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Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Class Nights Available Comments
1 l1l Bones l3l l1l Bones l3l Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
2 Petan l19l Petan l19l Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Order of best roles: Jungle > Carry > Support > Solo > Mid
3 Glitch Goaling Glitch Goaling Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Can do anything but jungle
4 Kusznir Kusznir Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
5 Jewest One Jewest One Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Eat a penis
6 Rickylogy Rickylogy Mid
7 isawyou0506 isawyou0506 Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
8 Hxndry Hxndry Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
9 Perreault x 11 Perreault x 11 Support Monday,Wednesday,Thrusday
10 HotBasilisk61 HotBasilisk61 Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
11 Paizano44 Paizano44 Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
12 FLINTs WATER FLINTs WATER Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday any role
13 Chislett 19 Chislett 19 Solo Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Hi
14 Lvl 63 Scizor Lvl 63 Scizor Mid
15 Juney Juney Carry Monday,Tuesday
16 Dye Violently Dye Violently Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Available most nights with exception to work schedule but even if I do any time after 10:00 works
17 TheGameFactor TheGameFactor Solo Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Solo/Sup/Mid/Jungle/ADC
18 x KING J0HN x x KING J0HN x Jungle
19 Badprodigy21 Badprodigy21 Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
20 Dumba x 55 Dumba x 55 Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
21 M3nTor 1 M3nTor 1 Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Can play any role besides carry
22 Keapps KEAPPS Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
23 Bloody Reaper36 Bloody Reaper36 Support I work a random schedule so i don't have every night off
24 Spectra Fafnir Spectra Fafnir Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
25 SweeT 9 LoU 84 SweeT 9 LoU 84 Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday All roles
26 shootingh shootingh Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
27 DestroyRobo01 DestroyRobo01 Solo Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Available Monadys from 11pmEst onward
28 Jenquh Jenquh Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday