332 Boosted2ggsx Boosted2ggsx Left Wing 3 Prospect
333 Alwaysdippin365 Alwaysdippin365 Goalie Clhl 4 Prospect
334 FrannieDeVito FrannieDeVito Left Wing All Prospect
335 Cox2564 Cox2564 Center All Draft Pick
336 russianphenom16 russianphenom16 Left Wing All Amateur
337 The_Blind_Ref The_Blind_Ref Center All Am also LW dont bid too high pls Veteran
338 Canucksfan66420 Canucksfan66420 Goalie All Amateur
339 SunShine2644 SunShine2644 Right Wing 6 Veteran
340 j-hickey j-hickey Right Wing 2 Amateur
341 CHIPcote57 CHIPcote57 Center 4 Prospect
342 MrPurpleCrush MrPurpleCrush Right Defense All Veteran
343 JKayy_ JKayy_ Right Defense 5 Prospect
344 Pugz_360 Pugz_360 Left Wing All Amateur
345 Zerginjection Zerginjection Right Wing All I'm very active player That's availble for all games. * And I am a team player. Prospect
346 HELLOVATER HELLOVATER Left Defense 6 Right handed. Always willing to practice. I can handle criticisms and take advice. Veteran
347 jayyyyb23 jayyyyb23 Goalie 5 Amateur
348 TheShaftDaddy TheShaftDaddy Left Wing All Amateur
349 The-WalterWhite7 The-WalterWhite7 Left Defense 2 Prospect
350 Ray9733 Ray9733 Center All Amateur
351 II-Entryy-II II-Entryy-II Left Defense All send nudes Veteran
352 koztom- koztom- Right Wing All Veteran
353 Gritty13 Gritty13 Right Wing All Amateur
354 Baba_Booey22 Baba_Booey22 Center 5 Amateur
355 RaZCuL RaZCuL Right Wing SSHL,VGHL All Amateur
357 Jennjamty Jennjamty Right Wing 6 Amateur
358 Sgt_Fryman Sgt_Fryman Right Defense 4 Prospect
359 ItzAlive__ ItzAlive__ Left Wing All Prospect
360 drewc81 drewc81 Right Wing All Prospect
361 PittZBT12 PittZBT12 Left Wing 4 Prospect
362 curlew7 curlew77 Right Wing 6 Veteran
363 SDA_NELSON SDA_NELSON Right Wing 4 Prospect
364 Bukurak_1 Bukurak_1 Goalie 4 Prospect
365 grassi__ GRASSI__ Left Wing 2 Amateur
366 Andrewcarlisle15 Andrewcarlisle15 Right Wing 3 Prospect
367 ACK-stonerboy ACK-stonerboy Center SPNHL All Veteran
368 Noblood777 Noblood777 Left Wing All none Veteran
369 lpfortin lpfortin Center 5 an play any fowards spots Amateur
370 II-Dreamyy-II II-Dreamyy-II Goalie All Draft Pick
371 MiDamDikBurnsHot MiDamDikBurnsHot Goalie All Prospect
372 Pulverize_vL Pulverize_vL Right Wing 4 I can play any fwd position Amateur
373 STLstash STLstash Left Wing All Can play any position. Amateur
374 Tekniks79 Tekniks79 Left Defense All Veteran
375 Sharp_AS27 Sharp_AS27 Left Defense All Amateur
376 Jumbokipling Jumbokipling Right Defense All Amateur
377 Neexmo Neexmo Goalie All Amateur
378 XxGumpeRxx XxGumpeRxx Right Defense All Veteran
379 bkong79 bkong79 Right Defense 4 Amateur
380 graemebeeston66 graemebeeston66 Left Wing All Amateur
381 Jaysen262k Jaysen262k Left Defense 3 Prospect
382 ShrumBucket ShrumBucket Left Wing 3 Prospect
383 hockey0703 Hockey0703 Right Wing All Prospect
384 Bullseye8585 Bullseye8585 Goalie 5 Amateur
385 Potatasalad Potatasalad Center 4 Amateur
386 bklyntony bklyntony Right Wing 5 Amateur
387 dufreZ dufreZ Center 3 Prospect
388 NickyC585 NickyC585 Center 3 Prospect
389 BadAss777Qc BadAss777Qc Right Wing All Amateur
390 knight2k knight_2k Goalie 3 Amateur
391 kingbrad42 kingbrad42 Goalie All Amateur
392 Hockeypro8799 Hockeypro8799 Right Wing 3 Prospect
393 Toecutter00700 Toecutter00700 Left Defense 3 Draft Pick
394 Hatix2008 Hatix2008 Left Wing qchl All Amateur
395 iTzzGamETimE_ iTzzGamETimE_ Center All Top player with a respectable rookie season in the CHL. Top 3 in goals during the regular season. Draft Pick
396 robinski88 robinski88 Left Wing 6 Prospect
397 AjHcCwRs AjHcCwRs Right Defense All Veteran
398 twobent twobent Left Wing All Amateur
399 Carmstrong95 Carmstrong95 Center 3 Veteran
400 Rahzki Rahzki Right Defense VGPHL 5 Amateur
401 Madernwarfare58 Madernwarfare58 Right Defense All Prospect
402 threet38 threet38 Right Defense All I can also play RW and LD. Draft Pick
403 LEAFER4880 LEAFER4880 Right Wing 4 Prospect
404 Tchemdoo Tchemdoo Right Defense 3 Available after 9:30 Prospect
405 obaby5300 obaby5300 Goalie 5 Prospect
406 HABS_11_31_6 HABS_11_31_6 Goalie All Veteran
407 FndigBigfootBobo FndigBigfootBobo Left Defense 5 On a quest to find bigfoot. Draft Pick
408 DG_Keeper DG_Keeper Center All Amateur
409 Seeleysurfer seeleysurfer Center All Prospect
410 xTiDanKilleR--55 xTiDanKilleR--55 Center All Veteran
411 Bmottly Bmottly Left Defense All Prospect
412 Snipecity14 Snipecity14 Center Pavhl 3 Prospect
413 Jadams54 Jadams54 Left Wing 4 Prospect
414 xRetributionx87 xRetributionx87 Right Defense All Prospect
415 cndpostal cndpostal Left Wing All Amateur
416 Windmillsfordayz Windmillsfordayz Goalie 5 Would like to play the 2 sunday games and/or the 3 game day as I will be in school for this season. Amateur
417 Smith x 27 smith_x_27 Right Wing 5 Amateur
418 Timmycdogg Timmycdogg Left Defense 6 Amateur
419 MikeTheMonkey MikeTheMonkey Left Wing All Draft Pick
420 daverobs1203 daverobs1203 Left Defense All Can play left or right defenses shut down. Also excellent center or winger. No goalie Amateur
421 ImaDoer3 ImaDoer3 Left Wing All Veteran
422 captain21canada captain21canada Right Defense All Amateur
423 sG_NtrO sG_NtrO Right Defense 5 Also play LD Prospect
424 Bigc9791 Bigc9791 Left Wing 5 Amateur
425 KungFuHamster82 KungFuHamster82 Center All I can play goalie rather not tho like my 2 best positions are c,rw Veteran
426 Mcinnis666 Mcinnis666 Right Wing All Amateur
427 monkeyfist_king monkeyfist_king Right Defense 5 I am getting better at forward, will not want to play center. Prospect
428 Sizzum12 Sizzum12 Left Defense All Amateur
429 x_Jedi_x420 x_Jedi_x420 Left Wing All Veteran
430 Umadcuzusad the_closer_420is Left Wing All Prospect
431 Chalgi4ka Chalgi4ka Left Defense 4 Amateur
432 Kgrilli Kgrilli Left Defense All Amateur
433 Benson--85 Benson--85 Right Defense All Amateur
434 Rubbershoes Rubbershoes Goalie All Amateur
435 phillygonaspanku phillygonaspanku Left Defense 4 Veteran
436 GuitarGeek420 GuitarGeek420 Left Defense All Prospect
437 llamapen llamapen Left Defense VGHL 4 Veteran
438 wildstajan1 wildstajan1 Left Defense 4 Draft Pick
439 Pyromaniac15423 Pyromaniac15423 Left Defense 4 Im hoping this season, if possible it could be shown on a players record how many games they lost by forfeit Amateur
440 berardomauro95 berardomauro95 Center All Prospect
441 IM_ON_WELFARE247 IM_ON_WELFARE247 Right Wing All Amateur
442 Tc1314 Tc1314 Center 5 Prospect
443 The-C-Of-The-Red The-C-Of-The-Red Center All Amateur
444 xxBEAST4EVERxx xxBEAST4EVERxx Left Wing PAVHL 4 Amateur
445 xX__CINEMA__Xx xX__CINEMA__Xx Left Wing All Last season thy messes up my position and switched me to RD, I am only a winger please don't mix it up Amateur
446 Arizona4life1107 Arizona4life1107 Goalie 6 Also play D right or Left Prospect
447 jgiroux4 jgiroux4 Center All Veteran
448 Dangle_geno_cely Dangle_geno_cely Left Wing 6 I play anywhere, mostly forward.. im a dangling feeder!! Draft Pick
449 BennettX96 BennettX96 Left Wing 4 Draft Pick
450 McSmellyDigit McSmellyDigit Right Defense All Amateur
451 IhockeygirlI IhockeygirlI Right Wing 4 Veteran
452 Jmiichh-Qc Jmiichh-Qc Left Wing SSHL,Eml 4 Amateur
453 xRyNoE55x xRyNoE55x Left Defense 4 Veteran
454 D_Sooky D_Sooky Goalie 2 Prospect
455 jkap123 jkap123 Right Wing PAVHL 1 Veteran
456 Sedinpower Sedinpower Right Defense All Veteran
457 belisleluc63 belisleluc63 Goalie MHL,HNHL,OPTHL,HVHL, 5 also play d Amateur
458 MidnightToker112 MidnightToker112 Left Wing 3 Amateur
459 vxWoytkiw8xv vxWoytkiw8xv Left Wing All #1 LW NHL17 Beta Nudes #1 LW NHL18 Beta Oh My Lanta Average AF during the actual game though Overpaid? You can never be overpaid, send me 15m Veteran
460 Girgs28 Girgs28 Right Wing All Veteran
461 DOMINICK526 DOMINICK526 Left Wing All Prospect
462 Theo_a_kats Theo_a_kats Right Defense 4 Amateur
463 xxcardsharkxx406 xxcardsharkxx406 Goalie 5 One week l can play 3 nights ther week 2 nights Amateur
464 Deez69Nutz94 Deez69Nutz94 Right Wing 6 Prospect
465 Jmencalisss9 Jmencalisss9 Left Defense All Veteran
466 PghFANATIC PghFANATIC Left Defense All Veteran
467 jonhardcoq jonhardcoq Left Wing 4 Veteran
468 DavvyJonneeesX44 DavvyJonneeesX44 Goalie All Prospect
469 patdene12 Lach12 Goalie 3 Veteran
470 Memlocke Memlocke Goalie 4 Draft Pick
471 Robbed95 Robbed95 Right Wing All Veteran
472 Bosanceros1992 Bosanceros1992 Right Wing 3 Amateur
473 UrAnNub UrAnNub Right Wing 6 Amateur
474 Bo-Dangles10 Bo-Dangles10 Left Defense All Veteran
475 Mattherock Mattherock Left Defense 5 Veteran
476 FLINN_21-Xx21xX FLINN_21-Xx21xX Right Wing 3 Amateur
477 Duges39 Duges39 Goalie All Amateur
478 JRickk_ JRickk_ Left Wing All Amateur
479 Mathqc22 Mathqc22 Right Wing Vg 2 I play lw c and rw do what ever you want with me but let me be a fwd lol Veteran
480 dsully1087 dsully1087 Right Defense 4 Amateur
481 Thewall6687 Thewall6687 Center All Strong at face offs about 75% on them. Smart defensively and very talented puck mover Veteran
482 Perkosaurus13 Perkosaurus13 Goalie All Veteran
483 bcds141 bcds141 Right Defense 4 Prospect
484 sleepyTee sleepyTee Goalie All Shoots Left, also plays RD, C, RW. Prospect
485 Gvdub Gvdub Right Wing All Prospect
486 Rockan40 Rockan40 Left Wing All Amateur
487 xTarasenko91_ xTarasenko91_ Right Wing All Veteran
488 u_1_2_B_me_ u_1_2_B_me_ Center 3 Veteran
489 Tcx7 MomGetDaCamera Left Wing All Wiseau Films logo Opening credits play against generic footage of Johnny stalking about San Francisco Exterior shot of Johnny’s car pulling up outside his house Johnny enters the living room Johnny: Hi babe! I have something for you. Lisa: What is it? Johnny: Just a little something. He playfully hides the package, then presents it to Lisa. She opens it to find a red dress. Lisa: Johnny, it’s beautiful. Thank you. Can I try it on now? Johnny: Sure, it’s yours. Lisa: Wait right here. (she grabs Johnny’s tie and kisses him) I’ll try it on right now. Johnny sits down. Cut to Lisa reemerging from the stairs in the red dress. Johnny: Wow, you look so sexy, Lisa. Lisa: Isn’t it fabulous? Johnny: I would do anything for my girl. Enter Denny Denny: Oh hey, guys. Johnny: Oh hi, Denny. Denny: Wow! Look at you! Lisa: It’s from Johnny. Johnny: Anything for my princess! Ha-ha-ha-ha. Denny: How much was it? Lisa: Denny, don’t ask a question like that! Johnny: Nice to see you, Denny. I’m going to take a nap. Denny: Can I go upstairs too? Johnny: Ha-ha! Lisa: Denny, I think I’m gonna join him. Johnny: A-ha-ha. They exit upstairs, speaking barely audibly Lisa: I’ve got some candles upstairs. Johnny: You always think. A-ha-ha. Alright, I’m ready. Lisa: This is so pretty, I can’t wait for you to get it off of me. Johnny: Oh, yeahhh. Denny takes a bite of an apple, then follows them upstairs. In the bedroom, Johnny and Lisa start a pillow fight. Johnny: A-ha-ha! (incomprehensible gibberish) Ha-ha-ha! Ouch! Denny joins in and gets clobbered as everyone laughs. Denny: No, stop! Johnny: Denny, do you have something else to do? Denny: I just like to watch you guys. Lisa: Oh, Denny, Denny, Denny boy! Johnny: Denny, two’s great, but three’s a crowd, ha-ha. Denny: I get it. You guys want to be alone. Johnny: That’s the idea! Denny: Fine. I have homework to do anyway. Bye, lovebirds! Johnny: Bye, Denny. Lisa: Bye, Denny. Denny exits, and a three-minute love scene commences, scored to terrible R&B. There’s a lot of water and rose petals and naked boobs. Johnny fucks Lisa’s belly button. Afterwards they lie awkwardly in bed together, and Lisa seems bored with Johnny as he sleeps. The alarm clock goes off at :28. Johnny gets up, smells a rose, and bares his ass to the camera. He emerges from the bathroom dressed for work and greets Lisa. Johnny: Did you like last night? Lisa: Yes I did. Johnny: Ha-ha-ha. Lisa: Can I get you anything? Johnny: Unh-unh. I have to go now. Lisa: Okay, bye. Johnny: Bye. Johnny exits. Cut to an exterior daytime shot of the house, then to the living room. Lisa answers the door, and Claudette enters. Lisa: Hi mom, how are you? Claudette: I’m fine, how are you? Hmmm? Okay, let’s go to the couch, and we will sit down. Now, what’s happening with you? Hmmm? Lisa: Nothing much. Do you want some coffee? Claudette: What’s wrong? Tell me. Lisa: I’m not feeling good today. Claudette: Well, why not? Lisa: I don’t love him anymore. Claudette: Why don’t you love him anymore? Tell me. Lisa: He’s so boring. Claudette: You’ve known him for over five years. You’re engaged. You said you loved him. He supports you, he provides for you, and darling, you can’t support yourself. He’s a wonderful man, and he loves you very much. And his position is very secure. And he told me he plans to buy you a house. Lisa: That’s why he’s so boring! Claudette: Well, what are you going to do? Lisa: I don’t know. I don’t mind living with him. Claudette: Well, you can’t do that. Have you talked to him about it? Lisa: No. I don’t know what to do. Claudette: Well, he’s a wonderful person. And he’s getting a promotion very soon. Now he bought you a car, he bought you a ring, clothes, whatever you wanted, and now you want to dump him. That’s not right. I’ve always thought of him as my son-in-law. You should marry Johnny, he would be good for you. Lisa: I guess you’re right about that. Claudette: Well, of course I’m right. I know men! I wasn’t born yesterday. I’m glad you’re listening to your mother. Nobody else listens to me. Lisa: You’re probably right about that, mom. Claudette: Well, I’m glad you’re listening to your mother. Listen, I’ve gotta go. But you remember what I told you, okay? M-hm. Bye bye now. Claudette exits Lisa: (sarcastically) Thanks, mom. The same room, later in the day. Lisa picks up the phone and Mark answers on the other end. Mark: Hello? Lisa: Hey baby, how are you doing? Mark: Oh hey, how you doing? Yeah, I’m very busy, what’s going on? Lisa: I just finished talking to my mom. She gave me this big lecture about Johnny. Mark: Look, we’ll talk about it later. I told you, I’m very busy. Lisa: We’ll talk about it now! Whenever you say we’ll talk about it later, we never do. I can’t wait till later. I want to talk right now. You owe me one anyway. Mark: Okay. Alright, what do you want to talk about? Lisa: She’s a stupid bitch. She wants to control my life. I’m not going to put up with that. I’m going to do what I want to do, and that’s it. What do you think I should do? Mark: I mean, why do you ask me? You know, you’ve been very happy with Johnny. What do you want me to say? I mean, you should enjoy your life. What’s the problem? Lisa: Maybe, you’re right. Can I see you tomorrow? Mark: Okay. Alright, how about noon? Lisa: I’ll be waiting for you. Bye. Mark: Alright, see you. Cut to gratuitous footage of a cable car in downtown San Francisco. Back in the room, Lisa answers the door. Mark enters. Mark: Hi. How you doing? Lisa: I’m fine, come in. Have a seat. (they are silent while she pours wine and offers it) Mark: Thank you. Lisa: It’s hot in here. (she unbuttons the top of her blouse) Do you mind? Mark: No. Lisa approaches Mark in her strapless black dress. Mark: I mean the candles, the music, the sexy dress, I mean, what’s going on here? Lisa: I like you very much, loverboy. Mark: What are you doing this for? Lisa: What’s the matter? Don’t you like me? I’m your girl? Mark: Johnny’s my best friend. You’re going to be married next month. Come on. Lisa: Forget about Johnny. This is between you and me. Mark: I don’t think so. I’m leaving now. Lisa: Please don’t leave. Please don’t leave. I need you. I love you. I don’t want to get married anymore. I don’t love Johnny. I dream about you. I need you to make love to me. Mark: I don’t think so. Everything’s going to be fine, I promise. They proceed to kiss, then have fully clothed three-minute sex on the spiral stairs to the tune of terrible R&B (“you are my rose”). Mark: Why did you do this to me? Why? Johnny’s my best friend. Lisa: Didn’t you enjoy it? Mark: That’s not the point. Lisa: I love you, Mark. Mark: Look, you’re very attractive, alright? You’re beautiful. But we can’t do this anymore. I can’t hurt Johnny. Lisa: I know. He’s your best friend. Mark: Hey. This will be our secret. They kiss. Cut to exterior shot of a hilly San Francisco street. Johnny’s car pulls up to a flower shop. Johnny enters the flower shop. Johnny: Hi. Florist: Can I help you? Johnny: (removing sunglasses) Yeah, can I have a dozen red roses, please? Florist: Oh hi, Johnny, I didn’t know it was you. Here you go. Johnny: That’s me! How much is it? Florist: It’ll be eighteen dollars. Johnny: Here you go, keep the change. Hi doggy! Florist: You’re my favorite customer. Johnny: Thanks a lot, bye! Florist: Bye bye! Johnny exits with the roses and gets in his car. Cut to Lisa in the room, talking on the phone. Lisa: Yeah, delivery. 555-4828. Half Canadian bacon with pineapple, half artichoke with pesto and light on the cheese. Thanks. She hangs up, and the doorbell rings. Lisa: Who is it? Denny: Denny! Lisa: Hey Denny, how are you doing? Denny: I’m fine. What’s new? Lisa: Actually I’m really busy. Do you want something to drink? Denny: No thanks. I just want to talk to Johnny. You look beautiful today. Can I kiss you? Lisa: You are such a little brat! Denny: I’m just kidding! I love you and Johnny. Lisa: Okay, okay. Johnny’s going to be here any minute. You can wait if you want. Denny: I gotta go. You’ll tell him I stopped by. Lisa: Of course. Denny: Bye. Lisa: Bye, Denny. Cut to exterior shot of the house. Johnny’s car pulls up. Johnny enters the room. Johnny: Hi babe. These are for you. (he presents a bouquet of roses) Lisa: Thanks honey, they’re beautiful. Did you get your promotion? Johnny: Nah. Lisa: You didn’t get it, did you? Johnny: That son of a bitch told me that I would get it within three months. I save them bundles. They’re crazy. I don’t think I will ever get it. They betray me, they didn’t keep their promise, they tricked me, and I don’t care anymore. Lisa: Did you tell them how much you save them? Johnny: Of course, what do you think? They already put my ideas into practice. The bank saves money, and they are using me, and I am the fool. Lisa: I still love you. Johnny: You’re the only one who does. Lisa: At least you have friends. I didn’t get any calls today. You’re right. The computer business is too competitive. Do you want me to order a pizza? Johnny: Whatever, I don’t care. Lisa: I already ordered a pizza. Johnny: You think about everything, ha-ha. Lisa: What’s the matter? Are you alright? It’s just a lousy promotion. You know what you need? You need a drink. Johnny: I don’t drink, you know that! Cut to Lisa emerging from the kitchen with, it seems, scotch and vodka. Johnny: Ha-ha-ha-ha. She mixes them to form scotchka. Lisa: Don’t worry about it. It’s good for you. Johnny: You must be crazy. I cannot drink this. Lisa: If you love me, you’ll drink this. She raises his glass to his mouth and he drinks. Johnny: You’re right, it tastes good. A-ha. Lisa: I know. I am right. Don’t worry about those fuckers. You’re a good man. Drink and let’s have some fun. They drink. Cut to later, when they have had quite a bit to drink and Lisa is now wearing Johnny’s tie as a headband. Johnny: Ha-ha-ha. A-ha-ha-ha. Mmm. Lisa laughs hysterically. Johnny drops and shatters a glass. Johnny: You have nice legs, Lisa. Ha-ha. Lisa: (laughing) You have nice pecs. Johnny: A-ha-ha. I’m tired, I’m wasted, I love you darling! Lisa: Come on, make love to me. Johnny: Unhhh… Lisa: Come on, you owe me one. Johnny: I love you, Lisa. Lisa: I love you, Johnny. (she rips open his shirt) They make out on the couch, and then we cut to the bedroom for a lovemaking sequence that seems to be recut from their previous lovemaking sequence, but with a different terrible R&B song. Mercifully, it only lasts for about a minute. Cut to the famous “painted ladies” of San Francisco. Cut to the room. Lisa: So I’m organizing the party for Johnny’s birthday. Can you come? Claudette: When is it? Lisa: Next Friday at six. It’s a surprise. Claudette: Oh. Lisa: You can bring someone if you want. Claudette: Well, sure, I can come. But I don’t know if I’ll bring anybody. Oh! That jerk Harold. He wants me to give him a share of my house. That house belongs to me. He has no right. I’m not giving him a penny. Who does he think he is? Lisa: He’s your brother! Claudette: He’s always bugging me about my house. Fifteen years ago, we agreed, that house belongs to me. Now the value of the house is going up and he’s seeing dollar signs. Everything goes wrong at once. Nobody wants to help me, and I’m dying. Lisa: You’re not dying, mom. Claudette: I got the results of the test back. I definitely have breast cancer. Lisa: Look, don’t worry about it. Everything will be fine. They’re curing lots of people every day. Claudette: I’m sure I’ll be alright. Oh! I heard Edward is talking about me. He is a hateful man. Oh, I’m so glad I divorced him. Lisa: Don’t worry about it. You just concentrate on getting well. Claudette: Well at least you have a good man. Lisa: You’re wrong! Mom, he’s not what you think he is. He didn’t get his promotion. And he got drunk last night. And he hit me. Claudette: Johnny doesn’t drink! What are you talking about? Lisa: He did last night. And I don’t love him anymore. Claudette: Johnny is your financial security. You can’t afford to ignore this. Lisa: Yeah, okay mom. Can I just talk to you later? Claudette: You don’t want to talk to me. Lisa: I just got done talking with a client, and I have to get ready to meet him. Can I just talk to you later? Claudette: Okay. I will see you later. Bye bye. Claudette exits. Cut to an exterior shot of the house. Cut to the room. Michelle and Mike enter, nervously. Michelle: How much time do we have? Mike: I dunno, uh, a couple hours? At least. Michelle: Well, let’s have some fun. They sit on the couch and Mike opens a box of chocolates. Mike: Did you, uh, know, that chocolate is the symbol of love? Michelle: (laughing) Feed me. Mike puts a chocolate in Michelle’s mouth and then makes out with her. He puts a chocolate on her chest and eats it off of her. Michelle: Yum! Mike: It’s delicious! Michelle: Arms up! (she takes off Mike’s shirt) Chocolate is a symbol of love. Michelle places a chocolate in Mike’s mouth and then makes out with him. She starts to go down on him, although he begins reacting with comically exaggerated orgasm faces before she’s in position to do anything. Cut to an exterior shot of the painted ladies. Cut to the room, where Mike and Michelle are startled by Lisa and Claudette entering. Claudette: Hello? What are these characters doing here? Lisa: They like to come here to do their… homework. Claudette: What homework? Lisa: Mom, this is Michelle’s boyfriend Mike. Mike, this is my mother. Mike: It’s a pleasure to meet you. Claudette: Mm. Michelle: Uh-huh. Mike and Michelle exit. Claudette: Unh. Oh, all that shopping wore me out. Denny enters. Denny: Hi Lisa. Lisa: Hey Denny. Denny, this is my mom. Mom, this is Denny. Claudette: How many people come in and out of this apartment every day? This is worse than Grand Central Station! Denny: I just need to borrow some sugar. Lisa: Help yourself, Denny. Denny: I also need a cup of flour and half a stick of butter. Claudette: Doesn’t your home have a kitchen? Denny: I’ll come back later. Denny exits. Claudette: Tell me, what does Denny do? Lisa: Johnny wanted to adopt Denny. It’s really a tragedy how many kids out there don’t have parents. When Denny turned eighteen, Johnny found him a little apartment here in this building and he’s paying for it until he graduates from school. Johnny really loves Denny even though he doesn’t say it much. He’s like a father figure to him. I told you, mom, Johnny is very caring about the people in his life. And he gave Denny his own set of keys to our place. Claudette: Please, don’t hurt Johnny. Now if you really don’t love him, so be it, but you should tell him. Mike enters. Mike: I forgot my, uh, book. He grabs a book but somehow this leads to Claudette holding his underwear. Claudette: What’s this? Everyone laughs. Mike: That’s nothing! Mike takes the underwear and exits as everyone continues to laugh. Claudette: Homework! Lisa: (laughing) Don’t worry about it. Claudette: If I were a burglar, you would be my best friend. Lisa: Look, I don’t want to talk about it. Claudette: You know I worry about you. I have to go home. Lisa: Okay, mom. Claudette: Bye bye. Claudette exits. Lisa: (sighing) Oh my god. Cut to exterior shot of the San Francisco skyline. Cut to the roof, where Denny is dribbling a basketball. This scene is in HD for some reason. Chris-R enters. Chris-R: Hey, Denny. Denny: Chris-R. I’ve been looking for you. Chris-R: Yeah, sure you have. You have my money, right? Denny: Yeah. It’s coming. It’ll be here in a few minutes. Chris-R: What do you mean it’s coming, Denny? Where’s my money? Denny: Okay. Just give me five minutes. Just give me five! Chris-R: Five minutes? You want five fucking minutes, Denny? You know what? I haven’t got five fucking minutes! (he pulls a gun on Denny) I’m going to ask you again, Denny. Where’s my money? Denny: I don’t have anything. Chris-R: Where’s my money, Denny? Where’s my fucking money, Denny? What’d you do with my fucking money? Denny: I swear to god, it’s coming! Chris-R: Where’s my fucking money, Denny? Denny: Put the gun down. Mark and Johnny enter. Chris-R: My fucking money! Where’s my fucking money, Denny? Johnny and Mark grab Chris-R and disarm him. Lisa and Claudette enter, or rather, they are suddenly in the scene without explanation. Lisa: What’s going on?! Johnny and Mark haul Chris-R away amid indecipherable commotion. Johnny: Let’s take him to the police. Lisa: Denny, are you okay? What did that man want from you? Denny: Nothing. Claudette: Oh, that was not nothing! Lisa: Tell me everything! Claudette: You have no idea what kind of trouble you’re in here, do you? Denny: I owe him some money. Lisa: What kind of money? Denny: I owe him some money. Lisa: What kind of money? Denny: Everything is okay, he’s gone! Claudette: Everything is not okay. Denny, that is a dangerous man! Denny: Calm down, he’s going to jail! Lisa: Denny, what kind of money, just tell me! Claudette: What do you need money for? Lisa: Mom, please, Denny’s with me and Johnny! Claudette: A man like that, with a gun! My god! Lisa: Denny, look at me in the eyes and tell me the truth. We’re your friends. Denny: I bought some drugs off of him. Things got mixed up. I didn’t mean for this to happen. Lisa: (sobbing) Denny… Denny: But I don’t have them anymore. Lisa: What kind of drugs, Denny? Denny: It doesn’t matter, I don’t have them anymore. Claudette: It doesn’t matter? How in the hell did you get involved with drugs? What are you, giving them to him, selling them to him? Where the hell did you meet that man? Lisa: What kind of drugs do you take?! Denny: It’s nothing like that! Lisa: What the hell is wrong with you?! Denny: I just needed some money to pay off some stuff. Lisa: How much do you have to give him? Claudette: This is not the way you make money! Lisa: How much?! Denny: Stop ganging up on me! Claudette: Well it is time somebody ganged up on you, for god’s sake! A man like that! Where in the hell did you meet a man like that? Denny: It doesn’t matter! Claudette: It matters a great deal! A man holds a gun on you, you almost got killed, you expect me to forget that happened? Denny: You’re not my fucking mother! Claudette: You listen to me, boy! Lisa: No! Claudette: Somebody had better do something around here. Lisa hugs and comforts Denny. Johnny enters. Johnny: Are you okay, Denny? Denny: I’m okay. Johnny: Are you okay? Denny: I’m okay! Mark has materialized behind Claudette and Lisa. Claudette: What’s okay? He’s taking drugs. Mark: Come on, stop, it was a mistake. Claudette: A mistake, that he takes drugs. Johnny: Let’s go home. Mark: Come on, it’s clear. Claudette: What’s clear? I am going to call the police. Lisa: Mom, stop, it was Denny’s mistake, just stop! Mark: Let’s go. Mark and Claudette exit. Johnny: Why did you do this? You know better, right? Why?! Denny: I’m sorry. Johnny: You know better, Denny, you almost got killed. Denny: I’m sorry. It won’t happen again, I promise. Lisa: Denny, you know that Johnny’s like your father. And we’re your friends. We’re going to help you. Johnny: Let’s go home. Everyone exits. Cut to Mark on the phone with Lisa. Lisa: I miss you. Mark: I just saw you! What are you talking about? Lisa: I’m just wanting to hear your sexy voice. I keep thinking about your strong hands around my body. It excites me so much. I love you. Mark: Is Johnny there? Lisa: He’s in the shower. Mark: I don’t understand you. Why do you do things like this? Lisa: Because I love you. You just don’t care, do you? Mark: I do care. But we agreed, it’s over between us. Lisa: I understand, it’s our secret. But I still have feelings for you. You just don’t care. Mark: I do care! Lisa: I have to go now. I’ll see you later, darling. Mark: Don’t call me that. Lisa: Okay, bye. They hang up. Cut to the roof. Johnny enters, mid-sentence. Johnny: I did not hit her! It’s not true! It’s bullshit! I did not hit her! I did not! (he throws a water bottle to the floor) Oh, hi Mark. Mark: (holding a football) Oh hey Johnny, what’s up? Johnny: I have a problem with Lisa. She says that I hit her. Mark: What? Well did you? Johnny: No, it’s not true! Don’t even ask! What’s new with you? Mark: Well I’m just sitting up here thinking, you know? I got a question for you. Johnny: Yeah. Mark: You think girls like to cheat like guys do? Johnny: What makes you say that? Mark: I dunno. I dunno, I’m just, I’m just thinking. Johnny: I don’t have to worry about that because Lisa is loyal to me. Mark: Yeah man, you never know. People are very strange these days. I used to know a girl, she had a dozen guys. One of them found out about it, beat her up so bad she ended up in a hospital on Guerrero Street. Johnny: A-ha-ha-ha! What a story, Mark! Mark: Yeah, you can say that again. Johnny: I’m so happy I have you as my best friend, and I love Lisa so much. Mark: Yeah, man. Yeah, you are very lucky. Johnny: Well maybe you should have a girl, Mark. Mark: Yeah. Yeah, maybe you’re right. Maybe I have one already. I don’t know yet. Johnny: Well, what happened? Remember Betty? That’s her name? Mark: Betty? Johnny: Yeah. Mark: Yeah, we don’t see each other anymore. You know, she wasn’t any good in bed. She was beautiful, but we had too many arguments. Johnny: That’s too bad. My Lisa is great when I can get it. Mark: Oh, man, I just can’t figure women out. Sometimes they’re just too smart, sometimes they’re just flat-out stupid, other times they’re just evil. Johnny: It seems to me like you’re the expert, Mark! Mark: No. Definitely not an expert, Johnny. Johnny: What’s bothering you, Mark? Mark: Nothing, man. Johnny: Do you, do you have some secrets? Why don’t you tell me? Mark: Forget it! Forget it, dude! Johnny: Is there some secret, tell me. Mark: No, forget it, I’ll talk to you later! Mark hands off the football to Johnny and exits. Johnny: Well, whatever. Denny enters, passing Mark. Denny: Hey Johnny. Johnny: Oh hi, Denny. Denny: What’s wrong with Mark? Johnny: He’s cranky today. A-ha-ha-ha. Girl trouble, I guess. What’s new with you? Denny: Not much. Still going to the movie tonight? Johnny: Sure, we are. Denny: What kind of movie are we going to see? Johnny: Well we’ll see… Denny, don’t plan too much. It may not come out right. Denny: Alright. Let’s toss the ball around. Johnny: Okay. They proceed to play short-distance catch with the football while talking. Denny: Gotta tell you about something. Johnny: Shoot, Denny. Denny: It’s about Lisa. Johnny: Go on. Denny: She’s beautiful. She looks great in a red dress. I think I’m in love with her. Johnny: Go on. Denny: I know she doesn’t like me because sometimes she’s mean to me, but sometimes when I’m around her, I feel like I want to kiss her and tell her I love her. I don’t know. I’m just confused. Johnny: Denny, don’t worry about that. Lisa loves you too. As a person, as a human being, as a friend. You know people don’t have to say it. They can feel it. Denny: What do you mean? Johnny: You can love someone deep inside your heart, and there is nothing wrong with it. If a lot of people loved each other, the world would be a better place to live. Denny: Lisa’s your future wife! Johnny: Denny, don’t worry about it. You are part of our family, and we love you very much. And we will help you anytime. And Lisa loves you too. As a friend. You are sort of like her son. Denny: You mean you’re not upset with me? Johnny: No, because I trust you and I trust Lisa. What about Elizabeth, hunh? Denny: Well… I love her. Johnny: M-hm. Denny: When I graduate from college, get a good job, I want to marry her and have kids with her. Johnny: That’s the idea. Denny: You’re right. Thanks for paying my tuition. Johnny: You’re very welcome, Denny, and keep in mind, if you have any problems, talk to me, and I will help you. Denny: Awesome. Thanks, Johnny. Johnny: Let’s go eat, hunh? Come on, let’s go. Let’s go. I’m starving. They exit. Cut to an exterior panning shot of the Golden Gate Bridge. Cut to the room, where Michelle and Lisa are talking. Lisa’s neck is bulging throughout this scene, which means very few people have ever heard the dialogue. Michelle: So how’s Johnny? Lisa: He didn’t get his promotion. Michelle: Is he disappointed? Lisa: Quite a bit. He got drunk last night. And he hit me. Michelle: He hit you?! Lisa: He didn’t know what he was doing. Michelle: Are you okay? Lisa: Well, I don’t want to marry him anymore. Michelle: What?! Lisa: Johnny’s okay. But I found somebody else. Michelle: Lisa! This isn’t right. You’re living with one guy and you’re sleeping with another guy? Lisa: I’m doing what I want to do. Michelle: Well who is he? Lisa: His best friend. And he lives in this building. Michelle: I can’t believe you’re telling me this. It’s Mark, isn’t it? Lisa, you know, you’re just thinking about yourself. Somebody’s going to get hurt. You’ve got to be honest with Johnny. Lisa: I can’t do that. He would be devastated. Michelle: Well, if you care so much for him, why cheat on him? Lisa: Look, I really don’t know what to do. I love Mark. I don’t have any more feelings for Johnny. Michelle: Johnny’s so excited about this wedding. Lisa: I know. Michelle: You’ve got to tell Johnny. Lisa: No guilt-trips. Michelle: You don’t feel guilty about this at all. Lisa: No. I’m happy. Michelle: Something awful is going to happen. Lisa: Please don’t tell anybody. Cut to exterior shot of the house. Johnny is approaching. He picks up the paper. Cut to the room. Michelle: Don’t worry. You can trust me. Your secret is safe with me. Johnny enters. Johnny: Hello Michelle. I heard you. What secret? Lisa: It’s between us women. Michelle: Hi Johnny. Johnny: Did you get a new dress? Michelle: Um… well, I guess I better be going. I’ll just talk to you guys later? Lisa: Excuse me. Michelle: Lisa, remember what I told you. Michelle exits. Johnny: What’s she talking about? Lisa: It’s girl talk. I just told you that. Johnny: I never hit you. You shouldn’t have any secrets from me. I’m your future husband. Lisa: You sure about that? Maybe I’ll change my mind. Johnny: Don’t talk like that. What do you mean? Lisa: What do you think? Women change their minds all the time. Johnny: A-ha-ha-ha. You must be kidding, aren’t you? Lisa: Look, I don’t want to talk about it. I’m going to go upstairs, and wash up, and go to bed. Johnny: (shoving Lisa down onto the couch) How dare you talk to me like that! You should tell me everything! Lisa: I can’t talk right now. Johnny: Why Lisa, why Lisa, please talk to me, please! You’re part of my life, you are everything, I could not go on without you, Lisa. Lisa: You’re scaring me. Johnny: You’re lying, I never hit you. You are tearing me apart, Lisa! Lisa: Why are you so hysterical?! Johnny: Do you understand life? Do you? Lisa gets up and heads upstairs. Lisa: Don’t worry about it. Everything will be alright. Johnny: You drive me crazy. Lisa: Goodnight, Johnny. Johnny: Don’t worry about it. I still love you. Goodnight, Lisa. Cut to a long tracking shot of the Golden Gate Bridge. Cut to an alleyway, where Mike approaches Johnny. Mike: Hey, what’s going on, man? Johnny: Oh hi, Mike, what’s new? Mike: Um, actually, Johnny, I got, I got a little bit of a tragedy on my hands, yeah. Me and Michelle, we were, we were making out, uh, at your place… Johnny: A-ha-ha. Mike: …and, uh, Lisa and Claudette sort of, uh, walked in on us in the middle of it. That’s not the end of the story. Johnny: Go on, I’m listening. Mike: Okay. We’re going at it, and um, I get out of there as fast as possible, you know, I get my pants, I get my shirt, and I get out of there. And then about halfway down the stairs, I realize that I have misplaced, I’ve forgotten something. Um, my underwear. They both chuckle. Mike: So I come back to get it, I pretend that I need a book, you know, I’m like looking for my book, and then I reach and put the underwear in my pocket, sort of slide out real quick. Well Claudette, she saw it sticking out of my pocket, so she pulls it out, and she’s, uh, showing everybody me underwears. Johnny: You must be kidding. Underwear, I got the picture. Mike: Yeah, I dunno what… Johnny: That’s life. Mike: Nah. Johnny: Yeah. Denny enters, with a football. Denny: Hey Johnny! Hey Mike! Johnny: Oh hey, Denny. Denny: Do you want to play some football? Mike: I gotta go see Michelle in a little bit to make out with her. Denny: Oh, pshhh, come on! Johnny: Come on, it’s good for you, come on. Mike: Alright, whatever, whatever. Johnny: Let’s go for it. Mike: I’m going out. They proceed to toss the football around in close quarters, like you do. Mike: Yeah, sorry you had to see that. Denny: I’m not sorry! (gibberish) Studying, right? (more gibberish) I don’t study like that. Johnny: He doesn’t. Mark enters. Mark: Hey, Denny, what’s up? Denny: Hey, what’s up, Mark? Johnny: Hi Mark. Denny: Catch it, come on, man. Mike: Not much. Denny: He’s just telling us about an underwear issue he had. Mike: No, don’t… Mark: Underwear? What’s that? Mike: It’s embarrassing, man, I don’t want to get into it. Mark: Underwear? Man, come on… Mark inexplicably shoves Mike into a trashcan. Mike: Oh, God! Denny: You okay? Are you okay? Mike: Yeah, I’m fine! Denny: Are you sure? Mike: Yeah, uh-huh. Denny: Do you need to see a doctor? Mike: No, no, I’m tough. I’m good, I’m alright, I’m fine. Johnny: Mark, why don’t you take him home? And Mike, listen, if you need anything, call me anytime, alright? Are you alright? Mike: Yeah. Denny: See you guys. Mark and Mike exit Johnny: Let’s go home, Denny. Denny and Johnny exit with the football. Cut to the room, which Claudette and Lisa are entering. Lisa: You look really tired today, mom. Are you feeling okay? Claudette: I didn’t get much sleep last night. Lisa: Why not? Claudette: You remember my friend Shirley Hamilton? Lisa: Uh-huh. Claudette: She wants to buy a new house, and so I asked Johnny if he could help her with the down payment. All he can tell me is it’s an awkward situation. I expected your husband to be a little more generous. Lisa: He’s not my husband. Claudette: I know, but Johnny is part of our family. Lisa: Mom, I don’t love Johnny anymore. I don’t even like him. I had sex with someone else. Claudette: You can’t be serious. We see that Johnny is listening from the staircase. Lisa: You don’t understand. Claudette: Who? Who is it? Lisa: I don’t want to talk about it. Claudette: You don’t want to talk about it. Then why did you bring it up in the first place? Lisa: I don’t know. Claudette: You don’t know. If you think I’m tired today, wait till you see me tomorrow. Lisa: Are you coming to the party? Claudette: Sure. I suppose so. They exit. Johnny: How can they say this about me? I don’t believe it. I show them. I will record everything. Johnny descends the staircase and tediously installs a primitive tape recorder under the phone, then exits upstairs. Cut to the room, where Johnny and Peter are talking. Johnny: I don’t understand women. Do you, Peter? Peter: (laughs) What man does? What’s the problem? Johnny: They never say what they mean, and they always play games. Peter: Okay… um… what do you mean? Johnny: I have a serious problem with Lisa. Um, I don’t think she’s faithful to me. In fact I know she isn’t. Peter: Lisa? Are you sure? Johnny: Yeah I’m sure, I overheard a conversation between Lisa and her mother. What should I do, Peter? Peter: This is Lisa we’re talking about? Johnny: Yeah. Peter: I don’t know what to say. Johnny: But you’re a psychologist. Do you have some advice? Peter: It’s a complicated situation, Johnny. I mean you’re my friend. I don’t want to get between you and Lisa. Look. If you want to, you should confront her. Johnny: I can’t confront her! I want to give her a second chance, after all, she’s my future wife. You know what they say: “love is blind.” Peter: You’ve got a lot of faith in Lisa. Sometimes, life gets complicated. The unexpected can happen. When it does, you just gotta deal with it. The doorbell rings. Peter: Did you hear the door? Johnny: Yeah. (answers the door) Oh hi, Mark. Come in. Mark enters. Mark: Oh, hey, Johnny. Hey Peter! Johnny: We’re just talking about women. Mark: (long pause) Women, man. Women just confuse me. Ahhh. I have a girl. She’s married, I mean she’s very attractive, it’s driving me crazy. Peter: Why didn’t you mention this before? Is it anyone I know? Mark: Nah man, you don’t know her. Johnny: Can I meet her? Mark: I don’t think so. It’s an awkward situation. Johnny: You mean she’s too old, or you think I will take her away from you? Hunh? Peter: (laughs) Mark: (laughs) No. Johnny: I have my own problems. Peter: Tell me about your problems, Johnny. Johnny: Peter, you always play psychologist with us! Peter: Look, I’m just your friend, and I’m just worried about you. Johnny: Lisa is teasing me about whether we are going to get married or not. And we didn’t make love in a while. And I don’t know what to do. Peter: You never really know. I mean, look, you should tell her about your feelings, okay? You shouldn’t hide them. You two have been together forever. You can work out anything as long as you talk about it. Johnny: Not always! Peter: People are people. Sometimes they just can’t see their own faults. Mark: Hey, I’m thinking of moving to a bigger place, man, I’m making some good money. Peter: Look. You should tell her the truth. I mean you’re doing this for your girl, right? Johnny: You’re right, Peter. Ha-ha. Is she getting a divorce, Mark? Mark: (laughs) You guys are too much. Hey are you running, uh, Bay to Breakers this year? Johnny: I am, sure. Peter: I’m not doing it this year. Johnny: Ha-ha-ha, chicken, Peter, you’re just a little chicken! Cheep, cheep cheep cheep cheep chee-ee-ee-eep eeeeeeeeeeee! Peter: Who are you calling a chicken? I just don’t like all the weirdos, there’s too many weirdos there. Johnny: (incomprehensible gibberish) I don’t mind. Mark, do you remember the one with big tits, the blondie one? Mark: How about the one with the bridal gown with the sign? Johnny: Ha-ha yeah, “can you marry me?”, ha-ha, I thought I would take her up on it, ha-ha. Mark: I never ate so much. Johnny: Yeah, the barbecue chicken was delicious, rice, that was cool. Peter: You guys proved my point. You’re both weird. You guys want to play cards? Johnny: No we can’t. I expect Lisa any minute. Mark: Hey come on, man, who’s the king of the house? Peter: Yeah, you’ve got to establish these guidelines before you get married. Speaking of, how’d you ever meet Lisa? You never told us. Johnny: Well that’s a very interesting story, when I moved to San Francisco with two suitcases and I didn’t know anyone and I have, uh, I head to YMCA with a $2000 check which I could not cash. Mark: Why not? Johnny: Well because it was an out of state bank. Anyway, uh, I was working as a busboy in a hotel, and uh, uh, she was sitting, drinking her coffee, and she was so beautiful, and I say hi to her. That’s how we met. Mark: So, I mean, what’s the interesting part? Johnny: Well the interesting part is that on our first date, she paid for dinner. Mark: What? No tips from your job? Johnny: Whatever. Do you guys want to eat something? Johnny exits to the kitchen. Lisa enters. Lisa: Hi guys. What’s going on? Mark: Oh, hey Lisa. Peter: Hi Lisa. Denny materializes behind Lisa, then proceeds to stare out the window for some reason. Lisa: Where’s Johnny? Mark: In the kitchen. I gotta go. Lisa: I didn’t mean to chase you off. You should stick around for a while. Mark: I gotta work early. See ya. Mark exits. Peter also exits. Denny crouches to the floor. Lisa also crouches to the floor. Denny: Did you get your wedding gown yet? Lisa: No. I’ve got plenty of time. Denny: Are you sure you have plenty of time? It’s only a month away. Lisa: It’ll be fine. What are you so worried about? Everything’s okay. Denny: Johnny doesn’t seem very excited. Is there a problem? Lisa: There’s no problem. Why do you ask? Denny: I just want you and Johnny to be happy. They both stand up. Lisa: I am happy. Look, Denny, I need to talk to Johnny. Okay? I’ll see you later. Denny: Okay. Tell him I said hello? Lisa: Yeah. Denny exits. Cut to the roof. Peter enters. Mark is sitting on the roof, clad entirely in denim, smoking what might be a joint. Peter: Hey, Mark. What’s up? Mark: Oh, hey Peter. Peter: It’s a good place to think up here, isn’t it? Mark: What, man, you want to put me on the clock? Peter: What the hell is that? Mark: You want some? It’s good, bro. Peter: No, I don’t smoke that stuff. Mark sighs and takes a drag. Peter: You look depressed. Mark: I got this sick feeling in my stomach, man. I did something awful. I don’t think I can forgive myself. Peter: Tell me about it. Mark: I just feel like, like running. I’m killing myself. Something crazy like that. Peter: Why are you smoking that crap? It’s no wonder you can’t think straight. It’s gonna screw with your head. Mark: It’s none of your business, man. You think you know everything. You don’t know shit. Peter: Listen, who do you think you are? You’re acting like a kid. Just grow up. Mark: Hey, who are you calling a kid? Fuck you! Peter: Just chill out, Mark. I’m just trying to help. You’re having an affair with Lisa, aren’t you? Mark: What? Peter: Am I wrong? Mark gets angry and ineffectively tries to push Peter off the roof. Peter: What are you, nuts? Gahhh! Peter shoves Mark away. Mark: Sorry. Sorry man, you okay? Peter: Yeah, I’m fine. Let’s just talk about your problem. Mark: You’re sure you’re okay. Peter: Yeah. Mark kicks over a chair and a table. Mark: Goddammit man, fuck. Why do you want to know my secret, man? Well you’re right! It’s Lisa. I don’t know what to do, man. I’m so depressed. It’s all her fault, she’s such a manipulative bitch! Peter: How the hell did you let this happen? Mark: Fuck! Peter: You know this is going to ruin your friendship with Johnny? What were you thinking? Alright, you want my advice? Sometimes, life can get complicated, and you’ve got to be responsible. So you don’t see Lisa again, and you definitely don’t sleep with her again! Just find yourself another girl. She’s a sociopath! She only cares about herself. She can’t love anyone. Mark: Whatever, dude. Come on. They exit together. Cut to an exterior shot of a church in San Francisco. Cut to the room, where Johnny is wearing a tuxedo and talking on the phone. Johnny: Oh, thank you. Yeah, thanks a lot. Denny enters, wearing a tux and carrying a football. Johnny: Oh, hi Denny. Nice tux, you look great. Denny: You look really handsome. Johnny: A-ha-ha. Denny: Your wedding picture’s gonna look great. Johnny: Oh, thanks. The doorbell rings. Denny answers it. Peter enters, wearing a tux. Denny: Oh hey, Peter, come on in. Peter: Hey guys. Johnny: Oh hey, Peter. Denny: You look good too. Johnny: Sit down. The doorbell rings. Denny answers it. Mark enters, clean-shaven and wearing a tux. Denny: Whoa. Johnny: Wowwwwww. Mark: Hey guys. You like it? Peter: Yeah! Johnny: You look great. You look a babyface. Denny: You guys want to play some football? Peter: In tuxes? No, you gotta be kidding. Denny: Come on, Mark, let’s do it. Mark: I’m up for it. Johnny: A-ha. Denny: Johnny? Johnny: Ask Peter. Denny: Come on, Peter. Peter: Nah, I don’t think so. Denny: Please? Peter: No. Denny: Come on! Cheep-cheep-cheep-cheep-cheep! (Johnny and Mark join in) Cut to the alley, where Johnny, Mark, Peter, and Denny are throwing around the football in tuxedos. Denny: Catch, Johnny! Alright, Peter! Here we go, Mark! Mark: Come on! Come on! Come on! Denny: Catch, Mark! Mark: Go! Go deep! Peter tries to go deep, but instead trips and falls. Denny: Gee Peter, you’re clumsy. Peter: Alright, that’s it, I’m done. Great idea, Denny. Everyone helps Peter up and exits. Cut to an exterior street shot in San Francisco. Cut to the fountain by the Exploratorium, where Johnny is out walking. Cut to a coffee shop. Susan: Are you sure? Patron 1: I wanna get a slice of cheesecake and a bottle of water. Patron 2: Um, I’ll have a large peanut butter cup with extra whipped cream, please? Male Barista: Alright. Patron 3: And I’ll take a cheesecake and a coffee. Barista 2: Okay, why don’t you guys have a seat? We’ll have that right out for you. Susan: Hi, how you doing? What would you like? Patron 4: Can I get a bagel with a [inaudible]? Susan: Great, sure. Patron 5: I’m gonna get a slice of cheesecake and a bottle of water. Male Barista: Yeah, sounds good. Why don’t you guys have a seat, we’ll have that right out for you. Johnny and Mark enter. Johnny: Oh hi, Susan. Susan: Well, hi Johnny. How are you? Good to see you. What would you like? Johnny: Hot chocolate, please. Male Barista: What size? Johnny: Medium. Male Barista: Sure. Susan: How about you? Mark: I’ll have the mint tea. Male Barista: Medium also? Mark: Yeah. Susan: Go sit down, we’ll be right there. Johnny and Mark sit down. Mark: God, I’m so tired of girls’ games. Johnny: What happened now, Mark? Mark: Relationships never work, man, I don’t know why I waste my time. Johnny: What makes you say that? Mark: It’s not that easy, Johnny. Johnny: Well, you should be happy, Mark. Mark: Yeah, I know. Life is too short. Susan brings the drinks. Johnny: Oh, thank you so much. Susan: You’re welcome. How about something like cheesecake? Johnny: Nah. Susan: Real good. Alright. Mark: How was work today? Johnny: Oh, pretty good. We got a new client at the bank, we make a lot of money. Mark: What client? Johnny: I cannot tell you, it’s confidential. Mark: Aw, come on, why not? Johnny: No I can’t. Anyway, how is your sex life? Mark: I can’t talk about it. Johnny: Why not? Susan: Take your time. Johnny: Oh god, I have to run. Mark: Already? Johnny: Yeah, I’m sorry. Mark: Alright, it’s on me. By the way, do you want to go jogging? Golden Gate Park? Johnny: Yeah, sure, what time? Mark: Golden Gate Park, 6:30. Johnny: Right on, yeah. Mark: Alright, see ya. Johnny: Okey-dokey, Mark. Johnny exits. Cut to the bedroom. Lisa and Mark enter. Mark: What’s going on here? Lisa: I like you very much, Mark. Mark: Look, come on. Johnny’s my best friend. Lisa: Just one more time. She takes off his shirt and the fourth terrible R&B-scored love scene commences. It goes on for about two minutes, full of half-hearted moaning, before cutting to black. Cut to another tracking shot of the Golden Gate Bridge. Cut to a car parking in Golden Gate Park. Johnny exits to find Mark. Johnny: Hey. Mark: Hey Johnny, how’s it going? Johnny: Good. They run side by side tossing the football in the park. There’s barely audible and completely uninteresting dialogue. They say “what’s new with you” a lot. Johnny wrestles Mark to the ground. Cut to a shot of the San Francisco skyline. Cut to the room, where Lisa is sweeping. The doorbell rings. Lisa: Who is it? Mark: Delivery man! It’s me, Lisa, come on, open up. Lisa: Come on in. Mark enters. Lisa: Hey Mark. Mark: Wow, so, uh, you gonna be ready? Lisa: How do you mean that? I’m always ready. For you. Mark: I mean for the party. Lisa: We have plenty of time. All I have to do is put on my party dress. Lisa drops the broom and takes her shirt off. Mark: Wait, what are you doing? Lisa: Nothing. She takes Mark’s shirt off. Mark: You’re so beautiful. They start making out. Someone knocks on the door. They bolt upright and start putting their shirts on. Lisa: Hurry up, I have to open the door. Mark: Wait! Hang on. Lisa puts her shirt on but Mark is still struggling with this task. Lisa: Come on in, it’s open! Michelle enters in time to see Mark shirtless before he finally manages to dress himself. Michelle: Hi! I brought the stuff. Lisa: I knew I could count on you. Michelle: Hi Mark. XYZ. Mark: What are you talking about? Michelle: Examine your zipper! Everyone giggles. Michelle: You guys are too much. So, uh, what can I do to help? Everyone laughs some more. Mark: I gotta go. He exits. Michelle and Lisa are cracking up. Lisa: Want to help me move the coffee table? Michelle: Okay. What was he doing here? Lisa: Uh, he just brought by some takeout. Michelle: What about his zipper? Lisa: What about his zipper? They move the coffee table. Lisa: Leave him alone, he’s a good guy. Michelle: Did you tell Johnny yet? Lisa: No. Mark’s his best friend. Michelle: Tricky tricky. Lisa: You know, I really loved Johnny at first. Everything’s changed. I need more from life than what Johnny can give me. Suddenly my eyes are wide open and I can see everything so clearly. I want it all. Michelle: You think you can get it all from Mark? Lisa: If he can’t give me what I want, somebody else will. Michelle: Lisa, you’re sounding just like your mother. You’re being so manipulative. Lisa: So what? You can learn something from me. You have to take as much as you can. You have to live, live, live. Don’t worry about me. I have everything covered. Michelle: Your point of view is so different from mine. Lisa: Look. I don’t want to talk about it. People are going to be getting here soon and we have to finish. Michelle: Lisa! Lisa: I don’t see what the big deal is. Doesn’t everybody look out for number one? Don’t I deserve the best? Michelle: I couldn’t do that. You’re too much for me, Lisa. Lisa: You know, you’re not such an angel yourself. Michelle: Yeah, but we’re not talking about me, are we? Michelle attacks Lisa with a pillow. A strange pillow vs broom fight ensues. Lisa: (laughing) Stop it! Are you trying to ruin my party? Cut to a tracking shot of the Golden Gate Bridge. Cut to Johnny and Mark running in the woods and muttering at each other. Johnny: Yeah, that’s the idea. Mark: Catch me, come on. Cut to a shot of a staircase in San Francisco, which Johnny and Mark are running up. Mark: Yeah I’m looking for some offers in Sausalito. How are the [inaudible] like these days? Johnny: Pretty good, yeah, you’d be qualified. Mark: You serious? Johnny: Yeah, I’m sure. Mark: Well when can we meet about that? Johnny: Well, we can talk about this tomorrow. Mark: Tomorrow? Johnny: Yeah. Mark: Maybe late afternoon? Johnny: Absolutely. Three o’clock? Mark: Really? Wow, that’s great. Cut to Johnny’s car pulling onto a residential street and parking in front of his house. Johnny and Mark exit the car. Cut to an illuminated building on Columbus at night. Cut to a cable car on a busy street in the daytime. Cut to the room, where Lisa is sitting as Johnny enters. Johnny: Bye, Lisa. (he pecks her on the cheek) Johnny opens the door to leave and Claudette enters. Johnny: Oh hi, Claudette. Bye! Claudette: Bye! Johnny exits. Lisa: Hello mom, how are you? Claudette: I’m okay, how are you? Lisa: I’m fixing the apartment for Johnny’s birthday, but I’m really not into it. Claudette: Oh, why not? Lisa: Because I’m in love with Mark, not Johnny. And here I am, planning his party. Claudette: It’s not right, Lisa. I still think you should marry Johnny. Now you can’t live on love. You need financial security. Lisa: But I’m not happy! He still thinks I’m gonna marry him next month. He’s a fool. Claudette: You expect to be happy. I haven’t been happy since I married my first husband. I didn’t even want to marry your father. Lisa: You never told me that! Claudette: Well it’s true. All men are assholes. Men and women use and abuse each other all the time, there’s nothing wrong with it. Marriage has nothing to do with love. Lisa: Johnny’s okay, I suppose. Actually, I have him wrapped around my little finger. Claudette: Well, you should be happy then. Lisa: But I don’t love him! Claudette: Don’t throw your life away just because you don’t love him! That’s ridiculous! You need to grow up. And you need to listen to me. Lisa: Okay, mom, I’ll see you at the party. I just need to be alone right now. Claudette: Bye bye, my precious. Claudette exits. Cut to the Embarcadero, where Johnny is walking. Cut to the Disney store, where Johnny is walking. Cut to a dark room. Johnny enters and turns on the lights to find the whole cast. Everyone: Surprise! (they all sing Happy Birthday while Johnny says things like “wow”, “okay”, and “thank you”) Johnny toasts with everyone amid various celebratory mumblings. He offers Denny a drink, which Denny says he’ll accept later. Cut to panning shot of the nighttime San Francisco skyline. Cut to the party, where various characters and non-characters are engaged in fake conversations. Johnny and Claudette are discussing something. Lisa is flirting with Steven, a character we’ve never seen before who is actually a last-minute replacement for Peter. Mark is watching them. Lisa and Mark exchange flirty looks. Johnny seems concerned. Mike and Michelle are flirting with another couple. Michelle and Mike start feeding each other cake. Lisa: Hey everybody, let’s go outside for some fresh air. Everybody exits except for Lisa and Mark. Lisa: Wait. I have something I want to show you. Mark: Oh, really? They get on the couch, and Lisa drapes her legs across Mark’s lap. Mark: So, uh, what do you want to show me? Lisa: It’s a surprise. They start making out. Mark: What are you doing? I mean, are you crazy? Everybody’s here. Lisa: No they’re not. They’re all outside. Mark: You devil. You planned this all along. They make out some more. Steven enters. Steven: What’s going on here? They bolt upright. Steven: Why are you doing this? Lisa: I love him. Steven: I don’t believe it. Mark: You don’t understand anything, man. Leave your stupid comments in your pocket! Mark exits. Steven: Do you understand what you’re doing? You’re going to destroy Johnny. He’s very sensitive. Lisa: I don’t care. I’m in love with Mark. Steven: How can you do this? You make me sick. Johnny and Michelle enter. Johnny: Thank you, honey. This is a beautiful party. You invited all my friends. Good thinking! Lisa: You’re welcome, darling. You know how much I love you. Johnny: I do. Ha-ha-ha. Lisa: You know, it’s getting really hot in here. Why don’t we go back outside? Johnny: Mhm. A-ha-ha. Everyone exits. Cut to a shot of a busy street at night. Cut to the party on the roof. Johnny waves at someone below him and off-camera. Johnny: Hey everybody! I have an announcement to make. We’re expecting! Everyone congratulates Johnny. Lisa and Steven confront Lisa. Michelle: Lisa, I have to talk to you. You have got to be honest with Johnny. Steven: I agree with that. Lisa: Look, I’m gonna tell him, okay? I just, I don’t want to ruin his birthday. Steven: When is the baby due? Lisa: There is no baby. Steven and Michelle: What?! Steven: What are you talking about? Lisa: I told him that to make it interesting. We’re probably going to have a baby eventually anyway. You’re not going to tell Johnny, are you? Michelle: Lisa, are you feeling okay? Because this is just getting worse and worse. Steven: I feel like I’m sitting on an atomic bomb waiting for it to go off. Michelle: Me too. There’s no simple solution to this. Lisa: Don’t worry. You guys worry entirely too much about me. Michelle: Lisa, we’re not worried about you. We’re worried about Johnny. You don’t understand the psychological impact of what you’re doing here. You’re hurting yourself. You’re hurting our friendship. Lisa: I am not responsible for Johnny. I’m through with that. I’m changing. I have the right, don’t I? People are changing all the time. I have to think about my future. What’s it to you? Steven: This is going to pull us all down. It’s going to shake up our group of friends. It’s going to destroy our friendship, Lisa. I don’t think Mark really loves you. Lisa: I don’t want to talk about it! Michelle: Lisa, you’re going to have to face it. I for one am going to have a hard time forgiving you if you don’t. Lisa: Hey everybody! Let’s go inside and eat some cake. Everyone exits enthusiastically. Michelle looks pained. Michelle: I don’t understand you, Lisa. Cut to some random building at night. Cut to the party, where a random couple is eating cake. Random dude: Lisa looks hot tonight. Johnny and Claudette are chatting. Mark and Lisa are arguing. Mark: Whose baby is it? Is it mine? Lisa: No, of course not. Mark: How can you be sure? Come on, Lisa. Lisa: Stop asking me stupid questions! Mark: Who the hell do you think you are? Lisa: Just shut up! She slaps him. Johnny: What are you doing? What’s going on here? Mark: You really don’t know, do you? Johnny: (shoving Mark) Maybe I know more than you think I do, Mark! Mark: Shit, alright? Johnny: (shoving Mark into a table) What do you want from me, hunh? Mark attacks Johnny. Steven, Lisa, et al pull them apart. Lisa: Stop it! Johnny: Alright, alright. Okay, folks, everything is fine. Fight is over, folks. I’m sorry, Mark. They shake hands. Mark: Yeah, me too. Johnny: Lisa, can, can you clean up here, please? Cut to the skyline at night. Cut to the party, where Mark and Lisa are dancing. Johnny confronts them Johnny: What are you doing? Lisa: None of your business. Johnny: You’re my future wife. What are you doing, Lisa? Mark: Leave her alone, man, she doesn’t want to talk to you. Johnny: (attacking Mark) Since when do you give me orders? Mark: Since Lisa changed her mind about you. Wake up, man, what planet are you on? Johnny: I think you should leave right now, Mark. Lisa: Don’t spoil it, we were just having fun. Mark: Don’t worry about it, man. Johnny: Don’t touch me, motherfucker! Get out. Mark and Johnny fight. Lisa: Stop it! Stop it! You two are acting like children. Mark: Son of a bitch. Lisa: You’re going to ruin the party. Mark: If you’d keep your girl satisfied, she wouldn’t come to me! Johnny: Get out of my house! I kill you, I [incomprehensible]! Lisa: Stop it! Johnny: I kill you, you bastard. Mark: You couldn’t kill me if you tried. Johnny: You betrayed me, you’re not good, you’re just a chicken, cheep-cheep-cheep-cheep-cheep. They fight some more. Johnny: Shut up! Steven: It’s over! It’s over! Johnny: It’s not over! Everybody betray me! I fed up with this world! Johnny exits upstairs. Cut to a shot of the Disney store at night. Cut to Claudette entering the bedroom to find Lisa. Claudette: I cleaned up the kitchen, sweetheart, so you don’t have to worry about that. Lisa: He still won’t come out of the bathroom. Claudette: Sweetheart, he’s upset. Now Johnny is a sensible man. He will come out, you will discuss this, everything is going to be okay. Lisa: I just think I should be alone with him right now. Claudette: I understand, sweetheart. I’m going to go home now. Bye bye. You can call me if you need me. Lisa: I will. Thanks, mom. Claudette exits downstairs. Lisa tries to open the bathroom door, but it’s locked. Lisa: You can come out now, Johnny. She’s gone. Johnny: In a few minutes, bitch. Lisa: Who are you calling a bitch? Johnny: You and your stupid mother. Lisa picks up the phone and calls Mark. Mark: Hello? Lisa: Hi, Mark? I need to talk to you. Mark: What’s going on? Lisa: Don’t worry about Johnny, he’s just being a big baby. You know, I love you very much. We see Johnny is straining to hear this through the bathroom door. Lisa: I love you. Mark: Why don’t you ditch this creep? I don’t like him anymore. Lisa: I know. He’s not worth it. Why don’t I come up there and be with you? Mark: Sure baby, come on up. I want your body. Lisa: You got it. I’m on my way. Bye. Mark: Bye. Johnny enters the bedroom. Johnny: Who were you talking to? Lisa: Nobody. Johnny: We’ll see about that. Johnny retrieves the tape from the recorder (or something; the technical process here makes very little sense). Johnny: We’ll see about that. He plays the tape. Mark (recording): Hello? Lisa (recording): Hi, Mark? I need to talk to you. Mark (recording): What’s going on? Lisa (recording): Don’t worry about Johnny, he’s just being a big baby. You know, I love you very much. You’re the sparkle of my life (this is a deviation from the original conversation, you’ll note). I can’t live without you. I love you. Johnny: You little tramp. How could you do this to me?! I gave you seven years of my life! And you betray me. Let’s see what else we have on this tape. Lisa: No. Stop. You little prick. I put up with you for seven years. You think you’re an angel. You’re just like everybody. Johnny: I treat you like a princess, and you stab me in the back. I love you, and I did anything for you to just please you, and now you betray me! How could you love him?! Mark (recording): Why don’t you ditch this creep? I don’t like him anymore. Lisa (recording): I know, he’s not worth it. Why don’t I come up there and be with you? Mark (recording): Sure baby, come on up. I want your body. Lisa (recording): You got it. Johnny: Aughhhhhhhh!!! (he hurls the tape player against the wall) Everybody betray me. I don’t have a friend in the world. Lisa: I’m leaving you, Johnny. Lisa exits downstairs. Johnny: Get out, get out, get out of my life! Agh! Johnny collapses on the bed. Cut to Johnny descending the stairs into the room. Johnny: Haughhhh-augh! Why, Lisa, why, why?! Flashback of Lisa laughing with Johnny’s tie around her head. Flashback of Lisa and Johnny kissing. Flashback of Lisa and Johnny having sex. Johnny: You bitch! Johnny knocks over a bowl of fake fruit, some furniture, and everything on the mantle. He picks up the TV and hurls it out the window. Johnny: You bitch! You bitch! Cut to Johnny re-entering the bedroom, howling incomprehensibly. He knocks stuff off the dresser, pulls out all the drawers, and shoves it over. He pulls all the sheets off the bed. He flings himself on the bed. Flashback to Johnny and Lisa having sex. Johnny knocks over some more stuff and shatters a mirror. He sits on the floor and picks up Lisa’s red dress. Flashback to Lisa trying on the dress. Johnny dry-humps the dress amid flashbacks of fucking Lisa when she was wearing it. Johnny: You tramp! He tears the dress up. Flashback to Lisa and Mark dancing. Flashback to Lisa saying “I put up with you” Johnny picks up a box and opens it to reveal a handgun. Johnny: Why? Why is this happening to me? Why?! It’s over. God, forgive me. Flashback to Lisa saying “everything will be alright” Johnny puts the gun in his mouth. Flashback to Lisa saying “goodbye, Johnny” Johnny fires the gun and falls backward in slow motion. Fade to black. Cut to Mark and Lisa dashing into the bedroom to find Johnny’s bloody corpse. Mark: Wake up, Johnny, come on! Johnny is clearly dead and blood is everywhere. Lisa: Is he dead? (sobbing) My god, Mark, is he dead? Mark: Yes, he’s dead. Yes he’s dead! Lisa: (sobbing) Oh my god… Mark slowly kisses Johnny’s forehead. Lisa: Oh my god. Mark and Lisa embrace. Lisa: I’ve lost him, but I still have you, right? Right? Mark: You don’t have me. You’ll never have me. You killed him. Lisa: Mark, we’re free to be together. I love you. I love you! Mark: Tramp! You killed him. You’re the cause of all of this. I don’t love you. Get out of my life, you bitch! Denny enters. Denny: What’s happening?! Mark: Johnny’s dead! Denny: Wake up, Johnny, please, please! It’s not right! It’s not right! Lisa: Denny, he’s in a better place. Denny: Leave us! Both of you leave. Mark: As far as I’m concerned, you can drop off the earth. That’s a promise. Denny: Just leave! Both of you! Mark: Leave him, alright! Let him be with him! Denny: Why, Johnny? Why? Johnny, why? Why? Denny sobs. Mark and Lisa, who were in the process of leaving, rejoin Denny and comfort him. We hear police sirens. The three of them appear to take turns fellating Johnny’s corpse as we hear generic police chatter. Fade to black and roll credits. Veteran
490 cf_pat_652 cf_pat_652 Goalie 5 Played goalie and rw in season 4 lgchl Prospect
491 KoNtOs SmAsH 96 KoNtOsSmAsH96 Left Defense 4 i can play every night but thursdays Draft Pick
492 xXDuFrEsNe27Xx xXDuFrEsNe27Xx Left Wing All Veteran
493 Servnspike Servnspike Center All Veteran
494 iCb4uC iCb4uC Goalie 5 Draft Pick
495 xZE-ROx xZE-ROx Center Vghl 4 Draft Pick
496 DoctorBenchPress DoctorBenchPress Center 3 Draft Pick
497 steezy steezybabeh Right Wing All Amateur
498 Pezdemic Pezdemic Left Defense 4 Amateur
499 Dafoumanchew Dafoumanchew Goalie 6 Veteran
500 moosapotamus33 moosapotamus33 Goalie All God help me for being goalie for another season Veteran
501 LaPlante94 LaPlante94 Center 3 Veteran
502 beernpickles beernpickles Right Defense All Veteran
503 oHiippyTriiippy oHiippyTriiippy Right Wing FB league 6 Prospect
504 Morrison59usn Morrison59usn Right Wing 3 Draft Pick
505 churchy1707 churchy1707 Goalie All Veteran
506 breault breault Center 4 Amateur
507 Six96969 Six96969 Right Defense All Veteran
508 drally20 drally20 Goalie 2 Available for 3 games a week. Veteran
509 King_Rinpin King_Rinpin Left Defense 4 Amateur
510 BenjiSpshlGi BenjiSpshlGi Goalie 4 Prospect
511 smashNgrab21 smashNgrab21 Left Wing SPNHL All Amateur
512 frenchieisback frenchieisback Center 5 I can play any positions Amateur
513 Stanup_Turtle Stanup_Turtle Left Wing All Veteran
514 Studer11 Studer11 Center 2 Prospect
515 DrShokola DrShokola Goalie All Prospect
516 Dylan_Bellz Dylan_Bellz Right Wing All Amateur
517 Wes20vt Wes20vt Left Wing 3 Veteran
518 Bretonskyy Bretonskyy Center All Amateur
519 LeCupidon LeCupidon Left Wing 3 Amateur
520 BUSTAHYMAN88 BUSTAHYMAN88 Right Defense 6 Prospect
521 lucky54449 lucky54449 Left Wing All Amateur
522 Johnnywest14200 Johnnywest14200 Right Defense All I can play either D positions Draft Pick
523 mschwartz53 Schwaziza Left Defense 3 Amateur
524 Fleew-Z Fleew-Z Right Wing All Draft Pick
525 eaglehawk2014 eaglehawk2014 Right Wing All Veteran
526 troy2499 troy2499 Right Defense All Amateur
527 Dangles4days Dangles4days Left Defense All Amateur
528 LIAM4mvp-42 LIAM4mvp-42 Center 4 Prospect
529 kingsofavalon kingsofavalon Left Defense All Amateur
530 limpark limpark Center All Veteran
531 FidellCastro84 FidellCastro84 Right Defense FBHL All Amateur
532 Five4Fighting88 Five4Fighting88 Left Defense 3 Prospect
533 Merciless20 Merciless20 Right Wing All Amateur
534 von_shin_kicker von_shin_kicker Center VGHL 3 Amateur
535 Man-Bear-Pig Man-Bear-Pig Center All Veteran
536 Briiky- Briiky- Center All Draft Pick
537 Unluckeux Unluckeux Center All Veteran
538 Huffdawg915 Huffdawg915 Goalie 4 originally signed up as a Rw but would like to move to goalie for the upcoming season Veteran
539 TouchMyDuff69 TouchMyDuff69 Left Wing 6 Prospect
540 bkeis bkeis Left Defense All Veteran
541 Jg3542jg Jg3542jg Left Defense All Veteran
542 dudeman ryo Dudeman_ryo Left Defense All Veteran
543 Itsjodach Itsjodach Left Wing 4 Ill play C as well Veteran
544 Xdjk93 Xdjk93 Right Wing All Prospect
545 Patrick69123 Patrick69123 Right Defense All I work shift work so varies Prospect
546 FirstRevie FirstRevie Right Wing 5 Prospect
547 Slapnutz_2 Slapnutz_2 Left Wing 5 Amateur
548 BReWsKiiS BReWsKiiS Left Wing All Amateur
549 Sniperx18x Sniperx18x Left Wing 4 Prospect
550 BrooksFromDallas BrooksFromDallas Right Defense 6 Prospect
551 kershaw1984 kershaw1984 Left Wing 3 Prospect
552 John_SheIdon John_SheIdon Right Defense 4 Veteran
553 Tink-Show Tink-Show Right Wing All Prospect
554 S-C-A-R-F-A-C-E S-C-A-R-F-A-C-E Left Defense 5 Amateur
555 Issa x Geno XxGenoSnipeXx Left Wing 4 Veteran
556 Mchew89 Mchew89 Right Wing All Amateur
557 Vezina-_- Vezina-_- Goalie SPNHL 4 Veteran
558 Wade-Belak Wade-Belak Right Defense All Amateur
559 Royalkc85 Royalkc85 Left Defense 4 Amateur
560 Mr_Invidious Mr_Invidious Right Defense 5 Veteran
561 AAli-21 aali786 Right Wing Vghl 2 Veteran
562 Bufflechuck Bufflechuck Right Defense All Veteran
563 Nine2Fiver Nine2Fiver Right Defense All Amateur
564 XipassuscoreX XipassuscoreX Center All I see dead people Veteran
565 clenny822 clenny822 Left Defense 3 RD fine too. Prospect
566 BBieren5 BBieren5 Right Defense PAVHL 3 Amateur
567 Maddens26 Maddens26 Center All Veteran
568 Davidpedder1 itspeddertime Center 6 Amateur
569 McGoogles50 McGoogles50 Goalie 4 Amateur
570 KingClutch x 77 KingClutchlx77l Center 5 Veteran
571 BigOLsalami BigOLsalami Left Defense 4 Can play any offense position, Defense as well. DONT play goalie. Solid and D and can play center decent. Prospect
572 x ScrumZzyy xScrumZzyy Right Defense 4 Veteran
573 TheGua2dian TheGua2dian Center All Amateur
574 Schwartz-74 Schwartz-74 Goalie VGHL 5 On 8/22/17, at 12:50 AM, Josh Claus wrote: > Sazer is a sick goalie Veteran
575 Claeys Claeys19 Right Wing FBHL All Veteran
576 DC_Lumpy DC_Lumpy Goalie All Veteran
577 No Friills NoFriills Right Wing LG All ;) Amateur
578 JOSHGORDON845 JOSHGORDON845 Right Wing All I will play anywhere Prospect
579 castles720 CASTLES720 Center All Prospect
580 KillsAKill- KillsAKill- Right Defense 3 my mom told me i was cute once Veteran
581 bstieboydp bstieboydp Center 4 Veteran
582 U_CantStopCrosby U_CantStopCrosby Center 3 Prospect
583 CSM0419 CSM0419 Left Wing All Veteran
584 xAsTrOnOmYx xAsTrOnOmYx Center 5 Prospect
585 EfFxYOxCouCH Megafresh33 Left Wing 4 Amateur
586 SkeezerPleaser SkeezerPleaser Left Defense 4 Prospect
587 jansta-dude jansta-dude Center All Looking for a solid NHL team with nice peoples. 2 way fwrd S5 LGAHL eastern conference champion. Veteran
588 OhhCrosby87 OhhCrosby87 Right Defense All Draft Pick
589 l Gentry l Gentryy_ Left Wing All Veteran
590 IvanLach IvanLach Right Defense 3 Can play any position. If I signup I show up. Amateur
591 StraightUpHacks StraightUpHacks Left Wing 3 I shoot puck Veteran
592 Mr-Ziggle-NUTZ Mr-Ziggle-NUTZ Right Defense 4 Veteran
593 smyles57 smyles57 Right Defense 4 Veteran
594 Tarasenko-Show91 Tarasenko-Show91 Center 2 Amateur
595 Therawmeatpatty therawmeatpatty Left Wing 5 Amateur
596 MartyCeez23 MartyCeez23 Left Wing All Amateur
597 Pacioretty__67 Pacioretty__67 Right Defense 6 Veteran
598 Tehh__Pwnerer Tehh__Pwnerer Right Wing 6 Can also play center and sometimes left wing although im a lefty. Veteran
599 Maximuss001 Maximuss001 Goalie All Amateur
600 zDUJ- zDUJ- Left Wing All can also C Draft Pick
601 skeymour skeymour Right Defense VG 4 Veteran
602 ImSikBoi ImSikBoi Left Defense 6 Veteran
603 HitByTheBest95 HitByTheBest95 Right Defense All Veteran
604 Dlcjr75 Dlcjr75 Left Defense 5 Amateur
605 Katandkyle Katandkyle Right Defense All Amateur
606 Maxpain456 Maxpain456 Right Wing All Prospect
607 jonshadow12 jonshadow12 Left Defense 6 Veteran
608 zBernatchez zBernatchez Goalie 4 Veteran
609 Dmcgloin Dmcgloin Right Wing 5 Amateur
610 Rancher12345 Rancher12345 Goalie 6 Veteran
611 Gbhockeyboy Gbhockeyboy Goalie 4 Amateur
612 Guesshoo1 Guesshoo1 Right Defense 4 Amateur
613 Beel-Zebub_13 Beel-Zebub_13 Left Defense 3 Amateur
614 Kingparker613 Kingparker613 Left Wing All Amateur
615 I-Dekar-I I-Dekar-I Left Wing All Veteran
616 Kingdano420 Kingdano420 Right Defense All Veteran
617 blammogunz blammogunz Right Defense 4 Amateur
618 DakotaPie DakotaPie Center All Amateur
619 Jwva Jwva Right Defense 4 Veteran
620 Andre_st-cyr Andre_st-cyr Left Defense 4 Draft Pick
621 platypus124 platypus124 Right Defense Fbhl 5 I prefer to play goalie but I was runner up in fbhl for best dman. I play a real stay at home style Prospect
622 Krazy-try Krazy-try Left Wing 5 Veteran
623 LGx 2MadTurtles Carpenter7-4 Goalie 5 Prospect
624 NjDevil08 NjDevil08 Left Wing 4 Veteran
625 xXFrANz420Xx xXFrANz420Xx Left Wing All Prospect
626 Mitch_Marner16 Mitch_Marner16 Center All 5.2ppg top center. looking to lead a team to victory. Draft Pick
627 xKLuTchDoLphiNx xKLuTchDoLphiNx Goalie All Veteran
628 ceeg87 Ceeg87 Left Defense 6 refer to cshirk85's comments Veteran
629 frostygta frostygta Left Defense All Amateur
630 Uchiha_Blood133 Uchiha_Blood133 Center MHL,HNHL,OPTHL,HVHL,SSHL, All Prospect
631 louiedeuce8 louiedeuce8 Left Defense 5 Amateur
632 BK_0994 BK_0994 Right Wing All s5 OHL champ, FNP champ, mem cup loser :( Draft Pick
633 t-jenks15 t-jenks15 Center All Amateur
634 steelersfan26 steelersfan26 Left Defense 5 Veteran
635 shepard-88- shepard-88- Center All Veteran
636 pkinpa pkinpa Center 5 Amateur
637 bradlayman23 bradlayman23 Goalie 1 Prospect
638 Scorvat LegendOfCapone Center 3 Veteran
639 ChobanLacot ChobanLacot Left Wing 4 Prospect
640 Dumais_nick N_DUMAIS Right Wing All Amateur
641 Melanson4 Melanson4 Left Defense All Draft Pick
642 Loki_x27x Loki_x27x Left Defense 4 Veteran
643 Themira Themira Right Defense 3 This is my first time with league gaming Prospect
644 Ace_G17_PGH Ace_G17_PGH Left Wing All Prospect
645 ChaosShallReign8 ChaosShallReign8 Left Defense FBHL All decent at every position except goalie, but I primary either LD or RD, my shooting is better as RD (left handed), but better breakout passing as LD Prospect
646 PR0D1GY_81 PR0D1GY_81 Center Vghl All Amateur
647 VulgarGentleman VulgarGentleman Left Defense 5 Amateur
648 snakeeyes8532 snakeeyes8532 Left Defense All Amateur
649 hockey1355 hockey1355 Left Wing 2 Prospect
650 Itz_Clutchtato Itz_Clutchtato Left Wing Pavhl 4 I'm an Elite Shitter Prospect
651 lilman239 Lilman239 Right Defense All Prospect
652 Alltro1 Alltro1 Center All Amateur
653 nismo_l18l nismo_l18l Left Wing 3 Veteran
654 leblond1112 leblond1112 Goalie 2 Prospect
655 beaucam78 beaucam78 Left Wing 6 I can play Monday-Wednesday (league) and some Sundays,and everyday outside of LG. I pride myself on my defensive and play making skills. I can also play any position on the ice well. Amateur
656 Boxingmmajunki Boxingmmajunki Goalie 5 Prospect
657 Iceblock84 Iceblock84 Left Defense All Veteran
658 GallyChucky GallyChucky Right Wing All 11pm game i can't Veteran
659 Degraves5 Degraves5 Left Wing 4 Veteran
660 Bry2230 Bry2230 Right Defense 4 Veteran
661 Silentcricket26 Silentcricket26 Goalie 4 Draft Pick
662 Xpertgamer607 Xpertgamer607 Left Wing All Prospect
663 CrazyLegsHem CrazyLegsHem Goalie All Can play center and right wing as well Prospect
664 ALBRIGHTx22 ALBRIGHTx22 Goalie All Amateur
665 brvsfan4 brvsfan4 Right Defense All Veteran
666 M-L-N83 M-L-N83 Right Wing All Veteran
667 Deathmachine475 Deathmachine475 Left Wing All Amateur
668 ItsbOnG42o ItsbOnG42o Right Wing 3 Amateur
669 hotwheels9966 hotwheels9966 Goalie All Amateur
670 DDLoWB DDLoWB Center All Amateur
671 Pelley_ Pelley_ Left Wing All Draft Pick
672 Backroad2philly Backroad2philly Left Defense 4 Veteran
673 MafiaRage MafiaRage Right Defense All Amateur
674 Imcanedianehh Imcanedianehh Left Defense All Amateur
675 Bardownbeauty19 Bardownbeauty19 Right Wing All Amateur
676 DoctorVanilla DoctorVanilla Right Defense All Amateur
677 Alexcleroux1995 Alexcleroux1995 Goalie All Veteran
678 x Loops 19 x xLoops_19x Right Wing 4 Veteran
679 Jaydizzle420 Jaydizzle420 Goalie All Amateur
680 K-bagg978 K-bagg978 Left Wing All Amateur
681 beanmachine31 beanmachine31 Center 3 Amateur
682 Gour_x_71 Gour_x_71 Right Wing All Veteran
683 QcMCSeb QcMCSeb Right Defense 4 Veteran
684 Unabuga6 Unabuga6 Goalie 5 BARRIE GODDESS Amateur
685 Spankdemonkey19 Spankdemonkey19 Right Wing All kennys club for insecure men Amateur
686 TheNortoriousBIG TheNortoriousBIG Center 5 Amateur
687 firepenguin17_ firepenguin17_ Center All Draft Pick
688 KimOPereZ KimOPereZ Left Defense 4 I'm ambidextrous so I can play RD too. I won't miss any game I'm scheduled on and I'm always up to practice before gametime Veteran
689 GalchyTheBeast27 GalchyTheBeast27 Left Wing All Veteran
690 Punany4 Punany4 Left Wing 3 Amateur
691 IceBergzHD IceBergzHD Goalie 5 Amateur
692 xMajorLazeRx xMajorLazeRx Goalie 4 Usually available weeknights 8-10pm eastern time, most weekends (I work one saturday a month) Prospect
693 sparkplug87 nic Sparkplug87_nic Goalie 5 Veteran
694 TheShoeMoney TheShoeMoney Left Defense 5 Amateur
695 iRep_Tha_Alumni iRep_Tha_Alumni Right Defense All Draft Pick
696 WorkingforMCA WorkingforMCA Left Defense All Prospect
697 NewStarRis1ng NewStarRis1ng Left Wing All Prospect
698 FireHawk_575 FireHawk_575 Center 3 Draft Pick
699 Killerfill99 Dynastylegend9 Center 3 Amateur
700 dj_kreation dj_kreation Right Wing All Prospect
701 Nypd09 Nypd09 Right Wing 5 Veteran
702 Joeja15 Joeja15 Goalie All I can paly all in less I start playing dnd or somthing Veteran
703 Navyynick Navyynick Right Wing All Currently under contract not sure If I'm allowed to change but doing due diligence by putting in request anyways Amateur
704 dlomac86 dlomac86 Center All Prospect
705 Malkin71_- Malkin71_- Right Defense All Veteran
706 Durty_dee25 Durty_dee25 Center All Prospect
707 darthjesse69 darthjesse69 Right Wing 5 I play Primary RW but i am also a strong centre. Im pretty solid at this game, i think my stats prove that but you can find out for yourself. Play as a hitting sniper Prospect
708 KyleLBH KyleLBH Left Defense All Amateur
709 ShenPenn ShenPenn Left Wing 5 Prospect
710 jmligt jmligt Left Defense All Veteran
712 bure-x-10 Bure-x-10 Right Defense All Veteran
713 DomSquad100 DomSquad100 Left Wing All Veteran
714 Dallas1262x Dallas1262x Left Wing 6 Prospect
715 Radical Wave RadicalWaves Center All Prospect
716 Teamrun420 Teamrun420 Left Defense All Amateur
717 Rollerpig647 Rollerpig647 Center 3 Usually three days during week... and center or lw Amateur
718 tjoc8 tjoc8 Right Wing All Prospect
719 artdv120 artdv120 Left Wing SSHL,Pavhl 4 Amateur
720 frosty98snowman frosty98snowman Left Defense 5 Prospect
721 Vish_b Vish_b Right Wing 3 High Amateur
722 YouCanGetIt__ YouCanGetIt__ Right Wing All Amateur
723 Dangletownsniper DANGLETOWNSNIPER Right Wing All Name- Kanye Address- 9431 Greatest Ever Street Email- Kanyewestisbest@kayne.kayne Favorite quote- if at first you don't succeed, Kanye. Veteran
724 HazeeHype HazeeHype Right Wing All Veteran
725 TrapMC TrapMC Goalie All Veteran
726 Smitson smitson Right Wing 4 Prospect
727 Taekwonthis Taekwonthis Goalie 5 Prospect
728 Fatjoedashow1984 Fatjoedashow1984 Right Defense Vghl 3 Veteran
729 Rybuddha DPRKariya9 Center 3 Veteran
730 LLcoolSam sammyb4398 Goalie All Amateur
731 xl_JDE0201_lx xl_JDE0201_lx Center 4 Prospect
732 ryanwashere78 ryanwashere78 Left Defense 5 Veteran
733 ZoGood ZoGood Right Wing 3 Veteran
734 PhistMYace PhistMYace Right Wing All Veteran
735 FriedNoggin FriedNoggin Left Defense 2 Amateur
736 ILedHedI ILedHedI Right Wing 3 Veteran
737 balake96 Balake96 Goalie 4 Veteran
738 Lonsovich24 Lonsovich24 Right Wing 2 Prospect
739 Buildingwhat Buildingwhat Right Wing All Veteran
740 Serpe x 13 Serpe_x_13 Center All I have unlimited trade requests. Veteran
741 The Broche BRochie97 Left Wing All can also play C and RW Veteran
742 HJHF14 HJHF14 Center 3 This isn't HUT? Veteran
743 o S m i i t t y Smittyy10 Goalie All Psn GT is smittyy10 Veteran
744 Shotl72l That-One_Shot-22 Right Wing All Veteran
745 Kev_F88 Kev_F88 Left Wing All Veteran
746 canuckftc12W canuckftc12W Right Defense 4 Veteran
747 Novak4Prez Novak4prez Right Wing 5 Veteran
748 Reps_71 Reps_71 Left Wing 5 Veteran
749 McLxvinn II-McLovin-lI Right Wing All Veteran
750 Kraz18 Kraz18 Right Wing 3 Availability might not be the best but ill try my best to get 3 games in every week Veteran
751 Le-TKeSS Le-TKeSS Center All Veteran
752 LifeAlertnChill LifeAlertnChill Goalie All Amateur
753 Diamonddangles4- Diamonddangles4- Left Defense All Amateur
754 Desyd19 Desyd19 Right Defense 5 desyd Veteran
755 Jmagsta jmagsta Right Wing All Will play LW as well. Prospect
756 maplop maplop Left Wing 4 Prospect
757 McInnis_91 McInnis_91 Center 4 Veteran
758 Foote FooteGaming Left Defense 3 I have 6 games availability. Xbox gets first choice of which 3 they want me. Veteran
759 gmac90 gmac90 Right Defense 3 Can only play Sundays, and early games Monday and Thursday for the most part. Veteran
760 oSUPAHSTARo oSUPAHSTARo Left Defense 4 Veteran
761 a1dirtysouth04 a1dirtysouth04 Goalie All Veteran
762 soccaplaya11 soccaplaya11 Left Defense All Can I play AHL? "He's a loving, caring person that just wants to have fun and win a championship because it's different than a participation trophy" - My Mom Veteran
764 alonzi401 alonzi401 Goalie All Veteran
765 Ksteiding1 Ksteiding1 Center 2 Veteran
766 Kojakle16 Kojakill Right Defense All Message me if you have questions Veteran
767 IIChEcKMaTeII IIChEcKMaTeII Left Wing All Veteran
768 A_Raging_Sloth A_Raging_Sloth Center All Veteran
769 Joiridz Joiridz Left Wing 3 Veteran
770 Coltcrazy Coltcrazy Center 5 Veteran
771 Penguins2013 Penguins2013 Goalie All Veteran
772 Eggman--1 Eggman--1 Left Defense SPNHL VGNHL 6 Veteran
773 Thunder_Thums Thunder_Thums Right Defense 5 Veteran
774 Leg_al Leg_al Center 1 I cant play its summer Veteran
775 xXAucoin1Xx xXAucoin1Xx Right Wing 2 Veteran
776 Eazy-_-V Eazy-_-V Right Defense 1 Veteran
777 habsdan18 habsdan18 Left Defense 3 Veteran
778 Mahon_SoLo Mahon_SoLo Right Defense All Veteran
779 Assult_Sniper_1 Assult_Sniper_1 Left Defense 5 Amateur
780 VegaRidge VegaRidge Center VGHL All Veteran
781 Jade_Dragoon_ Jade_Dragoon_ Goalie All Veteran
782 Moofang Moofang Left Defense All Pitt Pens LD last season. +24 Veteran
783 ZVM93 ZVM93 Right Wing All Veteran
784 bidou96m Xx96_BiDoU_96xX Center All Veteran
785 xNav61 xNav61 Left Wing 5 Veteran
786 Flyersap Flyers_ap Goalie 4 Veteran
787 x-_price-31_-x x-_price-31_-x Right Defense 5 Amateur
788 xGianTx xGianTx Right Defense All Amateur
789 RBCressor RBCressor Center All Veteran
790 Who_AreU- Who_AreU- Left Wing 5 Veteran
791 Gwood_Boys Gwood_Boys Center All Amateur
792 Maxuter Maxuter Right Defense All Lock down defence with long stretch pass ability Veteran
793 I-JF5-I I-JF5-I Center 5 Veteran
794 iFishyHD iFishyHD Left Wing 3 im the best walmart cashier in the game and my favorite person in american history is General Chuck Hushaw Amateur
795 xUnknown_31 xUnknown_31 Goalie 5 Veteran
796 VINCE-PAWER VINCE-PAWER Right Wing 1 Veteran
797 Stamkos91 xX_91Stamkos91_X Left Defense 4 Amateur
798 TrapKING4Real TrapKING4Real Left Defense All Veteran
799 CJohnston_19 CJohnston_19 Right Defense 6 ELITE TOP DMAN NHL ELIGIBLE Veteran
800 Mrkane2u88 Mrkane2u88 Right Wing All Amateur
801 Vaipetrucci87 Vaipetrucci87 Right Defense 3 Veteran
802 Camzi95 Camzi95 Right Wing 2 Amateur
803 kinglyme89 kinglyme89 Right Wing All Amateur
804 BurnsForNorris BurnsForNorris Left Defense All Veteran
805 nolesfan12 nolesfan12 Left Wing 3 Veteran
806 three_eleven07 three_eleven07 Left Wing 3 Veteran
807 XGeneral420X XGeneral420X Right Wing HVHL, 5 Thx accepté me Veteran
808 Straughn Straughn Right Defense SSHL,Vghl All Amateur
809 isles2791 isles2791 Center VGNHL 2 2-3 nights Veteran
810 Spray_and_pray_ Spray_and_pray_ Left Wing 5 Amateur
811 McNasty McNastyPants187 Left Wing 2 Amateur
812 aREAP__ aREAP__ Center 4 Veteran
813 ses-DRAGON-ses ses-DRAGON-ses Goalie VGHL 3 My Team Calls me Swiss Cheese So I Must Be Good Right? Veteran
814 Canadas__Game416 Canadas__Game416 Right Defense All Veteran
815 YaBoiixJP--o YaBoiixJP--o Left Defense 4 Veteran
816 Legendary_Green4 Legendary_Green4 Right Defense All Amateur
817 Mhook1797 Mhook1797 Left Wing 6 Veteran
818 Xi_ch4pm4n_ix Xi_ch4pm4n_ix Goalie All Veteran
819 Deadlyone910 Deadlyone910 Right Defense All Amateur
820 FatDinosaurz FatDinosaurz Goalie All Amateur
821 Prodota_gold Prodota_gold Left Wing 5 Prospect
822 DEMBURGHBOYZ412 DEMBURGHBOYZ412 Center All Amateur
823 Dxcibel Dxcibel Right Wing All RW is my best position, but I'm an excellent defenseman as well. Prospect
824 DrewGMR DrewGMR Left Wing All Amateur
825 tsibs88 tsibs88 Goalie 3 I do media for LG so I will be calling games live each week which will knock out one night. Veteran
826 Xtremedirt12 Xtremedirt12 Left Defense 4 I can usually play later at night pacific time Prospect
827 XlxLegacy xIxLegacy Right Wing All Amateur
828 TopShelfSniper7 TopShelfSniper7 Left Wing 3 Put me in coach Prospect
829 Thegetupkid_289 Thegetupkid_289 Left Defense 4 Amateur
830 Kuchersnipe_86 Kuchersnipe_86 Left Wing 3 Prospect
831 diddygulp diddygulp Right Wing All Amateur
832 NeWFie-KaNaTa NeWFie-KaNaTa Goalie All Veteran
833 oBiLL3Yo oBiLL3Yo Center All Pretty excited see what happens Amateur
834 Brayden41warrior Brayden41warrior Left Wing None 5 Prospect
835 I_Scotch_I I_Scotch_I Center VGHL 4 Veteran
836 sjackson2324 sjackson2324 Right Wing Vghl All Can play any position except goalie Prospect
837 OutStandnSkill OutStandnSkill Left Wing All Outstanding ness Amateur
838 NINETY ElGHT supermario66x Left Wing 4 Draft Pick
839 jared2112 Brkaway89 Center 5 Draft Pick
840 sizzlakalonjii sizzlakalonjii Right Wing All Amateur
841 roofioooohh Roofioooohh Right Wing SSHL,PAVHL 3 Amateur
842 xSkyhawk024x xSkyhawk024x Goalie All Veteran
843 Mtl-cor Mtl-cor Left Wing 5 Draft Pick
844 Mr Big ledge424 Left Defense 4 Prospect
845 jamNOTmarmalade jamNOTmarmalade Right Defense 2 Veteran
846 Naturesdisaster2 Naturesdisaster2 Goalie 4 Prospect
847 RAMPAGE1294 RAMPAGE9171 Left Wing 4 Draft Pick
848 HUNTtheREAPER HUNTtheREAPER Right Wing All Prospect
849 Applauded_killer Applauded_Killer Right Wing 2 Amateur
850 DomP123 DomP123 Right Wing All Prospect
851 X4x-HaLL-x4x X4x-HaLL-x4x Center All Amateur
852 WarLock_1994_380 WarLock_1994_380 Center All Amateur
853 Pawdiddy Pawdiddy Left Wing 3 Amateur
854 Ajax32123 Ajax32123 Right Defense 5 Amateur
855 Kennethon3000 Kennethon3000 Center All Amateur
856 JDFRYE31 JDFRYE31 Center 2 Also comfortable playing either wing, right hand shot Prospect
857 FlyGuys9030 FlyGuys9030 Right Wing All Amateur
858 Slywolf1129 Slywolf1129 Goalie 5 Primary is G but I can also fill in the role of C or LW when needed. Prospect
859 Daylight99 Daylight99 Right Wing All Veteran
860 Jbone070789 Jbone070789 Left Wing 5 Amateur
861 MEGAshooter1212 MEGAshooter1212 Center 4 Prospect
862 svvisco svvisco Left Defense 4 Amateur
863 SinWin SinWin Left Defense 3 Veteran
864 Scooby SeNt-MoE-L-CuL Left Defense All Draft Pick
865 P1mpdaddypaddy45 P1mpdaddypaddy45 Right Wing 4 Prospect
866 Deadlydoorknob Deadlydoorknob Left Defense 5 Prospect
867 Cwooks Cwooks Left Defense 3 Draft Pick
868 Chowski777 Chowx7 Center All Veteran
869 Bossy_22_ Bossy_22_ Center All Xbox will be my number one league, so for NHL game times I'll be available for 6/9 at best. Veteran
870 beckbronson beckbronson Right Defense All Amateur
871 Halakness Halakness Right Wing 3 Veteran
872 stiffler-81 Stiffler-81 Center All Amateur
874 Seedoftavares Seedoftavares Left Defense 4 Availability changes week to week due to work schedule, i will always let you know in advance when i can and can't play Amateur
875 Kmac519 Kmac519 Left Defense 4 Amateur
876 CrazyDiablo212 CrazyDiablo212 Right Wing 5 Amateur
877 Bigajd09 Bigajd09 Right Defense 4 Amateur
878 fetcher08 fetcher08 Center All Veteran
879 kevinhesspschamp kevinhesspschamp Left Defense All Prospect
880 Dirtyduster88 Dirtyduster88 Center All Draft Pick
881 BigFreeze064 BigFreeze064 Center 2 Veteran
882 firemike0288 firemike0288 Right Defense 4 Switching from RW to RD this season Veteran
883 TeamWillie5 TeamWillie5 Goalie 3 Amateur
884 Crazybizow Crazybizow Right Defense All none Amateur
885 Zeus_Zwick Zeus_Zwick Goalie FBHL All Amateur
886 XvUNCL3SPiiCYvX XvUNCL3SPiiCYvX Right Defense All Draft Pick
887 timebot12 timebot12 Center 6 Veteran
888 Foxracin666 Foxracin666 Left Defense All Prospect
889 Gamer_085 Gamer_085 Left Defense 4 I have played S1-4 between the AHL & NHL. I'm available all nights but I would like Tue & Thur nights off. Veteran
890 ODucks182 Mikethespeed Left Defense All Amateur
891 Icrashbikes Icrashbikes Left Defense 4 Amateur
892 CiNcHxUp CiNcHxUp Left Wing All Also play Left Defense Prospect
893 Gwarsloth Gwarsloth Right Defense 3 Amateur
894 Newf1991 Newf1991 Right Wing All Amateur
895 TConas_Finest TConas_Finest Right Defense 5 Prospect
896 Unkle_steel Unkle_steel Left Defense All Amateur
897 cjwght cjwght Right Wing 5 Amateur
898 Live_by_SIN Live_by_SIN Left Wing All Veteran
899 SidTheKid_PiTT87 SidTheKid_PiTT87 Center 3 LW Veteran
900 Sonsofanarchy677 Sonsofanarchy677 Left Wing All Amateur
901 Habsfan675 Habsfan675 Left Wing 3 Amateur
902 SweeT 9 LoU 84 SweeT9Lou88 Center 2 Owning on Xbox, please message if bidding on me also may need someone to gameshare with Veteran
903 Asbury28 Asbury28 Right Wing 3 Amateur
904 TH_DarkShadow420 TH_DarkShadow420 Right Wing 5 Prospect
905 TFBMLegitz2 TFBMlegitz2 Left Wing All Amateur
906 h3lln1nj4 h3lln1nj4 Center 4 Amateur
907 jor2good jor2good Left Wing All Veteran
908 Deke Qc Deke-Pedia-___- Right Wing All Veteran
909 OmarAhmed63 OmarAhmed63 Goalie FBHL 4 - Prospect
910 thekiller9879 thekiller9879 Right Defense All Veteran
911 jdotrdot8121 jdotrdot8121 Right Wing 5 Veteran
912 MN_Wild93 MN_Wild93 Left Defense 5 Veteran
913 Bali_91 Bali_91 Goalie 3 Amateur
914 LeTHaL_WEAPON-07 LeTHaL_WEAPON-07 Right Wing All Veteran
915 RyanDeez RyanDeez Center 4 Amateur
916 Big superkid Big_Superkid Goalie None All I love NHL Amateur
917 kcgaudette2013 kcgaudette2013 Right Wing All Prospect
918 Bulging_twine Bulging_twine Goalie 5 Can play lw, rw, ld, rd, goalie. Veteran
919 Maida2theb Maida2theb Left Wing 5 Prospect
920 BakonBlitz BakonBlitz Left Defense 5 Veteran
921 legends9129 legends9129 Left Defense 4 play goalie also and LW Prospect
922 Noodin13 Noodin13 Left Wing 4 Prospect
923 penguin_leaf319 penguin_leaf319 Goalie 4 Prospect
924 Titans3393 Titans3393 Right Defense Pavhl 4 Prospect
925 Ryan_x_28 Ryan_x_28 Right Defense 4 Veteran
926 TheGrumpyCatRulZ TheGrumpyCatRulZ Left Wing PAVHL 4 I can only play 9:30 games. Amateur
927 smooth_op41 smooth_op41 Left Wing All Amateur
928 CJB721 CJB721 Center 5 Prospect
929 oz_OGES oz_OGES Right Wing 6 Amateur
930 Boston6171970 Boston6171970 Center 4 Amateur
931 Thc4me4 Thc4me4 Right Wing 3 Amateur
932 xXInfamousOne211 xXInfamousOne211 Right Wing 4 Amateur
933 Fishydangles Fishydangles Goalie All Amateur
934 leafs1791 leafs1791 Goalie 3 Prospect
935 Gr4n0l4Funk3 Gr4n0l4Funk3 Left Defense 6 usually play about 4 or 5 games every night Prospect
936 Piezrus Piezrus Right Wing All Amateur
937 B-raded B-raded Left Defense All Amateur
938 MPelley25 MPelley25 Right Defense All Veteran
939 Method018 Method018 Center 5 As center, i play a defensive first type of center. allowing D to press if they wish, or be first back on a turn over. I have a career 50% in the faceoff dot. but I can play either wing or even goalie. on my EASHL team we would shuffle positions so everyone would improve in each role. Prospect
940 Appa2008 Appa2008 Center All Prospect
941 BeeBtheGreaT BeeBtheGreaT Left Defense 6 Dont mind playing offense as well Prospect
942 SyNSxCrusade SyNSxCrusade Center All Amateur
943 cammaller_13 cammaller_13 Right Wing All Amateur
944 quick_scope_14 quick_scope_14 Goalie All Veteran
945 J_durst-8 J_durst-8 Center All Play C/LW Two-way forward Veteran
946 SmoothSharky SmoothSharky Left Defense 3 Amateur
947 edmast Edmast Right Wing 5 I can play any position but goaltender Amateur
948 Biggimpin57 Biggimpin57 Left Wing All Amateur
950 JonFromEarth JonFromEarth Left Defense 5 LD/RD Draft Pick
951 skyhighsms skyhighsms Right Defense All i'm just here so i don't get fined! Amateur
952 mattperrault mattperrault Left Defense All Veteran
953 xBealski Mattbealski Goalie All Veteran
954 xTheGreatMP7 xTheGreatMP7 Center All hi Veteran
955 TheMcKapy themckapy Goalie All Wubba lubba dub dub Veteran
956 fwillis fwillis Right Wing All Rw or lw Amateur
957 aharquail aharquail Right Defense All Amateur
958 Crippin_Allday Crippin_Allday Left Wing 3 Veteran
959 DLG_19 DLG_19 Right Defense All Prospect
960 Shaggy2448 Shaggy2448 Right Wing 4 Prospect
961 xShauN88 xShauN88 Right Wing 2 Veteran
962 pemm pemm Goalie 5 Amateur
963 itzrickybobby itzrickybobby Right Wing PAVHL 6 Amateur
964 Bruqc33 Bruqc33 Left Wing 5 Prospect
965 squatchess73 Squatchess73 Right Defense All Amateur
966 dmitch420 DmitchPlMPIN Left Defense All I rock Veteran
967 Johnnyutah1224 Johnnyutah1224 Right Defense 3 Amateur
968 ggjoey427 ggjoey427 Left Wing All Veteran
969 REDwings134013 REDwings134013 Goalie 6 Amateur
970 Kuzy--92-- Kuzy--92-- Center 4 Veteran
971 l-forthy-l JDForthy Center 2 Going to try to play with an extremely Limited Schedule S6, please talk with me before bidding if you are interested. I will need flexibility. Veteran
972 Gui__20 Gui__20 Center All Veteran
973 cjdtheprofessor cjdtheprofessor Right Defense All Veteran
974 Looped61 Looped61 Left Defense 5 Amateur
975 Borkdog187 Borkdog187 Right Defense 5 Draft Pick
976 Red_Pepsi98 Red_Pepsi98 Right Wing 3 Prospect
977 I2I-Way-Hockey I2I-Way-Hockey Center 2 Veteran
978 Snackomo Snackomo Left Defense All I have played in leagues in the past ever since NHL 09/10. VHL, Weekend Hockey League. Etc etc. I have played club and 6s lobbies with some of the old time greats. I was primarily a 360 player until I picked up a PS4. Prospect
979 Bruchboi900 Bruchboi900 Right Wing All Veteran
980 OGPotsie OGPotsie Left Defense 1 Veteran
981 Boutch_87 Boutch_87 Center All Veteran
982 The_Canadian777 The_Canadian777 Goalie All Amateur
984 MAFIA-91 MAFIA-91 Right Defense All Ready to go Draft Pick
985 dasgreenbassterd dasgreenbassterd Left Wing 6 I'm glad to be here finally Amateur
986 TheNLShow TheNLShow Left Wing All Amateur
987 buddah2857 buddah2857 Center 3 Prospect
988 YDOC_DUB_YA_88 YDOC_DUB_YA_88 Right Defense All Amateur
989 Advancedhuman Advancedhuman Left Wing 4 Amateur
990 DeLosh x 1 DeLosh-_- Goalie All Veteran
991 a_brown810- a_brown810- Goalie 5 Draft Pick
992 Meloyellow13 Meloyellow13 Right Defense 5 Prospect
993 Mr_FistHer420 Mr_FistHer420 Right Wing All Get'er done Prospect
994 PushForKush PushForKush Left Wing All Amateur
995 ivegotyour6 ivegotyour6 Center 4 Veteran
996 VwHippieGirl VwHippieGirl Right Defense Vg 5 Amateur
997 habzfan76 habzfan76 Left Wing All Amateur
998 JCpens22 DucksFan735 Left Wing 3 Veteran
999 Nyboy914 Nyboy914 Center 5 Amateur
1000 actiondave13 actiondave13 Left Wing All Veteran
1001 Bigshottabaker41 Bigshottabaker41 Right Wing All Amateur
1002 DabbZilla421 DabbZilla421 Goalie All Prospect
1003 Dnice176 Dnice176 Left Defense 3 Prospect
1004 XX_A_DeBrin_12XX XX_A_DeBrin_12XX Left Defense All Amateur
1005 Rezhomey Rezhomey Right Defense All Can play all forward and defence positions Prospect
1006 Mr_e_ous420 Mr_e_ous420 Right Defense 4 Amateur
1007 NuttyOutlaw13 NuttyOutlaw13 Left Wing All Veteran
1008 Peril_G2 Peril_G2 Left Wing 6 Amateur
1009 TylerLOEKEY TylerLOEKEY Goalie 6 Veteran
1010 Vows_ofvengence BostonBruins_4_ Right Defense All I'm active and ready to play each game I bring my hardest and I can become a leader for many years to come I don't like online bully's or being talked to disrespectfully thank you Amateur
1011 TakeNotes97 TakeNotes97 Right Wing All Veteran
1012 keithguy keithguy Right Defense 3 Amateur
1013 Willy8wonka1234 Willy8wonka1234 Left Wing 2 Prospect
1014 Nick_x_98 Nick_x_98 Left Defense All Veteran
1015 Dirty_dan274 Dirty_dan274 Goalie 4 Amateur
1016 I--Chief--I I--Chief--I Left Defense All Veteran
1017 b_b_gun77 b_b_gun77 Right Wing All Amateur
1018 Chriz1265443 Chriz1265443 Center 4 Veteran
1019 BeeDohBeeDoh BeeDohBeeDoh Right Wing All Veteran
1020 Desjy99 Desjy_99 Left Defense 3 Veteran
1021 JPH_VeNoM JPH_VeNoM Left Wing 2 Draft Pick
1022 x_Elite_76x x_Elite_76x Left Defense All Veteran
1023 iQuantumPhysics iQuantumPhysics Left Defense 4 Veteran
1024 Dydy23 Dydy23 Left Wing All Veteran
1025 Showtime6919 Showtime6919 Left Wing All Amateur
1026 DirtyBird2012 DirtyBird2012 Goalie 6 Draft Pick
1027 howz_dat_taste howz_dat_taste Right Defense All Veteran
1028 Geeg2010 Geeg2010 Left Defense 3 Veteran
1029 WesleyS1971 WesleyS1971 Right Defense All RD or LD Amateur
1030 SilentEcho97 SilentEcho97 Goalie 6 Prospect
1031 Lspd_Sheriff_7 Lspd_Sheriff_7 Goalie FBHL 4 Prospect
1032 gunass0910 gunass0910 Right Wing 5 Draft Pick
1033 Harmanm44 Harmanm44 Center 5 Amateur
1034 Burns2211 Burns2211 Goalie 4 Amateur
1035 Diecast420 Diecast420 Right Wing 5 Veteran
1036 nazzy2face nazzy2face Left Wing 3 Veteran
1037 SilkyHands72 SilkyHands72 Center 3 Amateur
1038 joestud18 joestud18 Left Defense 1 id like to play all early games Veteran
1039 mathew193 mathew193 Center 3 Amateur
1040 atkinsfamily2 atkinsfamily2 Right Wing FBHL 3 Prospect
1041 TrashClown22 TrashClown22 Goalie All Veteran
1042 Austin2997 austin2997 Left Defense All Veteran
1043 BuRGeR BuRGeR Right Defense All Veteran
1044 DJ_Zbad DJ_Zbad Right Wing 5 Veteran
1045 IrishKiller_420 IrishKiller_420 Right Defense All Amateur
1046 D_R_D_A_N_K_S D_R_D_A_N_K_S Right Wing 5 Amateur
1047 jiccy31 jiccy31 Center All Veteran
1048 Moranaconda Moranaconda Center All Veteran
1049 OuttaNaptown OuttaNaptown Right Defense All Prospect
1050 SALDAMAN123 SALDAMAN123 Right Wing All Amateur
1051 MIKEHANCHO56 MIKEHANCHO56 Left Defense All Amateur
1052 Darc625 Darc625 Left Wing All Prospect
1053 jboro1227 jboro1227 Right Wing All Veteran
1054 ColinEastern ColinEastern Center All Draft Pick
1055 SandmanHTMF SandmanHTMF Left Wing All Amateur
1056 Polgz- Polgz- Left Wing All Veteran
1057 G1x3r750 G1x3r750 Left Wing vg/sp/fb All Prospect
1058 Fuzzy_Blues Fuzzy_Blues Right Defense 5 My ranking does not reflect my experience. I have been playing EA NHL since 2010. Prospect
1059 TML34GOAT TML34GOAT Center 6 Amateur
1060 Matt_4029 Matt_4029 Goalie 3 Veteran
1061 gtpursuit gtpursuit Left Defense 5 Prospect
1062 Badplayer256 Badplayer256 Right Wing 6 Amateur
1063 killagorilla1995 killagorilla1995 Center 4 Amateur
1064 Qc_Habsfan88 Qc_Habsfan88 Right Wing 6 Prospect
1065 PoochtowN PoochtowN Right Defense All Veteran
1066 WateryDolphin77 MrNotSoAwesome07 Right Wing 3 Veteran
1067 marshk1 marshk1 Center 4 Amateur
1068 Breezy5457 Breezy5457 Right Defense Spnhl 5 Veteran
1069 chilly007 chilly007 Goalie 4 Amateur
1070 Ucantcme_kamakaz Ucantcme_kamakaz Goalie All Veteran
1071 TrapHouseLegend- TrapHouseLegend- Center All Veteran
1072 GreasyLikeButter GreasyLikeButter Left Wing 3 Rotating shift schedule, usually 3-4 days a week I'm available unless I'm on the evening shift Prospect
1073 oriolerules44 Wonderl3oy89 Right Wing 4 Veteran
1074 Sierra1500-4ws Sierra1500-4ws Left Defense All Prospect
1075 ChAoTiCzen13 ChAoTiCzen13 Right Wing 4 Amateur
1076 x-RECKI-x x-RECKI-x Right Wing PAVHL All Veteran
1077 eastons17 eastons17-- Left Wing 1 Veteran
1078 Brahma_Bull14 Brahma_Bull14 Left Wing All Amateur
1079 Mik3pwnzu Mik3pwnzu Left Wing All Amateur
1080 GetBigOrGetHuge GetBigOrGetHuge Left Defense All Prospect
1081 Typhoon0103 Typhoon0103 Goalie 3 Prospect
1082 bostonrob23 bostonrob23 Center 4 Prospect
1083 Biksta12 Biksta12 Right Defense 3 Amateur
1084 KASHED006 kashed006 Left Defense Vghl All Veteran
1085 chiuxjai ChiuXJai Center All i just played goalie and fwd and found out center is my best position Veteran
1086 HaVoc_draco1 HaVoc_draco1 Center 4 Prospect
1087 snipefest1122 the_kassquatch Left Defense 4 Veteran
1088 joliet_jake5 joliet_jake5 Right Wing 5 Amateur
1089 MarcoGoes5H0LE MARCO_GOES-5hole Left Wing 3 Veteran
1090 Youngtko13 Youngtko13 Right Defense 6 Amateur
1091 gohawks48 gohawks48 Center All Veteran
1092 religulousrogue religulousrogue Right Defense All Puck moving stay at home dman Amateur
1093 tpr55msp tpr55msp Right Defense All Amateur
1094 kokobware86 kokobware86 Right Defense 3 Draft Pick
1095 NowYoDead NowYoDead Right Defense 2 Veteran
1096 Chhrris99 Chhrris99 Right Defense All i cant play both sides of defense Prospect
1097 nochance85 nochance85 Goalie All Veteran
1098 Stavio_98 Stavio_98 Right Defense All I suck Amateur
1099 Lazarus7Days Lazarus7Days Goalie 5 Prospect
1100 Dksmith09 Dksmith09 Left Wing 3 Veteran
1101 IIISiNiST3Rlll IIISiNiST3Rlll Left Wing All Prospect
1102 KingiKon KingiKon Left Wing All Amateur
1103 jets-2016 jets-2016 Center All Amateur
1104 mike71111 mike71111 Left Wing PAVHL 3 Prospect
1105 eZDangles eZDangles Right Defense 2 4th forward, don't ask me to play defense. thanks. Veteran
1106 AgentSooksta008 KSook19 Left Wing 3 Veteran
1107 Eagles-2186 Eagles-2186 Left Wing All Prospect
1108 Jim Benning Voltep Center 4 Veteran
1109 CFlasch23 CFlasch23 Left Wing 4 Prospect
1110 Tkachuk__7 Tkachuk__7 Center 4 Veteran
1111 P t P 10 xPTP10 Center 6 Veteran
1112 OldManWhilickers OldManWhilickers Left Wing All Prospect
1113 Akonvict21 Akonvict21 Center 3 OG Veteran
1114 X1bake1x X1bake1x Center 5 Amateur
1115 TheBipolarJew69 TheBipolarJew69 Goalie All Veteran
1116 Brubix Brubix Center 5 Veteran
1117 punisher4124 punisher4124 Goalie All Veteran
1118 Daddy Marino Marinol71l Right Defense 2 sunday and late wednesday Veteran
1119 Deko2004 Deko2004 Left Wing SSHL,PAVHL 4 I can play LW C RW and LD. I am available Sun Mon Tues and Thursday. Amateur
1120 Connor_olstad24 Connor_olstad24 Goalie All Amateur
1121 Berrakov Berrakov Right Defense All Veteran
1122 Kylemykn Kylemykn Right Defense All Amateur
1123 Chalzman Chalzman Left Wing 5 Amateur
1124 Teneur HoldenTheLine Left Defense All Veteran
1125 Fth_biggy_ Fth_biggy_ Right Wing PAVHL 4 Let's have a great year. Amateur
1126 Maniacjosh Maniacjosh Center All Amateur
1127 II-Amazing-ll II-Amazing-ll Left Wing All I play all positions Veteran
1128 FPS__ARES FPS__ARES Center 4 Amateur
1129 Jf2200065 Jf2200065 Right Wing 3 Prospect
1130 Mother_Falcon Mother_Falcon Right Wing 3 Prospect
1131 Khalofatso Khalofatso Right Wing Rd 2 Veteran
1132 PhewPhewCam PhewPhewCam Left Wing 5 Elite Chl talent right here. Amateur
1133 Hortonx93 Hortonx93 Left Wing 4 Veteran
1134 GHOSTkill919 GHOSTkill919 Center 5 Prospect
1135 Ironcity87 Ironcity87 Left Defense All Amateur
1136 yobkcuf yobkcuf Center 3 Also play either defensive position. Amateur
1137 wmbrkskillaz wmbrkskillaz Left Wing 2 Amateur
1138 nickb1225 nickb1225 Right Wing 5 Amateur
1139 BGuth8 BGuth8 Right Defense 3 Amateur
1140 mgml1987 mgml1987 Left Defense 5 Can play LD or RD Veteran
1141 Do87oA Do87oA Right Defense 3 Amateur
1142 austinchiasson00 austinchiasson00 Right Wing 3 Prospect
1143 BlasiaNation BlasiaNation Goalie Pavhl, fbhl 3 Prospect
1144 Ravens9190 Ravens9190 Left Defense 4 Prospect
1145 dangles4days71 dangles4days71 Right Wing 4 Prospect
1146 Im_JussSayin Im_JussSayin Center All Can do LW Veteran
1147 GeneralMcBoozey GeneralMcBoozey Right Defense VGHL 3 Veteran
1148 foustyfoost foustyfoost Center All Amateur
1149 KRAKA-1974 KRAKA-1974 Left Defense SPNHL 5 Veteran
1150 DrtMcGrt DrtMcGrt Center All Veteran
1151 Xx-RASK-xX Xx-RASK-xX40 Left Wing All Veteran
1152 RiseOfTheNinja RiseOfTheNinja Right Wing 3 Amateur
1153 SabreGamer95 SabreGamer95 Goalie 5 Prospect
1154 Pooler2012 Pooler2012 Right Wing 3 Veteran
1155 xxSNIPESHOTxx21 xxSNIPESHOTxx21 Left Wing All Veteran
1156 Rob4343 rob4343 Left Wing 4 Amateur
1157 Jmax28xQc Lachance_X-29-X_ Left Defense EML All Prospect
1158 Aaitch14 Aaitch14 Left Wing 3 Amateur
1159 TOROK15 TOROK15 Center 3 Amateur
1160 WartorianT wartoriant Center 4 Draft Pick
1161 DurkaDerek623 DurkaDerek623 Left Wing All Draft Pick
1162 Elknuk22 Elknuk22 Center All Prospect
1163 XxDreamtheaterX XxDreamtheaterX Right Defense All Veteran
1164 PAPARUSSO PAPARUSSO Right Wing All Can also play RD and C, but it only asks for a Primary Position! Prospect
1165 JRow514 JRow514 Center All Amateur
1166 HockeyLord989 HockeyLord989 Right Wing All Prospect
1167 egomaniacstud1 egomaniacstud1 Right Defense All Amateur
1168 DaKnot DaKnot Center 4 Amateur
1169 justinknapp35 knappyboy35 Right Wing 4 Amateur
1170 SW-Bobcats9 SW-Bobcats9 Goalie All Amateur
1171 wK_Smurf wK_Smurf Right Wing OHL All Amateur
1172 Ducksfanwaterloo Ducksfanwaterloo Left Wing 4 Veteran
1173 BIGTBUC BIGTBUC Center 4 Veteran
1174 doyers doyers Right Defense 5 Veteran
1175 xi_Goldy xi_Goldy Goalie 3 Veteran
1176 Ethos Jinx Jozzkal Right Wing All I'mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCK;) Veteran
1177 Vito_Vendetta187 Vito_Vendetta187 Left Defense 4 Amateur
1178 BlueJaysFan77 BlueJaysFan77 Left Wing 3 Prospect
1179 x_jack24bauer_x x_jack24bauer_x Left Defense 3 Veteran
1180 stachedefeux stachedefeux Right Defense 4 Draft Pick
1181 H2O Fluri Fluri37 Center SSHL,VGHL All Veteran
1182 BobTheOstrich BobTheOstrich Left Defense All Draft Pick
1183 j_carlos_44 j_carlos_44 Right Wing 2 Veteran
1184 AViss93 Aviss95 Right Wing 5 Veteran
1185 MrPenguin30 MrPenguin30 Goalie 4 Veteran
1186 Illgill89 Illgill89 Goalie 3 Amateur
1187 BlazedOne412 BlazedOne412 Left Defense All Amateur
1188 SourDieselTokin SourDieselTokin Right Defense All Amateur
1189 Ch1ps_Ah0y_59 Ch1ps_Ah0y_59 Right Wing All Amateur
1190 MAGIC_MIKEY1 MAGIC_MIKEY1 Right Wing 3 Amateur
1191 Cold_Killa-77 Cold_Killa-77 Left Wing 4 Veteran
1192 kabal333 kabal333 Left Defense 3 NA Veteran
1193 Ri7goalie riley7hockey Goalie All Amateur
1194 Imavan Imavan Left Wing All Played in VGHL for a few seasons then took a break wanted to get into another good league. Already have NHL 18 on PS4 and a working mic. Prospect
1195 Timmicide Timmicide Right Wing All Veteran
1196 ApexPredator724 ApexPredator724 Goalie 5 Veteran
1197 ItsK0ltrain ItsK0ltrain Right Defense 5 Prospect
1198 SwAg-_-ShOTzz SwAg-_-ShOTzz Center All Amateur
1199 NinjaGamer762 NinjaGamer762 Center All I can play C, RW, or LD I just have the most experience in C Prospect
1200 Chron-Beanz Chron-Beanz Right Wing All Amateur
1201 S4l636 S4l636 Left Defense All Veteran
1202 Onion_Pie Onion_Pie Left Defense 2 Prospect
1203 johnst0ne1976 johnst0ne1976 Right Wing 4 Amateur
1204 Rico Suave FLS JulianI21I Left Defense 3 Veteran
1205 iCallsoWhat55 iCallsoWhat55 Goalie All hi Veteran
1206 digs387 digs387 Left Defense 3 Amateur
1207 chaRbennn chaRbennn Right Wing All Veteran
1208 BigBurtyB420 BigBurtyB420 Right Wing 6 Amateur
1209 cheesepuff2882 cheesepuff2882 Right Wing All I'm good and I'm always available Amateur
1210 WhippinDaSR5 WhippinDaSR5 Left Wing 5 Prospect
1211 hunt_em_up_26 hunt_em_up_26 Right Wing All Amateur
1212 LAROACHA_420 LAROACHA_420 Left Defense 3 I can play sunday, monday, and wednesday as of now due to my work schedule. Any games on those days is ok for me as well. Amateur
1213 WrightDizzy WrightDizzy Left Wing 3 Prospect
1214 EliteSports_91 EliteSports_91 Left Wing 6 How are teams chosen? Prospect
1215 mmclaughlin88 mmclaughlin88 Center Fbhl 5 Amateur
1216 Bradley3322 Bradley3322 Left Wing 4 Amateur
1217 Jwilly_24 Jwilly_24 Left Defense All Amateur
1218 WhosDuke WhosDuke Right Wing All Veteran
1219 Squall227 Squall227 Center 5 Veteran
1220 i-Mr-T-i i-Mr-T-i Right Wing SSHL,LG XB1 All Amateur
1221 Krejci l46l Yick_91 Center All Veteran
1222 GoHStRiFLe66 GoHStRiFLe66 Right Defense All Amateur
1223 Re1nbrecht Re1nbrecht Left Wing 2 Amateur
1224 One Hit Pony OneHitPony Goalie All Draft Pick
1225 elias261 elias261 Right Defense 5 Prospect
1226 xGrapeCherry xGrapeCherry Center All also play rw and goalie Amateur
1227 Reapingangel316 ReapingAngel316 Left Wing 5 Top foward Draft Pick
1228 Dazwyy Dazwyy Right Defense All Veteran
1229 Reddy Redddyyy- Right Wing 2 Veteran
1230 l_Razor_x_Edge_l l_Razor_x_Edge_l Left Wing 1 i hate ducks Veteran
1231 Hockeyjohn3 Hockeyjohn3 Right Defense All Amateur
1232 Sovinnia Sovinnia Right Defense 4 Amateur
1233 GrannySmith_64 GrannySmith_64 Left Defense 6 Veteran
1234 xCanadasPrimest xCanadasPrimest Center PAVHL All i want to be more active in this league Prospect
1235 JJLOOPS JJLOOPS Right Wing All Veteran
1236 McLean-16 McLean-16 Right Defense All Veteran
1237 jasonx1755 jasonx1755 Goalie All Amateur
1238 Bergeron_i37i Bergeron_i37i Goalie All Veteran
1239 BlakeDangles BlakeDangles Left Wing 4 Amateur
1240 LoBo_DaNgLeS_12 LoBo_DaNgLeS_12 Center 4 Veteran
1241 MNShwag_Red MNShwag_Red Right Wing 4 Prospect
1242 Space_Pilot3000 Space_Pilot3000 Center All Prospect
1243 WillRolltide WillRolltide Center Bingo on Sundays, Backgammon on Mon 2 I play this until NCAA Football comes back. Veteran
1244 ON_THE_TAPE_IN_THE_NET GAME_ON_2010 Right Wing All Prospect
1245 CrAzYLiiSH i-CrAzYLiiSh-i Left Wing 2 Can only play games at 11pm during the week Veteran
1246 Tommyallidoiswin Tommyallidoiswin Center 4 Amateur
1247 ric-sha1993 ric-sha1993 Goalie All Veteran
1248 MikeeTeeze MikeeTeeze Right Defense All Veteran
1249 Booseybad Booseybad Left Defense SSHL,vg sp All Amateur
1250 TerryMinglewood TerryMinglewood Left Wing All Amateur
1251 Zubov_x_21 Zubov_x_21 Right Wing All Veteran
1253 M16_ANDpregnant5 M16_ANDpregnant5 Left Wing 3 Prospect
1254 Bigyan__ Bigyan__ Right Wing 3 Amateur
1255 Towel5566 Towel5566 Left Defense 4 Prospect
1256 Goosechuk Goosechuk Left Defense 3 Veteran
1257 S_3TH-98 S_3TH-98 Goalie All Amateur
1258 Bradymane92 Bradymane92 Left Defense All Prospect
1259 Irishkiller4ever Irishsaint95 Goalie All Prospect
1260 Alcapone-514 Alcapone-514 Center All Prospect
1261 Thepaul575 Thepaul575 Left Defense 4 Amateur
1262 Untuchabl Untuchabl Center 4 Veteran
1263 Dencope Dencope Center 5 Amateur
1264 CloudQc CloudQc Center All Amateur
1265 InsaneCheatCode InsaneCheatCode Right Wing All Prospect
1266 Payner dpayne090 Goalie All Veteran
1267 Agent-X-555 Agent-X-555 Center None. All I can play just about any position, but I excel at the forward positions creating lots of offense. I’m available just about all the time. Just hit me up with a message and I’ll be ready. Starter in CHL the last 2 years and I’m looking to make an AHL/NHL (NHL if possible) roster. Let’s get it. Amateur
1268 gillessabourin QUEBECxLEGENDARY Center All Draft Pick
1269 CMDEADLY CMDEADLY Right Wing All Amateur
1270 JonnyZ_QC JonnyZ_QC Right Defense All Im a vet at 'D' Since 2009 and i can play Both side Left or Right. Im not pinching alot, only if i have a safe opportunity. Im not searching to be top D for the stats. All i want is the win for my team. Veteran
1271 toadstooler toadstooler Goalie 5 Amateur
1272 M_u_R_p_H_y_87 M_u_R_p_H_y_87 Left Defense 4 Draft Pick
1273 Ringzyy Ringzyy Goalie 5 Prospect
1274 SteelCityFan17 SteelCityFan17 Left Defense 4 Veteran
1275 Breakinfabb Breakinfabb Left Defense All Prospect
1276 McScooter1105 McScooter1105 Left Wing All Amateur
1277 ScRoTh_420 ScRoTh_420 Right Wing All Amateur
1278 RageElemental RageElemental Right Defense 3 Amateur
1279 blownhombray blownhombray Right Wing 5 Amateur
1280 Marts79 Marts79 Goalie 5 Amateur
1281 toslick toslick Right Wing All Veteran
1282 PSURLZ PSURLZ Left Wing 4 Prospect
1283 Dylhole9 Dylhole9 Right Wing 5 Amateur
1284 Kable_72 Kable_72 Right Wing 3 Prospect
1285 l-Spartan09-l l-Spartan09-l Left Wing 4 Prospect
1286 think_box think_box Left Wing 3 Amateur
1287 Cloud0911 Cloud0911 Left Wing All Prospect
1288 CrevetteQC CrevetteQC Right Wing All I'm good overall Amateur
1289 boots23amc boots23amc Right Defense 5 Prospect
1290 Too-Rough-2008 Too-Rough-2008 Right Defense 3 Veteran
1291 TuckItTeal TuckItTeal Right Defense 5 Amateur
1292 CrashMan67 xCrashMan67x Right Wing All Amateur
1293 PingDingEB PingDingEB Left Wing 4 Prospect
1294 Mazzatti Mazzatti Center 4 My current schedule would allow me to Play Sun, Mon, Tues 9:30, Wed. I can play any position required. Amateur
1295 XxTopGunKillaxX XxTopGunKillaxX Right Wing 3 Amateur
1296 l Kane l x l88l Gibber_30 Left Wing 3 Prospect
1297 SnipeSter16 SnipeSter16 Right Wing SSHL,VGHL 3 Prospect
1298 mistohmurlee mistohmurlee Right Wing 5 Amateur
1299 Steven bartlett BartySauce Right Wing 4 Amateur
1300 alexander1032 alexander1032 Right Wing 5 Draft Pick
1301 Taylormade1129 Taylormade1129 Center All Amateur
1302 Austin_Levesque Austin_Levesque Left Wing All Prospect
1303 Ninjajoe10r Ninjajoe10r Left Defense All Look forward to my second season! Can play either side for D. Also can fill in anywhere needed. Amateur
1304 Bestthereis1983 Bestthereis1983 Center 6 I can play anytime after 330 P.M. EASTERN TIME Prospect
1305 czechsniper040 czechsniper040 Left Wing All can do lw and goalie!!!!!@!@!@!@!@ Amateur
1306 calhockey10 calhockey10 Left Wing 6 Amateur
1307 nightskysandhome nightskysandhome Right Wing 5 New to LG. Happy to play any position. Prefer to play Right Wing and Center. Prospect
1308 Pineapple48- Pineapple48- Right Defense 4 Prospect
1309 SteadyFaded SteadyFaded Center 3 Natural C, but values good team chemistry over position preference. Will go anywhere but between the posts. Amateur
1310 happyman69 happyman69 Left Wing 3 Amateur
1311 Redlater Redlater Right Defense 3 Draft Pick
1312 MrFrankPompei MrFrankPompei Right Wing All Draft Pick
1313 ClemFromTedCorp ClemFromTedCorp Left Defense 3 Prospect
1314 HoldMyOil HoldMyOil Right Wing 6 Prospect
1315 Mesmerize-_- Mesmerize-_- Left Wing SSHL,vghl 6 Veteran
1316 Endrit81 Endrit81 Goalie All Prospect
1317 DJeachhit DJeachhit Right Wing All Fresh player. Looking to make a splash :) Prospect
1318 Pistolpacknfetus Pistolpacknfetus Left Wing All Prospect
1319 DoCJ1gGY DoCJ1gGY Center SSHL,VGHL 3 Amateur
1320 L3iggy13iggs L3iggy13iggs Right Defense 1 Veteran
1321 HercyParvin HercyParvin Right Defense All Prospect
1322 Robster_819 Robster_819 Left Defense 2 Veteran
1323 NOOB_tube_ARMY1 NOOB_tube_ARMY1 Right Defense All Prospect
1324 Capsrule19 Capsrule19 Left Wing 4 Amateur
1325 bobbatta bobbatta Right Defense All Veteran
1326 tmmet1 tmmet1 Right Wing 5 Prospect
1327 DARKTIMIDE11 DARKTIMIDE11 Right Defense 5 Amateur
1328 LD_GAM1NG_QC0016 LD_GAM1NG_QC0016 Right Wing 2 Prospect
1329 Omn1ous Omn1ous Right Defense All Amateur
1330 CHIFE--SOSA CHIFE--SOSA Right Wing 5 Prospect
1331 Stooner20 Stooner20 Right Wing All Amateur
1332 kushedout412 kushedout412 Center All Amateur
1333 Louis222 Louis222 Right Wing 6 Amateur
1334 parisienne1980 parisienne1980 Left Wing 4 Amateur
1335 HabsCollins1122 HabsCollins1122 Goalie 4 Prospect
1336 xBOBARINOx xBOBARINOx Left Defense All Amateur
1337 xXImSoScotianXx- xXImSoScotianXx- Right Wing All Amateur
1338 xxkvchxx xxkvchxx Left Defense 3 Amateur
1339 1WEJ WEJ Left Defense 4 Prospect
1340 thesophist10 thesophist10 Right Wing All Veteran
1341 Yoshi_swagger Yoshi_swagger Goalie 4 Draft Pick
1342 TAR-Pit TAR-Pit Right Defense 3 Amateur
1343 Mikedubski Mikedubski Left Wing 3 Prospect
1344 SRH_prodegy SRH_prodegy Right Wing All Amateur
1345 Snipeshotty Snipeshotty Goalie All Playing for 4 years. Very active. Prospect
1346 Raidrayzor88 Raidrayzor88 Goalie 5 Prospect
1347 Marcovecchio77 Marcovecchio77 Right Wing 5 Amateur
1348 IRev1S TheyCallMeRevv Goalie VGHL 4 Availability may change slightly, depending on my real hockey schedule. Veteran
1349 J_Pedro13 J_Pedro13 Center All Amateur
1350 Notorious250 Notorious250 Right Defense 3 Sun,Mon,Thursday Veteran
1351 DUCKS0423 DUCKS0423 Left Wing 3 Prospect
1352 Sfic16 Sfic16 Right Wing Vghl All Veteran
1353 Mjolnir_49 Mjolnir_49 Right Wing All Amateur
1354 Thevandal1987 Thevandal1987 Left Wing 5 Veteran
1355 tibod68 tibod68 Goalie 4 Veteran
1356 Jiffy13dring Jiffy13dring Left Wing All Amateur
1357 TheP1ck6 TheP1ck6 Right Defense 5 Amateur
1358 babyfaceqc babyfaceqc Right Wing All Amateur
1359 thomefan251 thomefan251 Right Wing 3 Prospect
1360 Soup4brunch soup4brunch Center 4 Prospect
1361 Killah_man420 Killah_man420 Right Defense 5 Prospect
1362 brazz_84 brazz_84 Center All Amateur
1363 Hartstopper HARTSTOPPER Left Defense 3 Amateur
1364 ZERO_MERCY487 ZERO_MERCY487 Goalie All Amateur
1365 HOCKEYBRADY4 HOCKEYBRADY4 Right Defense All Prospect
1366 General_Lee_High General_Lee_High Right Defense PAVHL 3 Is this being played on nhl18 Amateur
1367 TygCham TygCham Goalie All Prospect
1368 OBxOBrien OBxOBrien Center All Looking to have a good time and win some games with the boys. Prospect
1369 RIGHT-POWER RIGHT-POWER Right Wing All Prospect
1370 chpmnk1121 chpmnk1121 Goalie 5 Veteran
1371 BarDownDaily BarDownDaily Center 5 Draft Pick
1372 Xx_Haag_xX Xx_Haag_xX Left Defense 3 Amateur
1373 torontosoldier torontosoldier Center All Amateur
1374 chrizizcool chrizizcool Goalie All Prospect
1375 joeddd17 joeddd17 Right Defense 3 Work 3pm-1am mon-thurs so I'm good to play before 3pm after 1am and every fri-sun night Prospect
1376 zTaylorHall4z zTaylorHall4z Right Wing 3 Amateur
1377 Galatians112 Galatians112 Right Wing All Aka Lamb-WhoWasSlain Prospect
1378 paraykofan5566 paraykofan5566 Right Wing 4 Prospect
1379 Habs3105 Habs3105 Goalie 5 Amateur
1380 FRANKIE__ FRANKIE__ Left Wing 5 Prospect
1381 brian000000082 brian000000082 Left Defense 4 Amateur
1382 WHL_Hockey WHL_Hockey Left Defense SSHL,VG 4 Play majority of days can also play LW Prospect
1383 kucheran1214 kucheran1214 Goalie All Amateur
1384 Franchize378 Franchize378 Left Wing 5 Amateur
1385 G8wood1 G8wood1 Left Wing 2 Prospect
1386 Lonelystar1 Lonelystar1 Goalie 4 Amateur
1387 hockeyman22996 hockeyman22996 Goalie 6 Prospect
1388 Soupy622 Soupy622 Goalie 3 Amateur
1389 DarthGotenks45 DarthGotenks45 Right Defense All Amateur
1390 BradDaBoss8 BradDaBoss8 Left Wing 4 Prospect
1391 xx-vortex-xx94 xx-vortex-xx94 Goalie 4 Amateur
1392 Asperzion Asperzion Goalie All Amateur
1393 Bart_MDA666 Bart_MDA666 Right Defense All Amateur
1394 Thrustie Thrustie Center 4 Amateur
1395 HockeyHumor Hockeyhumor Right Wing All Prospect
1396 Bianco_Neri1 Bianco_Neri1 Right Wing All Prospect
1397 DrEdOg_2002 DrEdOg_2002 Right Wing 4 Prospect
1398 GeTReaLBrO-amw GeTReaLBrO-amw Right Defense 3 Amateur
1399 EddieDrag EddieDrag Right Defense All Veteran
1400 TacoCorp0820 TacoCorp0820 Right Wing All Prospect
1401 thunderwolf596 thunder-wolf596 Right Wing 3 Prospect
1402 chegg chegthekeg Center 3 Draft Pick
1403 Scootclaus Scootclaus Right Wing 6 Prospect
1404 SauceShow709 SauceShow709 Left Wing 5 Amateur
1405 Ferdinando Castaldo FRNDOG Left Wing VGHL All Prospect
1406 Key_Tops Key_Tops Goalie SSHL,Pavhl, Fbhl 3 Prospect
1407 ptsiaras ptsiaras Left Wing 5 Veteran
1408 chabz2001 chabz2001 Right Wing 5 I can play any position except goalie. Amateur
1409 T_H_E_C_H_E_F T_H_E_C_H_E_F Left Wing All Veteran
1410 Rubberduck156 Rubberduck156 Right Wing All Prospect
1411 brody_paq brody_paq Left Wing All Prospect
1412 beastofawesome2 beastofawesome2 Right Wing 2 Prospect
1413 ITendy-_- ITendy-_- Goalie 2 Draft Pick
1414 Bumpzilla Bumpzilla Goalie 4 Prospect
1415 TvG_KillEmAll TvG_KillEmAll Left Defense 3 Amateur
1416 deadrising6669 deadrising6669 Right Wing 5 Amateur
1417 Mystical-Rino Mystical-Rino Left Wing All Prospect
1418 mikeydee1 mikeydee1 Left Defense 4 Veteran
1419 Fatal_Poison Fatal_p0ison_ Left Wing All Prospect
1420 Deezy10 Xx_Darse_xX Center 5 Prospect
1421 ryno1354 ryno1354 Left Wing 3 Monday and tuesdays are iffy Veteran
1422 xErik65Karlssonx IcedFire97 Left Defense 2 Amateur
1423 R34RYAN R34RYAN Left Wing 6 Prospect
1424 The-Dominator-95 The-Dominator-95 Right Defense 5 Amateur
1425 plyicehky plyicehky Goalie vghl, pavhl All Amateur
1426 Mp_Seanor Mp_Seanor Left Defense 5 Draft Pick
1427 JUST_HIEBS JUST_HIEBS Center 4 Amateur
1428 Goodie99 Goodie99 Right Wing All I play every position. Amateur
1429 Slimgrady763 Slimgrady763 Goalie 4 Prospect
1430 Userpic1306 Userpic1306 Center 4 Veteran
1431 ANHEUSERSHEEP ANHEUSERSHEEP Right Defense 4 i can also play center and the wings if needed Prospect
1432 lil_keppy10116 lil_keppy10116 Goalie All Amateur
1433 Laddydaddy16 Laddydaddy16 Right Wing All Prospect
1434 EvO EvO-o_O Left Wing 2 My work schedule will be weird come November and every week will be different avail Veteran
1435 MetroBoominq MetroBoominq Right Wing 5 - Top 5 in the world right now for NHL 3s - #2 Right Wing in NHL 15 Prospect
1436 TSweeneyG7 TSweeneyG7 Right Defense 5 Prospect
1437 xCHEFCURRYx30x xchefcurryx30x Right Defense 5 Draft Pick
1438 VoDk-SniiPy VoDk-SniiPy Left Wing All Prospect
1439 SacDiesel313 SacDiesel313 Center All Veteran
1440 GOAT_Neal GOAT_Neal Right Defense 4 Draft Pick
1441 A_CapTa1N_A A_CapTa1N_A Goalie 5 Veteran
1442 Koriegh Koriegh Right Defense 2 Veteran
1443 charmingdonut charmingdonut Right Defense 3 Amateur
1444 pop_zilla420 pop_zilla420 Right Defense FBHL 4 Prospect
1445 trycept trycept Right Wing All Draft Pick
1446 goalieman9231 goalieman92 Goalie 3 Veteran
1447 joeyslip99 joeyslip99 Left Defense 4 Amateur
1448 hgSparty H-spartan-G Goalie 2 Now this is a story all about how My life got flipped turned upside down And I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel-Air In West Philadelphia, born and raised On the playground is where I spent most of my days Chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool And all shootin' some b-ball outside of the school When a couple of guys who were up to no good Started makin' trouble in my neighborhood I got in one little fight and my mom got scared And said "You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air" I begged and pleaded with her day after day But she packed my suitcase and sent me on my way She gave me a kiss and then she gave me my ticket I put my Walkman on and said "I might as well kick it" First class, yo, this is bad Drinkin' orange juice out of a champagne glass Is this what the people of Bel-Air livin' like? Hmmm, this might be all right But wait, I hear they're prissy, bourgeois, and all that Is this the type of place that they just sent this cool cat? I don't think so, I'll see when I get there I hope they're prepared for the Prince of Bel-Air Veteran
1449 FreeCanabiss FreeCanabiss Left Wing All Prospect
1450 xXBMEDXx xXBMEDXx Center All Prospect
1451 Preap Preap Left Defense 1 Amateur
1452 SkillzPayBills3 SkillzPayBillz3 Left Defense 5 Veteran
1453 OohDat-Twiggle_ OohDat-Twiggle_ Center All Draft Pick
1454 JerseyTuck JerseyTuck Right Wing 2 Veteran
1455 Hiasdamoon Hiasdamoon Right Defense 3 Amateur
1456 LeBlondl77l eMLBCommish Left Defense 4 Veteran
1457 jjdadevil TwoJayz-n-Dabbz Left Defense 3 Amateur
1458 dancintank419 dancintank419 Right Defense All Amateur
1459 Triplemdemo Triplemdemo Right Defense All Amateur
1460 Buck-Slayer-17 Buck-Slayer-17 Right Defense 4 Prospect
1461 XxTerryTORxX XxTerryTORxX Right Defense 2 Playing Xbox to so Availabilty kinda Aids cause of that... Veteran
1462 WHATSgoodPOOKIE WHATSgoodPOOKIE Goalie All Amateur
1463 Mattyice2189 Mattyice2189 Right Wing All Prospect
1464 NJStol322 NJStol322 Right Wing All Prospect
1465 cruerocks1 cruerocks1 Right Wing 2 Amateur
1466 theSavageButcher theSavageButcher Right Defense All Amateur
1467 MrPeppa777 MrPeppa777 Center All Prospect
1468 xcho9495 xcho9495 Left Defense 2 Amateur
1469 Warriors8013 Warriors8013 Left Defense All Prospect
1470 KidCassidy89 KidCassidy89 Right Wing 4 Amateur
1471 Budz_780 Budz_780 Goalie All Veteran
1472 SMUT_617 SMUT_617 Right Wing 4 Prefer the early games if possible Prospect
1473 cyberhitman cyberhitman Left Wing All Prospect
1474 Happy77dd Happy77dd Right Wing 5 Amateur
1475 SakDaddy8792 SakDaddy8792 Left Wing 3 Prospect
1476 Montoni007 Montoni007 Goalie 3 Veteran
1477 SebQc97 SebQc97 Center All Prospect
1478 LukeIceey LukeIceey Center 3 Amateur
1479 Shaynestaa Shaynestaa Right Defense 6 Veteran
1480 XX_crusader13_XX XX_crusader13_XX Center All Amateur
1481 i9-Stamkos-1i i9-Stamkos-1i Right Wing All Veteran
1482 Billdozer710 Billdozer710 Left Wing All Prospect
1483 GODOWAR2008 GODOWAR2008 Right Defense All im average don't claim to be great. Amateur
1484 dreadlocknik dreadlocknik Left Wing 4 Prospect
1485 Riot889 Riot889 Left Defense All Amateur
1486 Craven-A-27 Craven-A-27 Right Defense 5 I don't play LD. so don't fucking ask Amateur
1487 Hainesy1291 Hainesy1291 Center 6 Prospect
1488 ol KaPPer lo Kapperl97l Right Wing All Veteran Xbox player turning to both leagues now Veteran
1489 EatMoreAcid EatMoreAcid Left Wing All Prospect
1490 Born2BeTheGreat1 Born2BeTheGreat1 Center 5 Amateur
1491 xXM1NORTHREATXx xXM1NORTHREATXx Left Wing All Veteran
1492 DJESTRELA617 DJESTRELA617 Center All Prospect
1493 Mattybcanucks Mattybcanucks Right Wing All Prospect
1494 Dev-O-91 Dev-O-91 Right Defense All RD/LD Amateur
1495 Shawn I24I TopCheeZe9 Right Defense 1 Veteran
1496 Korrowan korrowan Right Defense 5 Veteran
1497 HotTrash79 HotTrash79 Left Wing 5 Prospect
1498 nbistline nbistline Goalie All Amateur
1499 Shark126216 Shark126216 Goalie All Ld is my secondary Prospect
1500 Dallasfan551 Dallasfan551 Center 3 Amateur
1501 lXx-Roy_33-xXl lXx-Roy_33-xXl Goalie All Prospect
1502 coorsi88 coorsi88 Right Wing All Veteran
1503 Jake From State Farm bbdeprdutions Center All Prospect
1504 xMeLLo xMeLLoGANg Goalie All Veteran
1505 mikeparkes204 mikeparkes204 Center 5 Amateur
1506 HeartNSoul-X HeartNSoul-X Right Defense All Prospect
1507 frite069 frite069 Right Wing 3 Amateur
1508 Cage nielsen1702 Goalie 4 Draft Pick
1509 MacInnis_2 MacInnis_2 Left Defense 2 Draft Pick
1510 Bbrawler84 Bbrawler84 Goalie 2 Current Goalie Records: LGHL PSN - Single Season - Reg Saves 577 |GP: 50 | S3 LGHL PSN - Single Season - Reg Shots Against 738 |GP: 50 |S3 Philadelphia Flyers - All-Time - Reg Svv% 77.76 |GP: 35 |S3 Philadelphia Flyers - Single Season - Reg Svv% 77.76 GP: 35 |S3 London Knights - All-Time - Playoffs Playoff GAA 1.80 GP: 10 London Knights - All-Time - Playoffs Playoff Save % 85.48 GP: 10 London Knights - Single Season - Playoffs GAA 1.80 GP: 10 | S2 London Knights - Single Season - Playoffs Save % 85.48 GP: 10 |S2 Veteran
1511 gudube gudube Left Wing 4 Amateur
1512 Jeown Jeown Left Wing 4 If you need a good playmaker im your man . I love apples Amateur
1513 Meatwad1062 Meatwad1062 Center All Amateur
1514 GrammyHands GrammyHands Left Wing All I'll play any position except G Prospect
1515 nriney nriney Left Wing 2 I love goo18 Veteran
1516 TSwizzIe_ TSwizzIe_ Right Defense 4 Prospect
1517 whitesoxman77 whitesoxman77 Left Defense 2 Prospect
1518 jjcracra jjcracra Center 3 Prospect
1519 MustachoMexicano MustachoMexicano Left Defense All Draft Pick
1520 MossyOak56545 MossyOak56545 Left Defense All Prospect
1521 Chive123 Chive123 Left Wing 5 Prospect
1522 BostonJavoie BostonJavoie Goalie All Prospect
1523 djunreal2010 djunreal2010 Center All Draft Pick
1524 noahswick14 noahswick14 Goalie All Prospect
1525 althewall althewall Left Wing 1 Pass me the puck bishes Amateur
1526 AlcoholicGamer92 AlcoholicGamer92 Right Wing All Draft Pick
1527 kingggermaan17 kingggermaan17 Left Wing 4 Amateur
1528 Lamoureux2 Lamoureux2 Goalie 6 Prospect
1529 ZingA-_- ZingA-_- Center 5 Veteran
1530 Feeneykid93 Feeneykid93 Center All C Rw Lw that order Prospect
1531 dparans_ dparans_ Left Defense 3 Veteran
1532 jeff0012 jeff0012 Right Wing 3 Veteran
1533 Perry1978 Perry1978 Right Wing VGHL 4 Draft Pick
1534 SMiiRK-_- SMiiRK-_- Right Defense 2 Veteran
1535 jcoch33 jcoch33 Right Wing 4 Prospect
1536 PatEthic PatEthic Right Defense 2 Veteran
1537 BROTORCH BROTORCH Right Defense 2 Also play LD. Can play most nights, except for Mondays Prospect
1538 riittchykush02 riittchykush02 Center All Prospect
1539 sloanertw Sloanertw Right Wing All Veteran
1540 SilentKiller0043 SilentKiller0043 Left Wing 3 Amateur
1541 martnn SpecialxKx9 Left Wing All Prospect
1542 Sheriff-woody16 Sheriff-woody16 Right Wing 4 Prospect
1543 Stlcujo Stlcujo Left Defense 6 Prospect
1544 L33t-Ricx0r L33t-Ricx0r Center 5 Veteran
1545 Slowloris_l99l Slowloris_l99l Goalie 3 Prospect
1546 Soulscour83 Pink-punisher87 Goalie All Amateur
1547 Nubeboy22 Nubeboy22 Left Wing All Prospect
1548 Furdayzbuddy Furdayzbuddy Left Wing All Amateur
1549 The5thLine The5thLine Left Wing 5 Amateur
1550 x-Frost-Wolf-x x-Frost-Wolf-x Right Defense All Amateur
1551 NHL_DUDE95 NHL_DUDE95 Goalie All Prospect
1552 SUMAwtf sumawtf Right Defense All Haven't really played 18 yet, I'm sure i'll hate it. Draft Pick
1553 eqbomber Eqbomber21 Right Wing 3 Amateur
1554 Sir_Optimal Sir_Optimal Left Wing 4 Prospect
1555 Ironman1416 Ironman1416 Right Defense 5 Veteran
1556 Yngrr Yngrr Left Wing PAVHL All Prospect
1557 matt139139 matt139139 Left Defense All Veteran
1558 nexxgod nexxgod Center All Prospect
1559 DanOtunE DanOtunE Right Defense 4 First timer Prospect
1560 B0bey_ BobeyX Right Wing 2 Prospect
1561 o8udontknowme8o o8udontknowme8o Left Defense 4 Veteran
1562 LazerHawk33 LazerHawk33 Right Wing 5 Prospect
1563 victorSvictor victorSvictor Left Defense 5 Prospect
1564 Fordifide Fordifide Center 4 Top 100 2 way dangler Prospect
1565 Pldion Pldion Right Defense 5 Amateur
1566 Fallinginfate89 Fallinginfate89 Left Wing All Amateur
1567 hopsin56 hopsin56 Right Wing 4 Veteran
1568 Bearinarctic Bearinarctic Left Wing 5 I signed up already and got a message that I needed to again Veteran
1569 Kknodell Kknodell Right Wing 4 Amateur
1570 Mattson1980 Mattson Right Wing All Also Center Veteran
1571 Rosco2250 Rosco2250 Left Wing 4 Prospect
1572 TheKofimon TheKofimon Right Defense All Draft Pick
1573 roscoclibbins RoscoClibbins Right Defense 4 Amateur
1574 Tbizzy14 Tbizzy14 Left Wing All Amateur
1575 xMagicMan13x xMagicMan13x Right Wing 5 Re-signup due to error Amateur
1576 iMaBEASTkidd19 iMaBEASTkidd19 Left Defense All Can play C, LW, LD, and Goalie. Nothing on the right side of the ice! Was a GM last season! This season i just want to play. Third year in LG. Amateur
1577 Ryudo2337 Ryudo2337 Right Defense 2 I work nights and availability changes weekly. Please ask before bidding on me, or don't get pissy when I have bad availability some weeks. Thanks <3 Veteran
1578 Trivium-23- Trivium-23- Center 4 Prospect
1579 boscom1998 boscom1998 Right Defense All Prospect
1580 vgamer_9155 vgamer_915 Goalie All Prospect
1581 HairyPotHeads HairyPotHeads Right Wing All Prospect
1582 DJxGrinder DJxGrinder Right Wing 5 Val-d'or owner re-signup Amateur
1583 DeeReCK001 DeeReCK001 Left Wing 5 Prospect
1584 asstchief209 Asstchief209 Right Wing 4 Can play RD also if needed. Prospect
1585 Marner-- Marner-- Left Wing VGHL 2 prob only gonna be able to play on Tuesdays Veteran
1586 DankDojaDoobie DankDojaDoobie Left Wing All Prospect
1587 the1dragon the1dragon Right Wing 5 Amateur
1588 Funkyshiesta Funkyshiesta Right Defense 4 Veteran
1589 Hank Ham the_man427 Goalie 5 Amateur
1590 Bardown1389 Bardown1389 Center All Prospect
1591 Tekk112 Tekk112 Right Wing 2 Veteran
1592 l Murray x 30 l lFleuryx29l Goalie All Veteran
1593 Mman07311 Mman07311 Right Defense 2 Prospect
1594 NoSleeves12 NoSleeves12 Right Defense All Mem Cup winning d man. Lead the CHL in plus minus with a 26-2-0 (1 forfeit) record. Draft Pick
1595 tslot9449 tslot9449 Right Wing 3 Amateur
1596 Jbarnett2001 Jbarnett2001 Right Defense Vghl All Veteran
1597 Wybenga26 Wybenga26 Right Defense All Amateur
1598 M_Bassett17 M_Bassett17 Center All Prospect
1599 Weapon-C-181 Weapon-C-181 Left Wing 3 Draft Pick
1600 Clarkeskog Clarkeskog Left Wing All Im backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Veteran
1601 Slo_Mobius Slo_Mobius Left Defense 5 Veteran
1602 brade187 brade187 Left Wing 4 Prospect
1603 AvAlAnChE_CiTy AvAlAnChE_CiTy Right Wing 5 Amateur
1604 CelpHxTitleD506 CelpHxTitleD506 Left Wing All Veteran
1605 CheckMark CheckMark204 Left Defense 5 Unavailable to play on Sundays. Veteran
1606 mcvince88 mcvince88 Right Wing 3 Can play center and defence (left idealy) Prospect
1607 Guccimane50 Guccimane50 Left Wing 4 Veteran
1608 DanHarper13 DanHarper13 Left Wing All Prospect
1609 KJsniper KJsniper24 Center 4 Or LW Veteran
1610 x0V3RDOS3 x0V3RDOS3 Left Wing All Amateur
1611 JohnBon510 JohnBon510 Right Defense All Amateur
1612 sINGLE-g6_ sINGLE-g6_ Center All Veteran
1613 IIPR1NZ3II IIPR1NZ3II Center All Secondary Position:RW/LW Prospect
1614 JNasTy003 Jnasty003 Right Wing 3 I would like to switch to rw or lw Veteran
1615 Kingstrent Kingstrent Goalie 4 Amateur
1616 m_sibs m_sibs Right Defense 4 Veteran
1617 VanishingPoint92 VanishingPoint92 Right Defense All Veteran
1618 Potsy44 Potsy_and_Stuff Left Defense LGAHL 3 Looking to be a #1 D-man on a bottom 5 team. Veteran
1619 kapxis kapxis Right Defense 4 Veteran
1620 Land-Creature Land-Creature Left Defense 6 Prospect
1621 Hra-ow Hra-ow Center 5 Prospect
1622 Brendan8816 Brendan8816 Left Defense 6 Prospect
1623 Bonvie7 Bonvie7 Right Defense 2 Prospect
1624 xXDJFREEZEXx xXDJFREEZEXx Left Wing All Amateur
1625 MrManuk MrManuk Right Defense 4 Prospect
1626 DarkMizike99 DarkMizike99 Left Wing All Draft Pick
1627 MrYosch MrYosch Right Wing All Prospect
1628 leafsfan1744 leafsfan1744 Left Defense 4 Veteran
1629 KillerSnipez187 KillerSnipez187 Left Wing All Amateur
1630 Battz Battz Right Wing All Veteran
1631 Obey_the_Sandman Obey_the_Sandman Center 5 Primary center but can do RW love to forecheck backcheck and cycle Veteran
1632 Matsab1515 Matsab1515 Left Wing All I can play either LW , RW or C but If i could choose it would be LW, RW then C Veteran
1633 LikeASumbooodeh LikeASumbooodeh Right Defense All Veteran
1634 XILO_ATOMIK XILO_ATOMIK Right Wing All Can LD also. But either Wing or Def. Not both so i can focus Draft Pick
1635 evoLwon- evoLwon- Goalie 2 backup goalie (3 games a week) Veteran
1636 Fonsoman90 Fonsoman90 Right Defense 4 Prospect
1637 Jessieman13 Jessieman13 Right Wing All Can play goalie to Amateur
1638 gariepy36 gariepy36 Center 1 Good player can play anywhere but i can play only sunday night Amateur
1639 zdball zdball Right Defense 3 Veteran
1640 Higgy1231 Higgy1231 Right Wing All Can be GM or AGM Amateur
1641 Marauding_Moose Marauding_Moose Left Wing All Draft Pick
1642 asleeptech asleeptech Goalie 5 Veteran
1643 droxx22 Droxx22 Left Defense All Veteran
1644 XIBIGMUMMYIX XIBIGMUMMYIX Right Defense All Veteran
1645 B-THErockBOWERS5 B-THErockBOWERS5 Right Wing 5 I can play anything!!! Prospect
1646 I8l_Nik_I6l Nik_is_online Right Wing 4 I can ONLY play 9pm games Veteran
1647 Der_Todesengell Der_Todesengell Left Defense 2 Prospect
1648 VaLLeE-L29L VaLLeE-L29L Left Wing QHCF All Draft Pick
1649 WamstanChurchil WamstanChurchil Center All Prospect
1650 eddro101 eddro101 Right Defense All Prospect
1651 Winterhawk64 Winterhawk64 Center All Prospect
1652 Popeskill Popeskill Goalie 6 Draft Pick
1653 ll_Hillyer77_ll ll_Hillyer77_ll Goalie All Top 25 goalie on combined Prospect
1654 Ojibwe_skillz Ojibwe_skillz Right Defense All Draft Pick
1655 im just a squid imJustASquid Left Wing LG Xbox All Veteran
1656 skenny999 skenny999 Goalie All Stand between the posts and close my eyes. Draft Pick
1657 AnotherMaple393 GonzoArmstrong Left Defense All I play LD/RD Veteran
1658 x Braydenn xBraydennn Right Defense 1 Veteran
1659 Ultsch1989 Ultsch1989 Left Wing All Amateur
1660 Simmer44 Simmer44 Right Wing 2 Veteran
1661 Renaudturbo04 Renaudturbo04 Right Defense 4 Veteran
1662 FrektOut FrektOut Goalie 4 Are LG NHL games at 830pm and 930pm EST? Veteran
1663 Dave-habs17 Dave-habs17 Goalie 4 Draft Pick
1664 Borje_Salming_21 Borje_Salming_21 Goalie All Veteran
1665 Giddeus12 Giddeus12 Left Defense All Veteran
1666 WillyG_0y WillyG_0y Left Wing 5 Prospect
1667 abbazabba24 abbazabba24 Left Wing 4 Veteran
1668 tball619 tball619 Left Defense 3 Veteran
1669 isqc isqc Right Wing All Amateur
1670 ae_MuSe ae_MuSe Left Wing 5 Prospect
1671 Bones955 Bones955 Right Wing All Veteran
1672 SaR_53 SaR_53 Right Wing 3 Prospect
1673 SHOOTERTUTOR9 SHOOTERTUTOR9 Right Wing 4 Prospect
1674 xtoastyQcx xtoastyQcx Center All Veteran
1675 AC_gee AC_gee Left Defense All Amateur
1676 WhatsTheMaatta WhatsTheMaatta Goalie All Amateur
1677 PenguinsHockey__ PenguinsHockey__ Center 2 Veteran
1678 Peakee_Blinderz Peakee_Blinderz Goalie 5 Elite goaltender Veteran
1679 Hardik88 Hardik88 Right Defense vghl All Veteran
1680 Godlyswag91 GodLySWaG91 Right Wing All Prospect
1681 NateDogg0477 NateDogg0477 Left Wing 3 Prospect
1682 DrNash8 DrNash8 Goalie 4 Amateur
1683 Arrowhunter14 Arrowhunter14 Center Spnhl All Amateur
1684 Red_Raider_2145 RED_RAIDER_2145 Goalie All Amateur
1685 navy_chief_2008 navy_chief_2008 Left Wing All Prospect
1686 FFrantic_ FFrantic_ Right Wing All Draft Pick
1687 Jmorris0009 Jmorris0009 Right Defense All Amateur
1688 bpurvis82 bpurvis82 Right Wing 3 Prospect
1689 pothaed420 pothaed420 Center All Prospect
1690 chillipeppar chillipeppar Right Defense 4 Available almost every night unless I have to work late Prospect
1691 JDoolus JDoolus Goalie 4 Veteran
1692 Ty_Ung Ty_Ung Center 4 Prospect
1693 XtremegamerL suzzyjollimore Center All Only able to play 830 est game Prospect
1694 LordStanleyO4O LordStanleyO4O Left Wing 2 Amateur
1695 Mumby13 Mumby13 Right Defense All Amateur
1696 Grimrock89 Grimrock89 Right Defense 4 Draft Pick
1697 Riley9696 Riley9696 Left Wing 3 Prospect
1698 o CoWxSToMP3r o emporerpopo233 Right Wing 4 Prospect
1699 the_killer4672 the_killer4672 Left Wing All Amateur
1700 jhamlett9 jhamlett9 Center All Prospect
1701 roha21 roha21 Right Defense 5 Prospect
1702 Testify911 Testify911 Right Wing 4 RW/G Amateur
1703 Fethdar Fethdar Right Wing 5 Prospect
1704 FrostyJab FrostyJab Left Wing 2 Veteran
1705 HEATPUMPS HEATPUMPS Goalie All Want to be a Champion Veteran
1706 IceAJ420 IceAJ420 Right Wing 5 Veteran
1707 l Pure l 88 l Puregenesis88 Center All Veteran
1708 Speedytdawg88 Speedytdawg88 Goalie 6 Amateur
1709 eye2797 eye2797 Right Wing 3 Veteran
1710 CoopandRemer CoopandRemer Right Defense 2 Amateur
1711 Kingbloodpa23 Kingbloodpa23 Right Defense 4 Veteran
1712 Alexdrum100 Alexdrum100 Center 3 Veteran
1713 matz0622 matz0622 Right Defense All Veteran
1714 HoPeLeSs PyLoN8 SpAmR1_hOpE4bEsT Left Defense 4 No 11 oclock games for me Veteran
1715 Bill_E_Creasey Bill_E_Creasey Goalie Pavhl 4 Amateur
1716 Lost-Codes Lost-Codes Right Defense All Veteran
1717 Legendxquickz Legendxquickz Center All Prospect
1718 its420somewhere9 its420somewhere9 Right Wing 3 Prospect
1719 Timyz7 Timyz7 Center 4 Veteran
1720 CanadianKush2121 CanadianKush2121 Center All Veteran
1721 Gingerhamlincoln Gingerhamlincoln Right Defense 4 Prospect
1722 Skeezman420 Skeezman420 Center All Amateur
1724 Im-beast-ur-not_ Im-beast-ur-not_ Right Defense All Amateur
1725 Kool-AidDonation Kool-AidDonation Left Wing 6 Amateur
1726 KingKong35 King17Kong Center 5 Someone know How to change the profile name.. Mine on LG is currently Kingkong35 but i want to change it to my real psn name.. King17Kong.. Thank you Draft Pick
1727 EnvyTheGhost EnvyTheGhost Right Wing 4 Amateur
1728 laprairie_1007 laprairie_1007 Right Wing All Prospect
1729 Ec_uno Ec_uno Left Wing 3 Prospect
1730 Kroeger71 Kroeger71 Right Defense 4 Prospect
1731 justyno2 justyno2 Left Defense 6 Amateur
1732 Delsright Delsright Right Wing 3 Amateur
1733 Mgg28 Mgg28 Goalie 4 Prospect
1734 Domspops Domspops Left Wing 5 Amateur
1735 Sam_2410 Sam_2410 Center All Amateur
1736 oraclerampage oraclerampage Center All Draft Pick
1737 Visionary LethalVisionary Right Wing All Amateur
1738 Boston_Rulez Boston_Rulez Right Defense PAVHL 5 Amateur
1739 Mwhite27 Mwhite27 Goalie 4 Amateur
1740 pass2tyler pass2tyler Left Defense 3 Veteran
1741 bnoser49 bnoser49 Left Defense All Veteran
1742 b_tpa b_tpa Right Defense 5 I can also play Goalie Prospect
1743 tyrone biggums gkooner69 Center All Amateur
1744 Ryanb42285 Ryanb42285 Left Defense All I'm at the top of the mountain and only half way up... Amateur
1745 bdeez_nutz bdeez_nutz Center All Amateur
1746 Crosby8706 Crosby8706 Goalie All Prospect
1747 Dankbudz519 Dankbudz519 Center 5 Prospect
1748 Baertschi_47 Baertschi_47 Right Wing All Amateur
1749 TGil36 TGil36 Right Wing 2 Can play Monday and Tuesday only Veteran
1750 KushManQc92 KushManQc92 Right Wing 4 Prospect
1751 Goouuu_x27 Goouuu_x27 Goalie 3 Veteran
1752 tims1937 tims1937 Left Defense 5 anything but goalie and right D Prospect
1753 monster_mania771 monster_mania771 Left Defense All Amateur
1754 tommyboii ttommyboiii Right Defense SSHL,SPNHL 2 Amateur
1756 Spyking316 Spyking316 Left Wing All Amateur
1757 DanielEPS DanielEPS Left Wing 6 Veteran
1758 Arm3g3ddoner Arm3g3ddoner Right Defense 5 Prospect
1759 LoveAt1stSprite Hayesx11 Center 2 Avail is spotty, please speak to me before and I’ll give you the low down on it Veteran
1760 RubMyDuck27 RubMyDuck27 Center 3 Veteran
1761 krayzieyungb krayzieyungb Right Defense All Amateur
1762 WeTheNorth_87 WeTheNorth_87 Left Wing All Veteran
1763 Sportsfan957 Sportsfan957 Left Wing SSHL, 3 Amateur
1764 zGuentzel zGuentzel Left Wing 4 Draft Pick
1765 DamilkMan596 DamilkMan596 Left Defense 1 Draft Pick
1766 BBegrand BBegrand Center All Top 40 player in the world, very active Prospect
1767 STaTiiC-ProDigyx STaTiiC-ProDigyx Right Wing SSHL,X1HL 4 Prospect
1768 godofamerica13 godofamerica13 Goalie 3 Amateur
1769 Howjokes Howjokes Right Wing Pavhl All Prospect
1770 Mickeyredmond81 Mickeyredmond81 Right Wing 1 Prospect
1771 Kann0n_42_ Kann0n_42_ Right Defense 4 Prospect
1772 Chucky-514 Chucky-514 Left Wing All Prospect
1773 Psulions32 Fcfoxes32 Left Defense 5 Veteran
1774 Str8offDATteet Str8offDATteet Right Defense All Prospect
1775 matthuot87 Matthuot87 Right Wing All Veteran
1776 jay6219 jay6219 Left Wing 3 Veteran
1777 Dugger Dugger Right Wing 1 Prospect
1778 MATTLOCSTA MATTLOCSTA Left Wing All Hockey=life. Amateur
1779 isHooKon3 isHooKon3 Center All Center only. Was a top 10 Center in NHL 14, skipped 15 on ps4 obviously, played a bit of 17 and was top 10 Center in NHL 18 Beta. I play defensively but can rock anywhere from a 2.5 to 3.5 ppg. Prospect
1780 TheHockeyJedi87 TheHockeyJedi87 Left Defense 3 Hoping to have a great time playing competitively in EASHL, and be able to improve my skill Prospect
1781 torontobluejays2 torontobluejays2 Center 3 N/A Prospect
1782 Daveyboy-189 Daveyboy-189 Goalie no 5 no Prospect
1783 Canuckchef Canuckchef Left Defense 3 No. Prospect
1784 B-hop_420 B-hop_420 Right Defense All Available most nights, i practice lots Amateur
1785 Archmagus9 Archmagus9 Goalie 4 None Veteran
1786 Fewch_ fucci Left Defense 2 gucci gang Veteran
1787 Snoop_651 I_xSNOOPx_I Left Wing 5 None Veteran
1788 KyleY12 NCal031 Left Defense All remember when JClaus33 was an owner? Veteran
1789 Evan_simpy Evan_simpy Left Defense 3 Hi Prospect
1790 GamerTech29 GamerTech29 Goalie 5 Thanks Prospect
1791 Kerns-_- Kerns-_- Goalie All n Veteran
1792 JDD87reaper JDD87reaper Left Defense 6 What do I do from here? Prospect
1793 XTailsy XTailsy Left Wing SP All Not sure if SP conflicts with LG but I am usually very open! Prospect
1794 slygamer21 slygamer21 Right Defense 4 I cannot play on Tuesday/Thursday/Friday Prospect
1795 Stacy1071 Stacy1071 Center All N/A Prospect
1796 Minnesotafine Minnesotafine Left Wing 4 Can't play weekends, can usually play weeknights Prospect
1797 Bigbwoyqc Bigbwoyqc Left Wing SSHL, 1 Veteran
1798 RattleSnake1496 RattleSnake1496 Center 3 Playing to having fun ! :) Veteran
1799 Salmoo cowswentsalmoo Left Defense All last man back defense. elgato, can stream Prospect
1800 Crimsontide81 Crimsontide81 Left Wing 3 Hello Draft Pick
1801 wK_Boomer wK_Boomer Center All New Prospect
1802 Rock_hard_Tucks Rock_hard_Tucks Goalie 5 None thanks Amateur
1803 oNo Durette oNoDurette Left Wing All HI Veteran
1804 flight-airline flight-airline Goalie VGHL 6 . Veteran
1805 Thorpe_Clan Thorpe_Clan Center All No Veteran
1806 crazeematt1 crazeematt1 Goalie 4 Depends on school load. Generally I can be on every day but not 7 days a week during game times that I've seen on Reddit. I play when I can, this is really the only game I'll be playing till WW2 comes out anyways. Prospect
1807 Danglesdre Danglesdre Right Wing SSHL, All None Amateur
1808 jumpyg1258 jumpyg1258 Right Defense 5 I like turtles. Amateur
1809 longdonggreene longdonggreene Center 5 lets have a good season Amateur
1810 Sabres2019 Sabres2019 Center SSHL,VGHL 4 . Veteran
1811 SiDD_05 SiDD_05 Center Vgnhl 4 I'm open to play left wing as that has been my primary for years. Seeing a lack of good C's who don't cover the slot to help D men and always rush up with the wingers. I'll do different. Veteran
1812 MountainGuerilla MountainGuerilla Left Defense All Good Luck! Prospect
1813 THE_SHOE22 THE_SHOE22 Center None All Hockey Prospect
1814 Primetimme Primetimme Center Final fantasy dragon slaying 3 Hi, I'm not just posting in here to discourage teams from not bidding on me. I will have actual bad availability, it is why I won't be doing Pro series once they switched days. I can maybe play 2-3 days a week and LG will take a back seat to other RL priorities if they come up. If you think I am saying all this to discourage bids, please go ahead and call my bluff. Veteran
1815 billyg7718 billyg7718 Right Wing 3 Yay Prospect
1816 Victorylap Victorylap Right Defense 4 none Prospect
1817 SCHNeiDS_66990 SCHNeiDS_6699 Right Wing MHL,SSHL, 2 hi Prospect
1818 CANUCK_420 CANUCK_420 Goalie 6 None Prospect
1819 rapplejax5 rapplejax5 Left Wing 4 No Prospect
1820 Xx2sic2diexX Xx2sic2diexX Right Defense 5 Prefer to play right D but will play any other position other than goalie Prospect
1821 cbondjawish cbondjawish Left Wing All None Prospect
1822 anthrox1212 anthrox1212 Left Defense 4 Can also play right d Amateur
1823 NRusso317 NRusso317 Right Defense 4 Work schedule changes but can end up playing most nights. Prospect
1824 BuntMaestro27 BuntMaestro27 Center 2 NA Prospect
1825 PteCyr PteCyr Left Defense All l Veteran
1826 chiingeorge420 chiingeorge420 Right Wing 5 skoden Prospect
1827 mikelong11 mikelong11 Center 4 Experienced EASHL player (in past NHLs). First time trying this process. Prospect
1828 Dchez94 Dchez94 Right Wing 3 Dchez94 Prospect
1829 Idontkknow Idontkknow Right Defense All Let's play Prospect
1830 ottomobile90 ottomobile90 Goalie All Availability varied Amateur
1831 PuckOffEh PuckOffEh Left Wing All Ok Prospect
1832 JoveAssassin JoveAssassin Left Wing 3 3 nights minimum, also play LD. Prospect
1833 Nothin420 Nothin420 Right Defense All . Amateur
1834 NaiveRealism NaiveRealism Goalie 4 None Amateur
1835 xxvoodooxx XxVo0d0oxX Center All c/Lw Amateur
1836 JTB1132 JTB1132 Left Wing 4 Ready! Prospect
1837 kentontrace kentontrace Left Defense 5 Veteran
1838 UniQue_PlayMaker UniQue_PlayMaker Center None 3 None Prospect
1839 Semple19 Semple19 Left Wing Vghl 2 Nights may vary Veteran
1840 pearl19 pearl19 Left Defense 5 LD primarly, evenings usually Prospect
1841 Bhark70 Bhark70 Left Defense SSHL, 3 no Prospect
1842 scomar201 scomar201 Right Wing 2 Look forward to playing! Prospect
1843 punisher570305 punisher570305 Left Defense All Lets go Amateur
1844 DangleSniper091 DangleSniper091 Center 4 i play anything except goalie Prospect
1845 Diggi8469 Diggi8469 Right Wing 4 .. Prospect
1846 AnNyeong XQcMysticHerbsX Right Wing 2 I'm a lefty right wing. I can probably play center if thought.. or left if **needed** Prospect
1847 Labrat Labrat Center 1 Bad availability Veteran
1848 senatormoe31 senatormoe31 Left Wing All I play either Wing and Ld Prospect
1849 KaneL88I Papadamou88 Left Defense All bad at the game Veteran
1850 QC_SPRITS_QC QC_SPRITS_QC Left Wing All Hello Prospect
1851 LEHKONENN LEHKONENN Goalie All :D Amateur
1852 captMorty captMorty Left Defense 5 I can play other positions. Not so hot at the goalie. Prospect
1853 optimus_rhyme34 optimus_rhyme34 Goalie 4 NO COMMENT Veteran
1854 boogywoogy102490 boogywoogy1024 Right Wing 1 Hi Prospect
1855 MTL_cronique MTL_cronique Right Defense 5 I'm a team playrer Prospect
1856 LumpyJo1nt LumpyJo1nt Left Defense 4 none Prospect
1857 Arch_AzeK Arch_AzeK Right Wing All ... Draft Pick
1858 DaBears182 DaBears182 Goalie 2 hi Veteran
1859 New360Guy New360Guy Right Defense All i maybe late to a few games depending on work Prospect
1860 BomberManUXO BomberManUXO Right Wing SSHL,None All None Amateur
1861 EGirlSlayster EGirlSlayster Right Wing 4 Just want to play competitive EASHL. Prospect
1862 flavadave613 flavadave613 Right Defense 3 . Amateur
1863 DrNasty415 DrNasty415 Goalie 3 my availability may fluctuate a little bit because im in college Draft Pick
1864 I Am EHsian IAmEHsian Center 4 Can't play Wednesday nights. Veteran
1865 elite0310 elite0310 Left Defense All Open availability Amateur
1866 DDW4 HelpMeImDrowing Center 2 ESHL + work schedule so only avail for 2 nights a week Veteran
1867 whoboonedya whoboonedya Left Wing 4 l Amateur
1868 thornton_4183 thornton_4183 Left Wing 3 Excited to play Prospect
1869 Nvug312 Nvug312 Left Defense 4 Looking forward to a great season Amateur
1870 L9L-_Gally_-L7L L9L-_Gally_-L7L Right Wing Qchl All Top rw Amateur
1871 JRGreaterThan JRGreaterThan Goalie All G / D Prospect
1872 Kred_14 Kred_14 Right Wing Vg All I have no comments Amateur
1873 Bloomis_27 Bloomis_27 Center 4 N/a Prospect
1874 KillerCookie993 KillerCookie993 Left Defense 4 Can play LD or RD equally Veteran
1875 Boss_AZ Boss_AZ Left Wing 4 Just wanna chel, bud. Prospect
1876 Happy-Gilmore-27 Happy-Gilmore-27 Left Defense 2 None Prospect
1877 CUMMINSx7 CUMMINSx7 Left Wing VG 2 . Veteran
1878 BilliousB Left Wing All I can also play C, LD and G. Prospect
1879 codytheawesome1 codytheawesome1 Left Defense All Can play any position other than G. Prospect
1880 omaharichard omaharichard Left Wing 4 Na Prospect
1881 Tharealconvict Tharealconvict Right Wing All L Prospect
1882 melapelanxoxo melapelanxoxo Goalie 4 ggg Prospect
1883 itslilkush420 itslilkush420 Left Defense 5 itslilkush420 Prospect
1884 naaaliatch naaaliatch Right Wing All ALL TIME NHL GOALSCORING TEAMPLAYER and TENDY Prospect
1885 TheKaner_88 TheKaner_88 Right Defense None 3 ... Veteran
1886 Scttmax61 Scttmax61 Right Wing 3 Let's play Amateur
1887 Axskull9987 Axskull9987 Right Wing All RW is my 1st position G is 2nd. Prospect
1888 PheNoMeNaLxOnE17 PheNoMeNaLxOnE17 Center All Im ready Veteran
1889 Cheddarr_cheese2 Cheddarr_cheese2 Left Wing 1 I have none Prospect
1890 Angry_Dangler17 Angry_Dangler17 Right Defense 4 None Veteran
1891 Apperation EMPEROROFGAME Right Wing 3 I should always be able to give 4+ games of availability. I will need a team that is willing to work with my availability however. The team should always know about my availability a week or so in advance to be able to plan around it. Veteran
1892 BIGWhiskeyONE BIGWhiskeyONE Goalie 3 Draft Pick
1893 commodore0822 commodore0822 Left Defense 4 None Amateur
1894 PNGEwvu16 PNGEwvu16 Left Wing 4 Can't wait to play! Amateur
1895 TheFlyers1992 TheFlyers1992 Goalie All Let's do it! Veteran
1896 BigL1ttleGuy BigL1ttleGuy Center All Prospect
1897 danjohnson1323 danjohnson1323 Right Defense 3 N/a Amateur
1898 Charbonneau05 Charbonneau05 Right Defense All Glad to be back Amateur
1899 Gettygranite Gettygranite Right Wing 2 My name is Hulk Hogan. I want to win. Amateur
1900 vdc_77 vdc_77 Right Defense 3 Rookie vet Prospect
1901 fearbefore22 fearbefore22 Left Wing 3 Playmaking power forward, ready to light it up. Prospect
1902 simian_drunk simian_drunk Right Defense 3 None Amateur
1903 Matty_Lucci Matty_Lucci Right Wing I dont 1 I dont Amateur
1904 GREMLIN_2694 Gremlin_2694 Right Wing All Available everyday Amateur
1905 ShroomSmoke ShroomSmoke Right Defense 5 Nah Veteran
1906 Zackattack61500 Zackattack61500 Right Wing 5 Looking to play ahl or HL Amateur
1907 ussyucker88 ussyucker88 Left Defense SSHL, 4 Uhmmm Prospect
1908 Slimeman_ Slimeman1118 Left Defense 4 Not available thursdays and usually work 2 other days of the week. Could play 10:30 games those days. Veteran
1909 Tomd8995 tomd8995 Right Defense 4 No questions Veteran
1910 Hksevo Hksevo Right Defense 5 None Veteran
1911 hemi94 hemi94 Left Defense 5 LD OR RD Prefer left Amateur
1912 soul2cold77 soul2cold77 Left Defense All None Amateur
1913 davyl4 davyl4 Left Wing PAVHL 5 N/a Amateur
1914 Ultsch271980 Ultsch271980 Left Wing Lgahl? 4 Put me on a team please Amateur
1915 Tendy87 Tendy87 Right Wing 5 . Prospect
1916 CharlieK12345678 CharlieK12345678 Center 3 Strong C great on face offs Prospect
1917 sessman sessman Left Wing 3 Sess Veteran
1918 Bizness101 Bizness101 Right Defense Vghl, pavhl 3 3 nights per week Veteran
1919 Shadow-_-Merc Shadow-_-Merc Right Defense All N/A Veteran
1920 smitheroo52 smitheroo52 Left Wing 5 None Veteran
1921 O4thLinePlug O4thLinePlug Right Wing All Lets win the Stanley cup Prospect
1922 Totalchaos6969 Totalchaos6969 Right Wing All N/a Prospect
1923 Big_Red_227 Big_Red_227 Left Wing 4 Prospect
1924 MoneyMarsh412 MoneyMarsh412 Left Defense 3 Pick me Prospect
1925 Coldshot1982 Coldshot1982 Right Defense 6 Im under contract forvthis season Amateur
1926 Jason lebreton Broutebambi Goalie 4 I can play monday to thersday Prospect
1927 believe_vlady believe_vlady Goalie 4 Prospect
1928 TCTC2012 TCTC2012 Left Defense 4 Nonnnee Veteran
1929 big_joe12323 big_joe12323 Center All Joe Prospect
1930 Lil_Andrew Lil_Andrew Center 3 I can play Veteran
1931 mapleleafs1981 mapleleafs1981 Right Wing 4 Am I not already signed up? Amateur
1932 DeathRoe9 DeathRoe9 Left Wing 4 nope Prospect
1933 WatchUrStep_UGA_ WatchUrStep_UGA_ Goalie Spnhl 4 2nd primary is Center Amateur
1934 Clapaul Clapaul Right Wing 4 Can play solid Rd or LD Amateur
1935 Intro9999 intro9999 Center 3 Ff Veteran
1936 Gshinske13 Gshinske13 Left Wing No 4 No comment Prospect
1937 Nucksducksfan Nucksducksfan Right Wing 5 Would I be in chl,ahl,or nhl which should I tryout for Prospect
1938 fulltrottle911 fulltrottle911 Left Defense All . Veteran
1939 Rodonets15 Rodonets15 Left Defense 2 Got none Prospect
1940 Rukhshan_NHL RukIsYourSaviour Right Wing 5 . Veteran
1941 opauG BennyElGuapo Left Defense 2 Unretire Veteran
1942 Joker420sumwhere Joker420sumwhere Left Defense None 4 Let's have a good year Amateur
1943 rV_CLuTcHz rV_CLuTcHz Left Wing All ... Veteran
1944 DrOz2385 DrOz2385 Goalie All Love you Veteran
1945 Wayfaerer09 Wayfaerer09 Center 4 None Amateur
1946 Mayor420klenert Mayor420klenert Left Wing 5 None Amateur
1947 KingSynyster KingSynyster Left Wing All Would like to go to the London knights this season Amateur
1948 xTopDefense4__ xTopDefense4__ Left Defense 4 I am Dangerous in offense, and safe in defense. Amateur
1949 Sir_Nibblesalot Sir_Nibblesalot Left Defense . 2 . Amateur
1950 FLYxOCTOPIxFLY FLYxOCTOPIxFLY Center All Can't wait to play Prospect
1951 kickass8000 kickass8000 Right Wing All None Prospect
1952 Theekevv88 Theekevv88 Left Defense All Ld Amateur
1953 Rungalaxy Rungalaxy Center All I'm good Prospect
1954 michchas michchas Right Defense MHL, 1 1 Veteran
1955 R1SK66 R1SK66 Right Wing 3 I guess I'll play Amateur
1956 Patrick_Co-Kane Patrick_Co-Kane Left Defense All None Veteran
1957 teamslapaho teamslapaho Right Wing SSHL, All I am always on Amateur
1958 Latowsky Latowsky Center All Work 7 days on, 7 days off shift currently. When working, usually get home around 8:30PM MDT. Prospect
1959 TheRabidPanther TheRabidPanther Left Wing 3 Past GM of the Guelph Storm Amateur
1960 xmcguire86 xmcguire86 Left Wing 4 k Amateur
1961 DermDerm- DermDerm- Right Wing 4 No preference on offense. Prospect
1962 BMarche2001 BMarche2001 Goalie SSHL,SPNHL All none Prospect
1963 KQ31 KQ31 Goalie 4 . Veteran
1964 crofto40 crofto40 Goalie 4 NA Veteran
1965 Sublime-3 Sublime-3 Left Wing 2 Quack quack Veteran
1966 Boyer1990 Boyer1990 Left Wing All All good Prospect
1967 killerzqc killerzqc Right Wing All no Veteran
1968 Bozman9121 Bozman9121 Right Wing 5 Days off are Friday and saturday Prospect
1969 MonGee___ MonGee___ Right Wing All I smell bad Prospect
1970 Poit77 Poit77 Left Wing All none Amateur
1971 tsaintz tsaintz Left Defense vghl All null Veteran
1972 MrNoSkillzHockey MrNoSkillzHockey Left Defense All Lets get it on Veteran
1973 HalfVirgin- HalfVirgin- Center 2 Cole is weird Amateur
1974 Pegyy15 Pegyy15 Right Wing All :) Prospect
1975 Crownroyal_83 Crownroyal_83 Left Wing 5 I also can play defense Prospect
1976 BRILLOorGTFO BRILLOorGTFO Left Defense 5 Nope Prospect
1977 Average_Joe_18 Average_Joe_18 Right Defense 4 I can play anywhere Prospect
1978 heroesofneweed heroesofneweed Left Defense 5 None Prospect
1979 Metisboy36 Metisboy36 Right Wing 5 Skoden... studis Amateur
1980 AssRanchero AssRanchero Left Wing 4 I love the wing. Either side but prefer left. Not good at faceoffs or defense Prospect
1981 Tystone99 Tystone99 Center 4 .. Amateur
1982 JClaus33 JClaus33 Center 2 Veteran
1983 Holy_Coley Holy_Coley Right Wing 3 My availability sucks Veteran
1984 Sascha Fülscher Saschayeahh18 Left Wing 4 RF I speak German also Prospect
1985 ryofthebeholder ryofthebeholder Left Defense 2 4/9 Availability at best, in xbox lg and eshl Veteran
1986 Malkinsidconx871 Malkinsidconx871 Left Wing SSHL,Vghl 2 Hi Amateur
1987 JaySgr92 JaySgr92 Center All Can play everyday Amateur
1988 PattyIce14 PattyIce14 Right Defense All Hi, my name is Shay, and I'm from New Rochelle Veteran
1989 coyoman2 coyoman2 Right Wing 3 giddy up Amateur
1990 Panetta55 Panetta55 Right Wing All Don’t be silly! Amateur
1991 TheBigLebluntski TheBigLebluntski Right Defense SSHL,Pavhl 3 ???? Amateur
1992 KaOTic_UniVerSe KaOTic_UniVerSe Goalie Vghl 4 I can play any position Amateur
1993 Tonynation Tonynation Right Wing None 5 None Prospect
1994 troublekid1999 troublekid1999 Left Wing All None Veteran
1995 Mattdisney111 Mattdisney111 Right Defense All I have no questions or comments Veteran
1996 Koojo187 Koojo187 Left Wing All Yup Veteran
1997 AmenTime AmenTime Right Wing 4 Haven't played nhl since NHL 16, and haven't played EASHL since 2015 on xbox Prospect
1998 dixonater dixonater Left Wing 5 2511 Amateur
1999 B-RANDOM206 B-RANDOM206 Center All I am available to play every night Prospect
2000 SFL_PxssyLipz SFL_PxssyLipz Center LG All Let's gooo:) Amateur
2001 Troy Toothlesaggresor Right Wing All Multi time elite playoffs champs with my team edition as rw. Prospect
2002 Darkangel16536 Darkangel16536 Right Wing 3 None Amateur
2003 L_DominanDo_L L_DominanDo_L Center All nope Veteran
2004 USAKid62 USAKid62 Right Wing Eashl club 5 . Amateur
2005 leafs4life4439 Hockeylife113 Center All I can play c lw g Prospect
2006 pvtnoobripper pvtnoobripper Left Defense All Left dmen looking to compete for a position on a LG team Prospect
2007 Nova_Visionary Nova_Visionary Right Defense 4 No questions or comments Prospect
2008 lllBeNzOlll lllBeNzOlll Center 1 Consistently inconsistent. Fluctuating work week Veteran
2009 LaFamiglia15 LaFamiglia15 Right Wing 3 None Veteran
2010 Thedanj84 Thedanj84 Right Wing 2 Rookie of the year!!! Prospect
2011 Baconweave Baconweave Goalie All Unretiring Veteran
2012 Banksyslide Banksyslide Right Defense None 3 None Prospect
2013 Noiseitmon Noiseitmon Left Wing 5 Kk Amateur
2014 pagliaroli3131 pagliarolim72 Center 1 hi Prospect
2015 PureSnipes96 PureSnipes96 Center 5 Played LG back in 16, starting it up again. Amateur
2016 MileHighHays MileHighHays Right Defense 4 Primary: RD Secondary: RW Prospect
2017 FRANKDTANK-36- FRANKDTANK-36- Right Wing All Signing up for RW but can play LW or C if needed Veteran
2018 CP3-III CP3-III Left Defense 4 Honoured to be here Prospect
2019 nylander-_-62 Nylander-_-62 Left Wing None All None Veteran
2020 JHochman JHochman Left Defense 2 Can also play LW/RW/RD and G if need be. Prospect
2021 Hockey-God-25 Hockey-God-25 Goalie 6 Cbj for the win Prospect
2022 Avenger__50 Avenger__50 Right Wing All I'm new to this setting all I ask is some time to get used to playing competitively Prospect
2023 Leckaroo Leckaroo Right Defense All None Amateur
2024 Swamper15 Swamper15 Left Defense 4 I like to play ld rd Lw rw and g Prospect
2025 tcar23 tcar23 Left Wing 3 I play LD as well Prospect
2026 xYUCKOx xYUCKOx Right Defense VGHL 3 no Veteran
2027 Blackstabbeth Blackstabbeth Right Wing All Play right d too! Prospect
2028 Dtfudge30 Dtfudge30 Right Wing All Exited to start Prospect
2029 The_Gang_Shooter The_Gang_Shooter Left Defense All Nothing to ask Amateur
2030 Tronthedon23 Tronthedon23 Left Defense 2 hey dere, hi dere, ho dere!!!! Veteran
2031 Beast_3176 Beast_3176 Center 2 2-3 nights Prospect
2032 TirpaK80 TirpaK80 Left Defense 5 Interested in C and also RD positions. Prospect
2033 RaHood FLYERSFAN_1999 Center All I am a great reliable center who can play good at both ends of the ice. Prospect
2034 Multipl_Scorgsm Multipl_Scorgsm Right Defense 3 Play goalie also Prospect
2035 Scoring-Aces Scoring-Aces Center None 5 Can't play Tuesdays and Wednesdays Veteran
2036 bearbrook14 bearbrook14 Center 4 like to play nhl18 Prospect
2037 CMkrunch CMkrunch Right Wing 3 No comments Amateur
2038 Mann_060 Mann_060 Right Wing All I can play LW ASWELL ! Amateur
2039 K1773rm0nk3y K1773rm0nk3y Right Wing All Ready to go Amateur
2040 Badou06 Badou06 Center All No Veteran
2041 cholby61 cholby61 Left Wing 3 None Amateur
2042 ToughCutsYT ToughCutsYT Right Wing 6 no Amateur
2043 Batmanbuzzz88 Batmanbuzzz88 Goalie 3 Amateur
2044 String_King666 String_King666 Left Defense 2 Cole me on da pani sty mi ditti Veteran
2045 Kash-kormier Kash-kormier Right Wing All Hey Amateur
2046 Oduya_Like_That Oduya_Like_That Right Wing No 6 None Amateur
2047 NYR23LGR NYR23LGR Goalie 4 None Prospect
2048 systemprime systemprime Goalie 3 No question Prospect
2049 JEDlMIND JEDlMIND Right Defense QHCF 3 No comments please Amateur
2050 Northernrocker23 Northernrocker23 Right Defense 5 None Prospect
2051 N. Kronwall Zulu-111 Left Defense 4 Hello everyone , unfortunately i only play LD .. Prospect
2052 killer_habs25 killer_habs25 Right Defense 4 None Prospect
2053 phenom2kewl phenom2kewl Right Defense All None Amateur
2054 Ysoomad Ysoomad Right Wing 5 Hey Amateur
2055 xxPIGROASTER88xx xxPIGROASTER88xx Right Defense 3 None Amateur
2056 Knight-ryder1 Knight-ryder1 Left Defense 5 U Prospect
2057 ORION_GMG ORION_GMG Goalie All Looking forward to making my teammates proud. Prospect
2058 DONK3YSLAPP420 DONK3YSLAPP420 Right Wing All . Prospect
2059 xxdeathxx53421 xxdeathxx53421 Left Defense 6 Everyday but Sunday im available Prospect
2060 Agzny Agzny Right Wing 4 ... Prospect
2061 SeanieMack SeanieMack Left Wing 2 . Prospect
2062 Motown xMotown Right Defense 3 -_- Veteran
2063 rfuci1207 fdawg22 Right Wing 3 I use to play on xbox but now im on PS4 Prospect
2064 Wadden l32l xWaddenx Right Wing 3 Chel is goat Veteran
2065 xOvechkinx l8l WaLe_Ovechkin Right Wing 3 N/A Veteran
2066 Fedorov91X Fedorov91x Goalie All I was suppose to be vetted .I have signed up 3 times and still ain’t on list and I missed draft.Can you help me ? Veteran
2067 msbga29 msbga29 Goalie 3 I'm here so I won't get fined. Prospect
2068 Jay5 Jay321361 Right Wing 3 Ready for the season Prospect
2069 unlukyspecialist unlukyspecialist Right Wing 5 pmw Prospect
2070 Shaker-8- Shaker-8- Goalie All Let's Roll Prospect
2071 YoungHawG YoungHawG Center All Cheers to the league founders and governors! Great league you have here. Prospect
2072 BurghCityHustla BurghCityHustla Left Wing 3 None Amateur
2073 JasonGC13 JasonGC13 Left Defense All Can play LD or RD Amateur
2074 Dougrob12345 Dougrob1234 Left Defense SSHL,FBHL 3 Fridays are guaranteed as are weekends. Additional days available on request. Prospect
2075 CANADIENS1973-Q Canadiens1973-q Center MHL,HNHL,OPTHL,HVHL,SSHL, All .... Amateur
2076 guish_qc guish_qc Goalie 3 Go play Prospect
2077 BeerAndPepsi BeerAndPepsi Center 2 Tuesday and sunday Prospect
2078 Golden_Hands_Qc Golden_Hands_Qc Goalie All yoooooooooooooo Amateur
2079 MackNhoez MackNhoez Left Defense All Spent last season bouncing around bottom feeding teams.. was called up to AHL main roster and finished the season there. 2 way left D with a right shot and good givaway/takeaway ratio comparative to most players. Amateur
2080 ddamoney26 ddamoney26 Center All my position favorite is center and Right wing Prospect
2081 Inbound24 Inbound24 Left Defense 5 Sorry my schedule have changed and figured all my schedules. And i can definitetly can play now. Amateur
2082 welchjr10 welchjr10 Left Wing 3 Let's play Amateur
2083 RC-Boomer RC-Boomer Center 5 None Veteran
2084 Batista2424 Batista2424 Right Defense 4 ... Prospect
2085 TJaremey TJaremey Right Defense All Or left defence Prospect
2086 Irishguy1005 Irishguy1005 Left Defense 3 On call 2 nights a week Prospect
2087 ywg204god204ywg ywg204god204ywg Goalie 3 None Prospect
2088 RJ81 RJ81 Right Defense 2 rd or rw Amateur
2089 RUSHryan RUSHryan Left Defense All None Veteran
2090 iMC3dxx iMC3dxx Right Wing SSHL,. All . Veteran
2091 JGardenflower JGardenflower Right Wing All Basshead Prospect
2092 Chaos_Rider Chaos_Rider Center SSHL, 3 Veteran
2093 nowelbaby nowelbaby Goalie 4 Pas facile Veteran
2094 Snipemour66 Snipemour66 Left Wing 4 Na Prospect
2095 Chearthquake Chearthquake Left Defense 3 yea Amateur
2096 xShInTiCuSx xShInTiCuSx Left Wing 3 Ready to go. Prospect
2097 jeforio jeforio Right Defense 4 Gfym Prospect
2098 DOPEY-STEVENS DOPEY-STEVENS Right Wing 6 Secondary position RD Prospect
2099 LegendaryXLizard LegendaryXLizard Goalie 4 Aye Prospect
2100 Captn_Carl Captn_Carl Right Defense 4 Lg Prospect
2101 HurrichaneScoot HurrichaneScoot Right Wing 2 how do i get put on a team? Veteran
2102 shagged66 shagged66 Right Defense 3 Let's do it Amateur
2103 CaptainCarter45 CaptainCarter45 Right Wing 5 Already played only 1 game unfortunatly last year hopefully can get a roster spot I'd say I have quite a scoring ability Prospect
2104 BossRoss_FD BossRoss_FD Right Defense Vg All Hi Amateur
2105 stay_at_homed stay_at_homed Left Defense 2 , Veteran
2106 ShaDyy_42 ShaDyy_42 Left Defense All Amateur
2107 Bettercallsaul18 Bettercallsaul18 Left Wing 3 NoSleeves12 will vouch for me. Can potentially play center but not as confident on faceoffs but will be working on that. Prospect
2108 GoodBurger_L65l GoodBurger_L65l Right Defense 4 I play D Veteran
2109 JaG83D83 JaG83D83 Right Wing 5 I am a dedicated top rw. I play for the team and not myself. I want to be apart of a serious team and shoot for the top tier of online league play. Would like to be placed with a team of like minded goals and values if possible. Prospect
2110 Fishhure Fishhure Right Wing 6 no Amateur
2111 Spartakis-55 Spartakis-55 Goalie 4 wen do we start? Prospect
2112 Hotsauce_114 Hotsauce_114 Goalie 2 . Amateur
2113 ndirishman22 ndirishman22 Left Defense 2 This is my first time playing in a league. My schedule rotates each week and the times can be rough for me since I have young kids. I may be better as a sub to help teams out. I have been playing as nhl since the begining. Prospect
2114 JStraiN_ JStraiN_ Right Wing 3 Hi Amateur
2115 TheStickyAlbino TheStickyAlbino Right Defense All I'm a 30 year old dude who just likes to play hockey. I am ranked top 100 in online versus and can play anything (even some goalie). Prospect
2116 CyKho CyKho Center 5 Ready for S6 Amateur
2117 King_Nyx King_Nyx Right Defense All Only RD Amateur
2118 IRISH IRISH-ND-PRIDE Left Defense 4 D-MAN LD/RD Prospect
2119 Str8Syko__ Str8Syko__ Goalie 2 Im a plug...can play 2 nights max a week Veteran
2120 Dirk-noobishki Dirk-noobishki Right Defense None 4 None Veteran
2121 ACE_SNIPER911 ACE_SNIPER911 Right Wing All None Veteran
2122 MikexMassacre MikexMassacre Center SSHL,None All I can also play wing Veteran
2123 Splashguard Splashguard Left Defense All Strong goalie, defense and center. Prospect
2124 Its_Jimbo_Slice Its_Jimbo_Slice Center 6 Only unavailable Tuesday nights for bowling league Veteran
2125 ChyzNasty ChyzNasty Right Defense 2 Gone for a week in Nov Veteran
2126 daveydonuts522 bagolev Right Defense 2 Veteran
2127 Proxolol Proxolol Goalie 3 No Amateur
2128 ItsAGlitchGoalEh ItsAGlitchGoalEh Right Wing 1 Im Gonna Quit Veteran
2129 OuttyS5V8 Killameaze Left Wing All give me the puck Prospect
2130 KF1ELD KF1ELD Left Wing 5 LW or RW Veteran
2131 Ekosecho Ekosecho Left Wing 2 puck me Prospect
2132 DCskins8 DCskins8 Left Defense 3 Can play both defensive positions Veteran
2133 rywill1387 rywill1387 Left Wing All None Prospect
2134 KiNgFLiPS Flipking91 Right Wing Vg,vpha All Non questions Prospect
2135 worf26 worf26 Center 5 :) Amateur
2136 laxalaxa laxalaxa Left Defense pavhl 4 I am a college student so my nights per week can very but on average I am good to go 3-4 nights Prospect
2137 mrwenz462 mrwenz462 Left Wing none 3 what happens after signing up for a drop in/scout Prospect
2138 Bealer 12 Bealer_12 Center 3 N/A Veteran
2139 CoachSamy CoachSamy Center 3 dah Veteran
2140 T__oxi_c T__oxi_c Right Wing 4 I Love ❤️ Prospect
2141 ittozziloP JoPoFoSho Right Wing 2 Moving in a few weeks to a condo with better internet so bare with me. Hot spot till then <3 Veteran
2142 Jmm420 Jmm420 Left Wing All Go hf Veteran
2143 jackD00P P00Dkcaj Right Wing 1 Connection is not good, and neither is availability. Had connection issues last season and still am trying to fix them, buyers beware. Veteran
2144 MistaMiller54 MistaMiller54 Left Defense 4 Go Pens! Amateur
2145 Shortshadey14 Shortshadey14 Left Wing 4 . Veteran
2146 Grzzlh Grzzlh Left Wing All Also can play Center Prospect
2148 Bholefister14 Bholefister14 Right Wing All None Prospect
2149 PitcheRxSwaGx PitcheRxSwaGx Right Defense 3 Softball on tuesdays soccer on Sundays 4/9 Veteran
2150 Gumba l11l Gumba--l11l Right Defense 2 Avail is sketch, prob only avail couple games Veteran
2151 turbo166887 Streetsmurf Left Wing All Im nw Amateur
2152 mEATballs2228 mEATballs2228 Right Defense None 5 N/a Prospect
2153 ShadRC15 ShadRC15 Goalie 4 New to LG Prospect
2154 Bowl-of-Milk Bowl-of-Milk Center 4 I can play any position except LW. I prefer to play center. I play quite a bit and would be up for playing practice games or joining a eashl club to better myself and the team. Add me on psn, would be happy to try out asap Amateur
2155 MuRdArA13 MuRdArA13 Left Wing All NHL for years, passing scoring LW. Prospect
2156 pappy_pap_smear pappy_pap_smear Left Defense All Let's gooooo Veteran
2157 D1RTY35UR1NE Evilgenius_i35i Goalie None 6 Nothing to say here Veteran
2158 Taso971 Taso971 Right Wing All Nope Amateur
2159 fred_spence fred_spence Left Wing 5 ... Veteran
2160 Santkowski1287 Santkowski1287 Right Wing 3 N/A Amateur
2161 PlusSizePounder PlusSizePounder Left Defense 3 I only play LD. Veteran
2162 Markphillrs Markphillrs Left Wing 2 First time playing in a league like this. Prospect
2163 PurpleKushYo PurpleKushYo Left Wing 4 Lets get it on Prospect
2164 Harbec Harbec Left Defense 2 Available 1 week out of 3. Working in Nunavut Amateur
2165 Veledity Veledity Left Wing All I Like NHL Prospect
2166 YoImCory YoImCory Center 6 No Monday games earlier than 10pm EST Veteran
2167 addybrant addybrant Center 2 A Prospect
2168 Rudimus Rudimus Left Wing 5 Can I get some 3:00 am EST games for the West coast? lol jk Prospect
2169 itsnickthetrick itsnickthetrick Right Wing 2 None Amateur
2170 WickedWombatXL WickedWombatXL Right Defense 3 Why does it require me to ask a question or make a comment? No, just kidding... disregard such nonsense! Prospect
2171 Komotoast Komotoast Left Defense None All Will I be able to play this season Prospect
2172 ThisIsNotSlim ThisIsNotSlim Left Wing All First timer :o Prospect
2173 MikeK59 MikeK59 Goalie 2 None Amateur
2174 Samurai-Siaki Samurai-Siaki Left Defense All None Veteran
2175 Fossy416 Fossy416 Center 3 None Prospect
2176 B-DOG33 B-DOG33 Right Defense 3 . Veteran
2177 Yianni_Bruins Yianni_Bruins Goalie 5 Good site Prospect
2178 adoune22 adoune22 Left Wing All hi Prospect
2179 Jonskies8 Jonskies8 Left Defense 4 none Prospect
2180 Loyalty_Caper Loyalty_Caper Left Wing 2 Looking to play some hockey Amateur
2181 MeatyTenderStix A_Sticky_Snake Goalie 2 . Veteran
2182 BlNAURAL BlNAURAL Right Wing All stoodis Amateur
2183 Sinksmasher Sinksmasher Center None 4 Looking to start my career have only played with friends, want to get competitive Prospect
2184 x4HxPESTILENCEx x4HxPESTILENCEx Left Defense All no Veteran
2185 xJakenBake59x xJakenBake59x Right Wing All Swag Veteran
2186 Jimbo1616 Matbioch Right Wing 5 Poo Veteran
2187 The-Finisher_187 The-Finisher_187 Center 3 Let’s play Prospect
2188 PaulyChunks PaulyDunks Left Wing 1 in a couple other leagues. xbox is priority so avail is bad. Veteran
2189 Brewskies247 Brewskies247 Right Defense 4 I play the defense. Veteran
2190 ZeDev92 ZeDev92 Left Defense 3 Switching positions at work. Will be working 4 days, off 3. Can play more days depending on the time of the games. Prospect
2191 QCP007 QCP007 Center All 133 Amateur
2192 I3rissette I3rissette Left Wing All .. Veteran
2193 Asura JOSHTHEMANGLER44 Left Defense 5 Can play all pos but prefer C Ld. Prospect
2194 Chanderson773 Chanderson773 Left Defense No All No Veteran
2195 Austin No_Ragrets_313 Goalie 3 I play college hockey so I can not play on Friday or Saturday nights, and practice Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night Amateur
2196 lll_ScArEcRoW_ll lll_ScArEcRoW_ll Goalie All No questions or comments Veteran
2197 mhogan5 mhogan5 Right Wing All Will play LD and RD Prospect
2198 iMountMoms iMountMoms Left Wing SSHL,FBHL 3 I can also play any position but Goalie would be my strongest. Prospect
2199 TheWalmartThugB TheWalmartThugB Left Wing 4 q Amateur
2200 JTowNE41 JTowNE41 Goalie SSHL,VGHL 5 I can't play Tuesdays Veteran
2201 D_SPORS_5 D_SPORS_5 Left Defense 4 No Amateur
2202 MrBVA MrBVA Left Defense 5 I'm from Toronto so prefer to be in the EST games if possible. Thanks. Prospect
2203 RJ_MacReady_27 RJ_MacReady_27 Left Defense 2 none Amateur
2204 Tyler_Hayward77 Tyler_Hayward77 Center All 718 CR , 3.5 PPG Prospect
2205 D-Force12 D-Force12 Right Wing 2 How can you move up to the higher leagues? Prospect
2206 Leester24554 Leester24554 Goalie All No Prospect
2207 Ferdaboieslit Ferdaboieslit Goalie All I am pretty good when I have decent defenseman....I also play defense Prospect
2208 Mizzy412 Mizzy412 Right Wing 5 Pick me up Prospect
2209 DrFurryNips DrFurryNips Right Defense 5 n/a Prospect
2210 Cardinals6theman Cardinals6theman Right Wing 5 None Prospect
2211 natedogg1122 natedogg1122 Right Wing All Can’t wait to get started again Prospect
2212 cmike17 cmike17 Left Defense 4 None Prospect
2213 krazy_kanuck krazedkanuck420 Left Wing 6 team player looking for good team Prospect
2214 chadstr86 chadstr86 Goalie 4 I'm looking to have fun Prospect
2215 viper_gtx18 viper_gtx18 Left Wing All n/a Prospect
2216 ovechkin8jr ovechkin8jr Left Wing 4 ik i'm trash but gimme a chance coach Veteran
2217 RIZNI-EAGLE RIZNI-EAGLE Left Wing Lgchl 3 Looking for Everette Silver tips Prospect
2218 erikciz erikciz Left Defense 3 Can play either D position Prospect
2219 GooNi3x28 GooNi3x28 Left Wing All Used to play, manage on LGCHL Xbox Prospect
2220 mttkffmn16 mttkffmn16 Right Wing 2 Tuesday Wednesday Prospect
2221 ChefLewi ChefLewi Left Wing 2 How can I get in the top league? Prospect
2222 sglieden19 sglieden19 Center 2 . Veteran
2223 lllTrick lllTrick Goalie 3 None Prospect
2224 Hilly Hilly-13- Center Xbox 2 Hilly here Veteran
2225 Joey-campbell Joey-campbell Center All None Prospect
2226 tactfeeezy tactfeeezy Right Wing 3 No Prospect
2227 xDevil138 xDevil138 Right Wing 2 K Amateur
2228 RidinPineSince09 RidinPineSince09 Center None 3 None Veteran
2229 xMeesta Mr_Mastxr Left Wing 2 . Veteran
2230 Bunnicula83 Bunnicula83 Left Defense 3 None Prospect
2231 STUBMALESTER STUBMALESTER Left Wing All nothing Prospect
2232 saucier17 saucier17 Right Defense 4 Nope Prospect
2233 LeafsNation94 LeafsNation94 Right Wing 3 No questions or comments Prospect
2234 Gpig04 Gpig04 Left Wing 2 dont even have the game yet and not sure if i'm going to get it so bid at your own discretion Veteran
2235 HrdWrkPAYSOFF HrdWrkPAYSOFF Right Wing All N/a Prospect
2236 MBBxKerm Kerm_l3l Right Wing All .... Amateur
2237 potkins02 potkins02 Left Defense 3 Na Prospect
2238 King of dekes PhillyPhan306 Left Wing 3 flexible wont miss games Prospect
2239 MarcoFever19 MarcoFever19 Left Defense SSHL,None 5 . Prospect
2240 Crease-Fire Crease-Fire Goalie 2 West Coast player. Veteran
2241 PinballLemons PinballLemons Center All QT1TNGOB Amateur
2242 Makershockey18 Makershockey18 Center 5 Let's rock Amateur
2243 Xx_Johnny84Qc_xX Xx_Johnny84Qc_xX Right Wing All Lets kick some ... Amateur
2244 bronel43 bronel43 Center 4 Let's do this Prospect
2245 OwNeDbYaGiRl02 OwNeDbYaGiRl02 Left Wing All Ya Amateur
2246 mratchet mratchet Left Wing 2 Yeah Amateur
2247 Booxene Booxene Right Wing All D Amateur
2248 Willyard Willyard25 Left Defense 2 Ready to play again Prospect
2249 Heahengal91 Heahengal91 Center All excited to start? Prospect
2250 cornect57 cornect57 Left Wing All no scrubs Veteran
2251 DanyHeater15 DanyHeater15 Right Defense 2 I don’t have the game yet but will be getting it sometime this week. I played forward last season and I’m going to be trying out defense now so I’m not sure how I’ll do since I haven’t played D that much. I should be able to play 3 a week but my availability might be shakey for the first few weeks. Amateur
2252 TrueForce22 TrueForce22 Right Wing 2 No Prospect
2253 RA_K3_ RA_K3_ Right Wing 4 No questions or comments really, I'm guessing there is a forum to look for recruiting clubs and teams , so i should be able to figure it all out Prospect
2254 gumster09 Gumster09 Center All Yo Amateur
2255 ThE-ACe11 ThE-ACe11 Left Wing All New to LG Prospect
2256 XxGreenwoodxX514 XxGreenwoodxX514 Right Defense All ... Prospect
2257 tha_nightman Greasy_mcdangle Right Wing 4 N/A Veteran
2258 Pucknetter Pucknetter Left Wing 4 I play LW, C or RW very well! Team player who always finishes and makes great deeds. Amateur
2259 Soapy412 HayesI11I Right Wing 2 Can play Sundays and Thursdays for the most part. Veteran
2260 B37Will B37Will Right Wing 1 Availability is bad. Veteran
2261 Scarcella89-_- Scarcella89-_- Left Defense 3 Nope Veteran
2262 toiletcover X--RND--X Left Wing 6 Hello Amateur
2263 Novax_8 Novax_8 Left Defense 5 Rr Amateur
2264 stewie_griffin20 stewie_griffin20 Left Defense 3 Yes Prospect
2265 martinboo72 martinboo72 Right Wing 3 I play last year Amateur
2266 XxTommygunxX XxTommygunxX Right Defense 4 Can play LD as well Prospect
2267 Corvino_ Corvino_ Left Defense 4 New to lg Prospect
2268 FranKCorb FranKCorb Left Wing All I’ll do it Prospect
2269 Stony123 Stony123 Goalie 5 . Prospect
2270 Mullynhl Mullynhl Left Wing 3 I want to play CHL on the oil kings Prospect
2271 MrGrhymes84 MrGrhymes84 Left Wing 6 Good all around player who can play any position but strongest at LW. Second strongest position is goalie. Prospect
2272 Turqnasty Turqnasty Right Wing 3 1 Prospect
2273 ae_Casso ae_Casso Goalie PAVHL All Looking forward to my second season. Amateur
2274 RWG716 RWG716 Left Defense None 4 None Prospect
2275 PureMelin PureMelin Center lghl xbox All is it too late? Prospect
2276 RobertELee12 RobertELee12 Left Defense 3 None Amateur
2277 Kerrobert9 Kerrobert9 Left Defense None 4 None Amateur
2278 wach1371 wach1371 Goalie 3 can play after 7pm est Veteran
2279 Adam Paquette escobarloco420 Center 5 Prospect
2280 Monotone_Waldo Monotone_Waldo Center 4 none Prospect
2281 King-Kush1331 King-Kush1331 Right Defense 3 Hey Prospect
2282 OsamaBinBLAZZZIN OsamaBinBLAZZZIN Left Wing 2 No Prospect
2283 hockeysauce hockeysauce Left Defense 3 can play all five skater positions Prospect
2284 Strateblazed Strateblazed Left Wing SSHL, All none Prospect
2285 Auger_83_ Auger_83_ Center All looking for a good home Prospect
2286 Gemini-Da-Don-98 Gemini-Da-Don-98 Left Wing 6 Good luck Prospect
2287 Play_hard4 Play_hard4 Goalie MHL,HNHL,OPTHL,HVHL,SSHL, All No Prospect
2288 Odd-NaiveGamer Odd-NaiveGamer Right Wing MHL, 5 What do I do? Prospect
2289 Dbean361 B3an_1002 Left Wing All Good versatile player game play any position except for goalie Prospect
2290 Faya-trick89 Faya-trick89 Left Wing All No question Prospect
2291 gAmErGoD95 gAmErGoD95 Goalie SPNHL 6 Send me a message if you want to see me play! Amateur
2292 Agger23 Agger23 Right Defense 5 No Veteran
2293 sterryxc23 sterryxc23 Goalie 2 RIP Amateur
2294 Truenohaps Truenohaps Right Wing 2 Work schedule crazy. Week by week availability Prospect
2295 LORDVEGA84 LORDVEGA84 Goalie 4 no questions no comments lets play hockey ;) Amateur
2296 MAke-MY-DAy94 MAke-MY-DAy94 Goalie SSHL,pavhl 3 I can als9o play LW or C Prospect
2297 QC_C0RB1N_QC QC_C0RB1N_QC Goalie All no Amateur
2298 jordanbaverstock jordanbaverstock Center All I'm available for any night Amateur
2299 immortaldynasty immortaldynasty Left Defense All rippin Prospect
2300 GoochieOochie868 GoochieOochie868 Right Wing All Goochie wit da oochie!!! Prospect
2301 Sabres930 Sabres930 Right Defense All Keep your stick on the ice Veteran
2302 JCEB85 JCEB85 Left Wing 3 Go Team. Amateur
2303 WopFro WopFro Left Defense 3 Thanks for organizing this whole thing! Prospect
2304 gorillal3iscuit gorillal3iscuit Left Wing All LW, RW, RD Played in the Moose xbox league back in the day Prospect
2305 CrazyRon_v1 CrazyRon_v1 Center All Also can play RW Rd G Prospect
2306 ILUVMRSROPER MRROPER09 Right Defense 3 I'm late 30's with a family. Looking for a team who wants to have fun and good conversation. Prospect
2307 PIT09pens PIT09pens Left Wing 4 Ready to join lg Amateur
2308 x_Matthews-34_x x_Matthews-34_x Center SSHL,Vhl 6 6 nights Amateur
2309 LayLaEL LayLaEL Left Wing All . Amateur
2310 brenoamaral17 brenoamaral17 Goalie 3 on weekends Prospect
2311 munchkiny1980 munchkiny1980 Right Wing All Veteran
2312 shockers2004 shockers2004 Goalie All None Amateur
2314 Finnick- Finnick- Right Defense 3 All good my niggas Prospect
2315 HorridCRSP HorridCRSP Left Defense 4 None Amateur
2316 yeeyee_dipper yeeyee_dipper Left Defense 3 I am a ld Veteran
2317 Magicgamer26 Magicgamer26 Left Defense 4 Fuck bev Amateur
2318 hockeyboy567899 hockeyboy567899 Center 2 No questions or comments Prospect
2319 SiD0670 SiD0670 Goalie 3 Unavailable Wednesday Thursday. Amateur
2320 Alexraymond007 Alexraymond007 Right Defense All No comments Prospect
2321 Light-the-lamp_ Light-the-lamp_ Right Wing 4 Right wing or right D, woo! Prospect
2322 Alpapi-binsmokin alpapi-binsmokin Left Wing 5 I play C and L equally well Prospect
2323 GRIMEYNI44A GRIMEYNI44A Center None All Play your fkn position!!!! Prospect
2324 bigjimsrevenge bigjimsrevenge Center 4 None Amateur
2325 lembizle87 lembizle87 Right Wing All Y Prospect
2326 killerbox90014 killerbox90014 Goalie All Want win lol Prospect
2327 epicness12341234 epicness12341234 Center 5 How do people determine each others skill? How does matching teams skill work or how do you find out if someone is even good enough to play in this league? Prospect
2328 GreenTurkey GreenTurkey Left Defense 3 None. Prospect
2329 Precise__game Precise__game Left Wing 2 Can’t wait to play Prospect
2330 Ram-z1987 Ram-z1987 Left Defense All Amateur
2331 CopperBlue5 CopperBlue5 Right Defense 4 Hi looking to join a team. Prospect
2332 Kc2s0v3c Kc2s0v3c Right Wing 3 No Prospect
2333 darkcam_1337 darkcam_1337 Right Defense None. All None. Prospect
2334 Iron76Wolf Iron76Wolf Goalie 3 I wanna play Amateur
2335 BAkArdE3_GuY BAkArdE3_GuY Right Wing 6 Also play goalie Prospect
2336 greatzilla007 greatzilla007 Goalie All Quite and calm Amateur
2337 totesmagoats208 totesmagoats208 Left Defense 5 Versatile Player - Can play C, LW, LD, RD Prospect
2338 OldnStillPlayn OldnStillPlayn Left Wing 4 Im the best Prospect
2339 HockeyLife87 HockeyLife87 Center 4 Nope Prospect
2340 Cory_17 Cory_17 Center VGHL 3 Comments Amateur
2341 GRAYGHOST408 GRAYGHOST408 Left Defense 4 4-5 nights a week Prospect
2342 Waldbauer19 Waldbauer19 Right Defense 4 Would like to pair with QuakSmacker Prospect
2343 Sammy_the_deal Sammy_the_deal Left Wing All Play any forward position, just looking for competitive gaming. Prospect
2344 QuakSmacker QuakSmacker Left Defense 5 I played with waldbauer19 Prospect
2345 Canate94 Canate94 Right Wing All . Amateur
2346 Burgs_29 Burgs_29 Right Wing 3 N/A Prospect
2347 Brody Davidson BWD7LBJ23 Right Defense SSHL,none 4 good league Prospect
2348 thisisavailable9 thisisavailable9 Goalie 3 No Veteran
2349 LeafsMania13 LeafsMania13 Right Defense 4 .. Prospect
2350 Big-willber99 Big-willber99 Right Wing All I love lg Amateur
2351 Fat Less iToyvo- Left Defense None All Hi Prospect
2352 OBEY_Rizzy-91 OBEY_Rizzy-91 Center MHL,HNHL,OPTHL,HVHL,SSHL, All Just send it Prospect
2353 codylourenco77 codylourenco77 Right Defense MHL, 5 Love playing chel Love the game Boys Prospect
2354 Mikehockey8771 Mikehockey8771 Goalie All When will the games start Prospect
2355 FrostyAlkaholik FrostyAlkaholik Left Defense All None Amateur
2356 DeathToRob DeathToRob Center 2 None Amateur
2357 nypeteyblu nypeteyblu Right Wing 4 ? Prospect
2358 Drouinsnipe drouinsnipe Goalie 4 i can play goalie and D Prospect
2359 AnthonyD1686 AnthonyD1686 Right Wing Lgahl 3 Can't wait to play baby Amateur
2360 Booger_Bomb Booger_Bomb Goalie 5 Is there a Live chat Prospect
2361 jeff tremblay XxODBxX Goalie 4 lol Veteran
2362 Jthreats Jthreats Left Defense All good eashl player getting into league gaming Prospect
2363 DoctorChronos10 DoctorChronos10 Right Defense 6 None Amateur
2364 The_swan_88 The_swan_88 Center 2 Swannnnny Amateur
2365 Creafearz Creafearz Right Wing 3 No comments Prospect
2366 dghigs dghigs Goalie All Lets go Prospect
2367 clarkinc22 CorpThug Goalie 2 Nope Prospect
2368 fireeyes2l2 fireeyes2l2 Center VG 4 none Veteran
2369 Mallette94 Mallette94 Left Defense 5 nothing Amateur
2370 MATTMAN RNH2013 Center 2 Can Only Play every two weeks Wendesday To Tuesday Prospect
2371 Mofuzzer Mofuzzer Left Wing All I can play either side for wing Prospect
2372 Wukie89 Wukie89 Right Wing 3 Let's roll Amateur
2373 Shanks_24 Shanks_24 Left Defense 5 all preferred positions are C/RW/LD Prospect
2374 KeggerDF KeggerDF Right Defense 3 Right or left defense Prospect
2375 Butchery666 Butchery666 Center 2 N/a Amateur
2376 ShibbzyBruh ShibbzyBruh Goalie All Work from 6-6. Available to play from 7-10pm Prospect
2377 ShowMeTheMelbs_ ShowMeTheMelbs_ Left Wing All None Prospect
2378 francey2325 francey2325 Left Defense 5 I am usually always available to practice and for games. Veteran
2379 LSCVT LSCVT Center All It's a hockey night Prospect
2380 uniman29 uniman29 Right Defense 2 I have work Monday - Wednesday for 1 or 2 more weeks untill hockey starts. Should be able to play more after Amateur
2381 SUPA_CANADIAN SUPA_CANADIAN Right Defense All Right D. can play most nights as long as I don't have beer league. Prospect
2382 kuffnlink kuffnlink Right Defense 4 Also play center and RW Prospect
2383 jwl1643 jwl1643 Center All Top 50 in crops while only playing 100 or so games, average 3+ pts a game at center and rw Prospect
2384 Hinglemcringle12 Berry1224 Goalie 3 No Amateur
2385 Penguins0916 Penguins0916 Right Defense All ! Prospect
2386 YoungWilden YoungWilden Left Defense All None Prospect
2387 TheyCallMeDevo24 TheyCallMeDevo24 Left Wing All I have none Amateur
2388 Rwspencer12 Rwspencer12 Right Wing 5 can play most nights Prospect
2389 mtremblay91 mtremblay91 Left Defense 4 Hope ill meat u on the ices! Prospect
2390 iHawel iHawel Right Wing 5 Na Prospect
2391 Reincremation Reincremation Right Defense All None Prospect
2392 ThomaLong ThomaLong Center 4 NA Prospect
2393 Savoo 96 Savo_Jw Right Wing All ! Prospect
2394 NeonSlasher5 NeonSlasher5 Left Wing 3 Im excited to join this league! Good job! Prospect
2395 mikemoran19 mikemoran19 Goalie pavhl All i am a top goalie Prospect
2396 Flocka_waka71 Flocka_waka71 Left Wing None 2 I'm excited Prospect
2397 m0rdred13 m0rdred13 Right Defense 3 Let's Rock! Amateur
2398 Kbro815 Kbro815 Center 3 Can play Goalie Prospect
2399 caemma0166 caemma0166 Right Defense 5 None Prospect
2400 Customs_lll Customs_lll Left Wing None All None Amateur
2401 Pucker6 Pucker6 Left Defense None 3 None Prospect
2402 imnoninja imnoninja Right Defense 2 Prospect
2403 Ericcccc68 Ericcccc68 Left Wing MHL, All None Prospect
2404 Chayson16 Chayson16 Left Wing 5 None Prospect
2405 AL_Mariners15 AL_Mariners15 Right Defense 2 Hi Prospect
2406 iBostonGeorge iBostonGeorge Center All Number #20 Georgetown Massacure Amateur
2407 Nocturnal_Turtle Nocturnal_Turtle Right Wing PAVNHL SPNHL All What are the game times Prospect
2408 Rathx4 Rathx4 Left Defense 3 - Prospect
2409 MosDef02 MosDef02 Center 3 None Amateur
2410 kwhiss613 kwhiss613 Right Wing All Can play lw as well Prospect
2411 Hockeygab_20 Hockeygab_20 Right Wing 3 Sign up Prospect
2412 RoxasIL RoxasIL Left Wing 6 None Prospect
2413 Carl_Poppa22 Carl_Poppa22 Right Defense 3 I can also play left D & I can play goalie as well Prospect
2414 ciulla19 ciulla19 Goalie All n/a Prospect
2415 RickyRick69 RickyRick69 Center 4 I'm active and team player Prospect
2416 Mmm_Big_Mac_ Mmm_Big_Mac_ Center 4 1st time in a league but played NHL seriously since 2012 Prospect
2417 NUTTZOtheGREAT5 NUTTZOtheGREAT5 Center No 6 None Amateur
2418 SkiddyHockey SkiddyHockey Left Wing 3 ? Prospect
2419 matfortin3289 matfortin3289 Center 5 Im a skill player and ive got good stats in all game mods Prospect
2420 coontach coontach Left Defense 5 no comments at this time, thank you. Prospect
2421 dbol17 dbol17 Center All ... Prospect
2422 DaKKONE DaKKONE Center 6 None Amateur
2423 TAITERx32 TAITERx32 Left Wing 1 Taiter tots Veteran
2424 MrAbrams1994 MrAbrams1994 Left Wing 3 None Prospect
2425 xX-Speedy19-Xx xX-Speedy19-Xx Left Wing All I can play C/LW Prospect
2426 Midnightreaper84 MidnightReaper84 Goalie All I allso play rd Prospect
2427 Barley-88 Barley-88 Left Defense 3 Let’s get it goin boys! Prospect
2428 HyPe_DoMiNaToR HyPe_DoMiNaToR Left Defense 3 None Prospect
2429 AzN-Warbringer AzN-Warbringer Right Defense 4 Rubbins racin’ ;) Prospect
2430 Reviive Legacy Revived_Legacy Right Wing 2 Owning a team on Xbox one, availability will not be the greatest over on PSN. Prospect
2431 TheMainElement TheMainElement Center All Played D last year. Looking for a more advanced role as center. I have won 69% of draws out of 800 taken. Prospect
2432 mgio1103 mgio1103 Right Wing SSHL,None 6 Not in any other leagues . Prospect
2433 Arsenault91 Arsenault91 Right Wing None 3 None Prospect
2434 Osker814 Osker814 Right Wing 3 Pavhl comes first Amateur
2435 Distraqted Distraqted Left Defense All - Prospect
2436 x_Laine-29_x x_Laine-29_x Left Wing All 4 days Prospect
2437 qATTS3_16 qATTS3_16 Right Wing 3 Let's go! Amateur
2438 B93Bujold B93Bujold Center None All None Prospect
2439 turdburgler169 turdburgler169 Right Defense MHL, 3 None Veteran
2440 leafsguy11 leafsguy11 Left Defense All LD two way Prospect
2441 Denden2589 Denden2589 Right Defense 3 none Amateur
2442 Cbertin10 Cbertin10 Right Defense All Worth 2 mil Amateur
2443 FLYERSfanFURY FLYERSfanFURY Left Wing LGHL Xbox All I play on Xbox LG as well Amateur
2444 Asap_ChanceyG Asap_ChanceyG Center All Can I get signed with my buddy mikeyhockey8771 please? Prospect
2445 Picaroon876 Picaroon876 Right Defense 3 New to lg. Smart defensive Rd. Prospect
2446 HellaFiine HellaFiine Right Wing 3 Prospect
2447 ejanzen88 ejanzen88 Right Wing 4 none Prospect
2448 Jawoba_9 Jawoba_9 Left Defense 4 Don’t want trash d partner Prospect
2449 Suppa_freak08 Suppa_freak08 Center All I can play C/LW/LD Prospect
2450 Staind_R3d_11 Staind_R3d_11 Left Wing MHL,SSHL,None 6 Boom Amateur
2451 RuthlessDefender RuthlessDefender Left Wing 3 Can play 2-3 Prospect
2452 PoppaDroppaShot PoppaDroppaShot Right Defense SSHL,Pavhl 3 None Prospect
2453 JV_DANK_13 JV_DANK_13 Left Wing 3 Hi Veteran
2454 Bertdogg Bertdogg Left Defense 2 Primary LD Prospect
2455 XxOvertEnemyxX XxOvertEnemyxX Left Wing 4 Sometimes I scratch myself down low and smell my fingers Veteran
2456 sloppy_joe604 sloppy_joe604 Goalie All love to play Prospect
2457 NiizBabyy ATL_NiizzyyTouch Right Wing LGCHL 5 1 Prospect
2458 Austin Wallis Jebus8458 Right Wing All New to this site but a long time NHL player. Prospect
2459 Fool x 90 oO-FoOLx90-Oo Center Fbhl 2 My avails won't be that great. I'm in another league and Eshl(Pro series) and they are prioritized. Veteran
2460 Taum_krewz Taum_krewz Right Wing 2 No Prospect
2461 hewittdave0 hewittdave0 Goalie All My drop in GAA is 4.3 Prospect
2462 beves04 beves04 Right Defense 3 Sarnia Sting has some of my buds, we have established chemistry Prospect
2463 Loud_Mustache Loud_Mustache Goalie All Ready Prospect
2464 EQDonkey EQDonkey Right Defense 4 No Prospect
2465 Trevhound Trevhound Right Wing None 3 Thanks Prospect
2466 Jcarney17 Jcarney17 Right Defense FBHL 5 N/A Prospect
2467 Muise1993 Muise1993 Right Wing 3 I can play 3 night a week Prospect
2468 Gredner Gredner Center All Can play everything except goalie.. Prospect
2469 Nyg1227 Nyg1227 Left Defense 5 Let’s do it Prospect
2470 StockyNP StockyNP Right Wing 5 R2 before R3 Prospect
2471 bmaher bmaher Goalie FBHL All No Veteran
2472 CriiMeZz-- CriiMeZz-- Right Wing 4 It said fill this out , so BOOM. Prospect
2473 MoIesterStaIIone MoIesterStaIIone Left Wing 2 Work early in the morning would probably need to play early games Prospect
2474 Legends-Kenny Legends-Kenny Goalie Pavhl All On the leaderboard for standup goalie Prospect
2475 Jack_Ryder2580 Jack_Ryder2580 Right Wing None All Let's go Prospect
2476 Lucas9413 Lucas9413 Left Defense All Lucas9413 PSN Prospect
2477 Apollo--89 Apollo--89 Left Defense 5 No Questions! Prospect
2478 K_Flight K_Flight Left Wing 4 Can also play center. Prospect
2479 teejacks1 teejacks1 Goalie 5 ----- Prospect
2480 Gwanzie Gwanzie Right Defense 4 None Prospect
2481 AvengedJoker15 AvengedJoker15 Right Wing 5 Let's goo Amateur
2482 XxHabs_KingxX XxHabs_KingxX Right Wing 5 I love NHL I've been playing with competitive clubs since the first year of EASHL. I'm a really good RW that can help a team win. Prospect
2483 xXTrainMassXx xXTrainMassXx Goalie 6 Im ready to play guys hit me up if you need goalie Amateur
2484 akp91 akp91 Right Wing 2 I can play any position but prefer not to play goalie.... unless I have to. Prospect
2485 TOTHELEFT14451 TOTHELEFT14451 Center All when is the draft Prospect
2486 Mason-Gosselin69 Mason-Gosselin69 Goalie Pavhl 4 K Veteran
2487 richprimeau10 richprimeau10 Center 3 . Prospect
2488 DaltonQc DaltonQc Right Wing 4 . Prospect
2489 Niedermayer87 Niedermayer87 Right Defense All done Veteran
2490 TheUnusedCrayon TheUnusedCrayon Left Wing 2 N/a Amateur
2491 Brotherrtree Brotherrtree Right Wing All Can and will snipe Prospect
2492 XxKickaPooXx XxKickaPooXx Goalie None All Let's get it going ! Amateur
2493 xtremeclown1 xtremeclown1 Goalie VG All None Amateur
2494 Twinturbs92 Twinturbs92 Goalie 5 Very good goalie. Also willing to play any position if needed Prospect
2495 XxClutchsnipedxX XxClutchsnipedxX Right Defense 4 Can play Right wing as well. Seldom can play Centre and Goalie if needed Prospect
2496 CJSnipes3 CJSnipes3 Center 1 Just want to be a TC and ecu when needed. I can play C/RW . okay RD ... Amateur
2497 Beatudown17 Scottm1975 Goalie 3 I joined last year very late, and was put in chl, is that what's gonna happen again, cause of my late join? Prospect
2498 cloudhucker cloudhucker Left Wing 4 i can play all positions except goalie but i prefer left wing Prospect
2499 PLAY_MAKER_77 PLAY_MAKER_77 Left Defense 2 Abc Prospect
2500 xSicKMoTioNz xSicKMoTioNz Left Wing 3 Currently looking for job so not sure what nights I can play when I get a job Prospect
2501 Dom5117 Dom5117 Right Wing 3 Can't play Monday nights got softball Prospect
2502 hskrpwr84 hskrpwr84 Left Wing All Prospect
2503 kered93 kered93 Right Wing All - Amateur
2504 Yachtsman_6 Yachtsman_6 Left Wing 6 Can pretty much play on position other than G Prospect
2505 Onionface18 Onionface18 Center 4 Onions Prospect
2506 Xx19_Toews_19xX Xx19_Toews_19xX Right Wing 2 Looking to play with my brother and friends Prospect
2507 xOglowkeyyx xOgLowkeyyx Left Wing PAVHL All Solid fwd rdy to play asap! Prospect
2508 koruptAZ09 koruptAZ09 Left Defense 5 I actually thought I signed up already, so if I did...I apologize for a duplicate entry. Prospect
2509 Neeposh_patrick Neeposh_patrick Left Wing All Looking for a late tryout Prospect
2510 joshyuzik2019927 joshyuzik2019927 Goalie 4 None Prospect
2511 Goalz_Mcoy Goalz_Mcoy Center 3 I would like to sign up for lg Prospect
2512 dholmes1917 dholmes1917 Right Wing All Hi Prospect
2513 oO-FuraX-Oo_81 oO-FuraX-Oo_81 Left Defense 2 I'm exciting to try playing in this league. Unfortunately I can only play 2 nights a week.Thank you. Prospect
2514 ItzNHL ItzNHL Left Wing 3 . Prospect
2515 Speedyturtle2017 Speedyturtle2017 Left Wing All I LOVE LG Veteran
2516 onemanonechance onemanonechance Right Defense SSHL,PAV 4 Salut St Marie if possible - friends on the team. Prospect
2517 Bonezy2 Bonezy2 Right Wing All Experienced playmaking winger. Prospect
2518 STIMPYtheSLAYERR STIMPYtheSLAYERR Center 5 How will I know if I get picked up by a team? Prospect
2519 KarlssonIsGod KarlssonIsGod Left Wing All Can't wait to play! Prospect
2520 Boston_Shaun Boston_Shaun Right Defense 4 No Veteran
2521 itsLeore itsLeore Left Defense 5 Can't wait to start lighting the lamp Prospect
2522 Schomby13 Schomby13 Left Wing 6 none Prospect
2523 crazyAITKEN39 crazyAITKEN39 Left Defense All First Time League Gaming, Ready to give it all i got Prospect
2524 Tytypucho Tytypucho Right Wing All I'm ready for lg Prospect
2525 WR_JROME187 WR_JROME187 Right Wing 3 Can play more sometimes kinda depends on whats going on Prospect
2526 Travi3yTML Travi3yTML Right Wing SSHL,Pavhl 3 Sksndnws Prospect
2527 Exovive Exovive Center 3 None Prospect
2528 Imso4914 Imso4914 Right Wing 5 No Prospect
2529 PuffPuffPass814 PuffPuffPass814 Right Wing 2 I suck Amateur
2530 jham34 jham34 Left Wing All Also Goalie Amateur
2531 bluntedgunner420 bluntedgunner420 Left Wing 1 Available on Sundays for both games. Prospect
2532 loadedbrawler loadedbrawler Right Defense 3 None Prospect
2533 Quelch_Nation_eh Quelch_Nation_eh Left Wing All Work until max 5pm. Always on after 8 until midnight EST. Half decent player above average I think could improve. Know how to play have had over 300 games between accounts in the EASHL between NHL 17 and 18 with work buddies. Looking for fun competitive games and good times. Prospect
2534 JuicyMan6996 JuicyMan6996 Goalie 5 What time are the games usually ? Prospect
2535 Pinback2 Pinback2 Left Wing 2 nope Amateur
2536 Cheneygotagun Cheneygotagun Left Wing 4 None Prospect
2537 crazytravis14 crazytravis14 Right Defense SSHL, All Prospect
2538 Rhandymen2 Rhandymen2 Goalie 6 After 8pm est Prospect
2539 StickyickyBUD StickyickyBUD Left Defense 6 Nope thank you Prospect
2540 Boldukqc Boldukqc Right Wing 4 Sup guy Prospect
2541 Gmote886 Gmote886 Goalie MHL,HNHL,OPTHL,HVHL,SSHL, All Goalie Prospect
2542 Hibitthehoubout Hibitthehoubout Left Wing 4 Lets do this Amateur
2543 Oasis-Maple Oasis-Maple Left Defense 2 no Prospect
2544 NORMINATOR_27 NORMINATOR_27 Center 5 No Prospect
2545 jairus45 jairus45 Center 4 hi Amateur
2546 Imbatbud Imbatbud Left Wing 5 None Prospect
2547 King_Morrow King_Morrow Left Wing All I play left d to Prospect
2548 CrazyKunitz14 CrazyKunitz14 Center All Hi Prospect
2549 La-_-Coquina La-_-Coquina Right Wing All :) Amateur
2550 brodster227 brodster227 Right Wing 5 Nope Prospect
2551 lilsnoopy101 lilsnoopy101 Center All Can play centre or wing Prospect
2552 iceking15 iceking15 Left Wing SSHL,None All Free agent Prospect
2553 OG-CrispyCreamy OG-CrispyCreamy Right Wing 4 im sick Prospect
2554 Dherms18 Dherms18 Center 2 Please note: I'm a college student and am signing up just for ECU purposes. I will most likely not be able to play at the frequency I did in previous seasons. Veteran
2555 ScrodyNutler ScrodyNutler Left Wing 4 I'm super good just need good teammates I can play all positions I've played chel for years Prospect
2556 gatordude92 gatordude92 Right Defense 3 I am a rookie. Prospect
2557 Koltdog68 Koltdog68 Center FBHL All Looking to have some fun! Prospect
2558 Trev_0202 Trev_0202 Left Wing 5 None Amateur
2559 Darbyclark31 Darbyclark31 Goalie PAVHL All How can I be on a specific team Prospect
2560 Hunter_rolo Hunter_rolo Left Wing 4 will play any position except goalie thxs for your time Prospect
2561 LukeZielinski LukeZielinski Goalie 5 None Prospect
2562 Jssmallfry Jssmallfry Right Wing All I can play forward or defense Prospect
2563 Aztec066 Aztec066 Right Wing 4 new so be patient with me plze Prospect
2564 Bullet44 Bullet44 Right Wing 4 would like to play in the chl or ahl Prospect
2565 seanmcthegreat seanmcthegreat Right Wing 3 none Amateur
2566 Xx_Karlsson_xX65 Xx_Karlsson_xX65 Goalie All New to this, ready to dominate :) Prospect
2567 B DuB 718 BDuB_718 Left Wing LG Xbox 2 Hello Veteran
2568 tjccooper tjccooper Center All evening games are fine Prospect
2569 GetOutOfHim GetOutOfHim Left Defense 4 Cant wait to hit the ice!! Prospect
2570 snipez4202013 snipez4202013 Center All Ready and would love to play Prospect
2571 Crompy91 Crompy91 Left Wing 4 I'm not sure of the other leagues mentioned. Prospect
2572 Its_not_chris90 Its_not_chris90 Left Wing 3 None Prospect
2573 Westwindwolf Westwindwolf Goalie 5 Hey Prospect
2574 McDonald519-- McDonald519-- Center All tryna play nhl 18 Amateur
2575 QC-BARBEY QC-BARBEY Left Wing 6 I'm an experienced player. First time on that league Prospect
2576 MKAssyriankiller MKAssyriankiller Left Wing All I have a callous on me thumb. LOL Prospect
2577 Dalton3267 Dalton3267 Center 4 2 Way Center Prospect
2578 Draffey Draffey Center All No questions or comments Prospect
2579 EV0xGSR327 EV0xGSR327 Right Wing All No concerns Veteran
2580 Cshirk85 Cshirk85 Right Defense All I play stick puck yes Veteran
2581 Dads Devil Devil_Dawgs0313 Left Defense 4 Nope Veteran
2582 Renaud_Eberle Renaud_Eberle Right Wing 3 I want join league. Prospect
2583 Birdinals13 Birdinals13 Left Wing SSHL,lgchl xbox All lets win Amateur
2584 Jacob Voz411 Center All Always ready to play Prospect
2585 SHOTZ_OF_LEAD SHOTZ_OF_LEAD Left Wing 4 Can play Monday, teuseday, wensday, Friday, Sunday night and some weekends Prospect
2586 deezplz deezplz Right Defense 2 Play C also Prospect
2587 sirdanglesofdet sirdanglesofdet Left Defense 5 Looking to play Prospect
2588 Snowflake9613 ItsLittPham Right Wing 5 ANY FORWARD Prospect
2589 THEKINGBC THEKINGBC Right Wing All hey trying to get on a team this year Prospect
2590 Shane22-33 Shane22-33 Center All Need to play guys,need to go in the nhl soon to play vs my friend Prospect
2591 andI_KILLEDU andI_KILLEDU Goalie 4 I also play left defense and left wing Prospect
2592 Silvershark69 Silvershark69 Right Wing All None Prospect
2593 Gotta_B_Rufus Gotta_B_Rufus Left Wing All im back Amateur
2594 Justin11 Justintousignant Goalie All im i too late to sing up ? Prospect
2595 Mdavi18 Mdavi18 Right Wing SSHL,Vghl All Vghl NHL player trying lg Prospect
2596 K1ng_sl3yr K1ng_sl3yr Center All n/a Prospect
2597 Dixdirt Dixdirt Left Defense 3 I'm ready to make your team better at the ld position Amateur
2598 TaZ-iT- TaZ-iT- Center 4 None Prospect
2599 CammerTime88 CammerTime88 Left Wing 4 New to LG, but have been playing EASHL for years. Prefer all forward positions but can play stay at home D as well. Prospect
2600 Mom1Sec Mom1Sec Left Wing 4 No comment. Prospect
2601 Boobinspector Boobinspector Center All Ican play all but G. Like center but open to move. Prospect
2602 KinfolkRedRaider KinfolkRedRaider Right Defense 5 Mountain time zone, I play beer league hockey on Wednesday nights and cant be on Prospect
2603 Davytx23 Davytx23 Right Defense All Pretty stout defenseman. Play defensive. Know when to pinch and not to pinch, have good vision when it comes to reading the play. Prospect
2604 ChiefTrout ChiefTrout Right Wing SSHL,Spnhl 2 Good sundays and wednesdays Veteran
2605 flyers22890 flyers22890 Center All Second position Lw Amateur
2606 Mike813499 Mike813499 Right Defense 3 How do I get on a team? Prospect
2607 Young_Sav30 Young_Sav30 Left Wing All Great player Prospect
2608 DeVOY_11 DeVOY_11 Center 1 Only really available Sundays Prospect
2609 Khjush- Khjush- Left Wing Vghl 5 How many games do i have to play to be in AHL? Amateur
2610 lastarnegserieu lastarnegserieu Center All Pick me up Amateur
2611 Patriot2113 Patriot2113 Left Defense 2 Hi Veteran
2612 xlbrainslx xlbrainslx Right Defense All Available anytime. Can play any skating position. Prospect
2613 ztjj2008 ztjj2008 Center All none Prospect
2614 Insane_girl_Qc85 Insane_girl_Qc85 Right Defense 5 Hi :) Amateur
2615 WillardMcNasty WillardMcNasty Left Defense 3 none Amateur
2616 JayArr JayArr88 Right Defense 2 I'm signing up for TC only. I cannot commit to a solid schedule at this time. Amateur
2617 HITMAN__3 HITMAN__3 Center All I’m a shooter and passer! Prospect
2618 Blderunner_GT Blderunner_GT Right Defense 4 Mon-Thur i'm 100% available Veteran
2619 DanHeater50in07 DanHeater50in07 Center All Open Amateur
2620 Riderfan_01 Riderfan_01 Left Defense None All I’m new too this Prospect
2621 ThaLegend1337 ThaLegend1337 Right Defense Na 3 Na Prospect
2622 PrimeTime-023 PrimeTime-023 Left Wing 5 Prospect
2623 robmyatt robmyatt Right Wing 3 Woo Prospect
2624 ProZak420 ProZak420 Right Wing 3 pick me im tha shit lol Prospect
2625 Thee_GasMan2 Thee_GasMan2 Goalie 4 no Prospect
2626 xDarth93 xNick93 Center All none Veteran
2627 CCM_77 CCM_77 Right Defense 4 nope Prospect
2628 Duckflippintrip Duckflippintrip Center 5 I'm a forward Prospect
2629 sausaucer_16 sausaucer_16 Center 2 none Prospect
2630 Rmurry88 Rmurry88 Left Wing All When is drafting? Prospect
2631 ThatEddyy ThatEddyy Center 5 .. Prospect
2632 danimal020876 danimal020876 Left Wing 3 Anxious to get this going ! Prospect
2633 Mckilla11 Mckilla11 Right Wing All Can play either left or right wing Prospect
2634 Snipeshow709 marche4life Left Defense 3 prestige 1 in eashl. Shutdown defense. Prospect
2635 Dark_Knight9 Dark_Knight9 Center 4 NA- Prospect
2636 realwheels_5 realwheels_5 Left Wing 5 . Amateur
2637 Sauceone1 Sauceone1 Right Defense All Salute Prospect
2638 wild_boal_crew wild_boal_crew Left Wing 5 I Love This Game Prospect
2639 leo_j_c leo_j_c Left Wing All All in Prospect
2640 nhlfan1345 nhlfan1345 Right Wing 3 none Amateur
2641 ZJSiemens53 ZJSiemens53 Goalie 3 I enjoy a few starts Prospect
2642 SnipeTime09 SnipeTime09 Right Wing 5 Ready to play asap Prospect
2643 WarriorBlockaid L-w-Larrior Goalie All Goalie Record W-8/L-1 GA - 18 GAA - 2.22 Saves - 136 Save % 0.833 my psn id - L-w-L ( they are lowercase L's ) thank you :) Prospect
2644 Cainer3526 Cainer3526 Center 5 I have no questions Prospect
2645 termanator432 Termanator432 Left Defense 5 No Prospect
2646 arogame123 2 arogame123 Right Defense 4 Thank you @Willy8Wonka1234 for this account!! Prospect
2647 K0_UP_CLOSE K0_UP_CLOSE Left Wing All I put "All" in How many nights a week i can play, only because i don't have a job at the moment. I do have orientation October 31 for one however, so right now i do not know what days i will be working and whether it will be day or night. I can tell you this job is part time still so i will be available a lot. I play LW, LD, and Goalie. Prospect
2648 SneakySFDude SneakySFDude Center All Available after 2000hrs Eastern Time any night of the week for league games. Prospect
2649 creaturebones99 creaturebones99 Right Wing 5 Have lots of hours in the game, solid right wing. Prospect
2650 B1GBaDW0LFe B1GBaDW0LFe Center 4 Hi Prospect
2651 Farx9 Farx9 Center 4 Can't wait to get started! Prospect
2652 Kinneyyy Kinneyyy Right Wing 5 Can play any forward position if needed Prospect
2653 NOVA_Balla856 NOVA_Balla856 Left Wing All If I can’t play I’ll let u know Prospect
2654 PeelOutBUBBLES PeelOutBUBBLES Left Defense All How will I know when I'm assigned to a team? Prospect
2655 zacktheman95 zacktheman95 Left Defense 3 no Prospect
2656 xCabbage420 xCabbage420 Goalie 4 Late signing up but ready to earn a spot Amateur
2657 Kimosabe716 Kimosabe716 Goalie 5 Goalie Prospect
2658 Jopetto75 Jopetto75 Right Defense No league is All Just looking to start at the bottom and wk my way up. Meet new people Prospect
2659 j_sherminator j_sherminator Center 5 C, Lw, Rw Prospect
2660 Blqckhawks19 Blqckhawks19 Center 3 fire me up here boys Prospect
2661 FiVEpointOHHH FiVEpointOHHH Left Wing Spnhl All Only good for sundays. Prospect
2662 iiLOGIBEAR65 iiLOGIBEAR65 Left Defense None 5 I would really appreciate any careful consideration. Prospect
2663 TheBigStickk TheBigStickk Center A