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Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Alternate Position(s) Questions or Comments
1 TIMBORULES TIMBORULES Forward Midfielder Looking for committed players...
2 GotaThatchEmAll GotaThatchEmAll Forward Midfielder I am available pretty much every day.
3 tLs Thunder tLs Thunder Defender Defender I'm new here
4 Doc McLellen Doc McLellen Defender Defender
5 Austin McA Austin McA Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper i am the best
6 IRichMoney 19 IRichMoney 19 Defender Midfielder Outside back or CDM
7 Itz Hotpants Itz Hotpants Goalie Defender Will miss sundays
8 XGN MapleSyrup XGN MapleSyrup Goalie Midfielder,Goal Keeper I Like Turtles.
9 LoLoYaBiish415 LoLoYaBiish415 Forward Defender Hi TBO
10 YESYESGetBodied YESYESGetBodied Forward Midfielder
11 Richyrichisbak Richyrichisbak Goalie Forward,Midfielder,Defender
12 zMayhemIV zMayhemIV Goalie Forward,Midfielder,Defender I'm a terrible GK but at least I'm still better than GoalsHQ
13 Psycho7Clutch Psycho7Clutch Goalie Midfielder
14 TKShooter22 TKShooter22 Forward Forward
15 ARBRN INFANTRY ARBRN INFANTRY Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender
16 Dusan Double D Dusan Double D Forward Thumbsan66 is trash
17 Nuge Nuge Defender Midfielder
18 l IAmWhite l l IAmWhite l Goalie Midfielder
19 Skillaache Skillaache Midfielder Defender I will make pretty much everygame. Im a midfielder or Defender. Prefferably CDM
20 JaysWayss JaysWayss Midfielder Forward,Defender
21 Teddy Beavers Teddy Beavers Defender Midfielder
22 KCNightshade KCNightshade Defender Forward I play CB. If I do well there is up for debate. I've played in all 8 seasons of LGFA and still don't have a title. That changes this season... Hopefully.
23 Not Nice 416 Not Nice 416 Forward Midfielder Elite forward with a lot of exp. Willing to also play mid if need be.
24 Unlucky Evo Unlucky Evo Forward Forward,Midfielder Looking to play striker again.
25 Roon l 44 l Roon l 44 l Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender 9 trophies won and counting
26 iMarcelo v12 iMarcelo v12 Midfielder Defender A quality defender/CDM. Would like to play more DM this season, but I'm not against playing CB. Pls message me about availability because it's not 100%
27 uG Narula uG Narula Defender Forward,Midfielder I am comfortable on the left side for any defensive/midfield or forward position I played 3 seasons of FGL 1 season of LG if you put me in defense the other3 must hold their own plz
28 Xblade1816 Xblade1816 Midfielder Defender
29 Payner Payner Forward Midfielder
30 Beast l 14 l Beast l 14 l Midfielder Defender Main pos rb but only for the right team.
31 l KaV l l KaV l Midfielder Forward,Midfielder Mid/Fwd are my main positions, willing to play D/G positions to help avoid forfeits if need be
32 l iSilver l l iSilver l Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender Trade me please
33 Hilly Hilly Forward Midfielder
34 i need too P00 i need too P00 Midfielder Forward,Defender
35 LAINGX15 LAINGx15 Midfielder Midfielder
36 GolSki40 GolSki40 Midfielder
37 I Smell A Taco Taco l 1 l Goalie Midfielder,Defender I'm a god hands down.. if you don't pick me up you for sure won't win.. proven fact...
38 PineapplePotPie NotoriousPPP x Midfielder Forward,Defender Played in this league before, used to manage the old Ego Leverkusen back in S7 before that imploded completely. Can play any position to a decent standard bar GK, looking to play midfield this season though if anything.
39 Top Schneck Top Schneck Midfielder Forward if I can be CAM I would prefer
40 Jer Dubz Jer Dubz Midfielder Forward
41 Autokratic DJnzaniti Midfielder Midfielder CAM
42 Clancy2113 Jr Clancy2113 Jr Midfielder Forward,Defender
43 xHEDMAN77x xHEDMAN77x Midfielder Forward,Defender CDM and CAM are my primary positions. Last played season 7 for Aston Villa
44 zZVizualZz zZVizualZz Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender Primarily CM and CDM
45 oYOUNG BLOODo oYOUNG BLOODo Midfielder Forward,Defender
46 Senor Dazza Senor Dazza Midfielder Forward
47 Scheckel29 Scheckel29 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
48 Birdinals13 Birdinals13 Forward Midfielder,Defender
49 sugarb1998 sugarb1998 Forward Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper
50 Tommyboy6924 Tommyboy6924 Forward Midfielder can play cam cm rm lm rw lw rb lb
51 MillerX6 MillerX6 Midfielder
52 HugoEmper0r1234 HugoEmper0r1234 Forward Icy Cold Veins is my papi
53 Shadow Strykrr Shadow Strykrr Defender Midfielder,Goal Keeper Outside Back/Outside Mid/ CAM
54 magicMANSEAU magicMANSEAU Midfielder Midfielder
55 ToonArmyJabo ToonArmyJabo Midfielder Midfielder I am A White and Black Bird and I'll shit on you.
56 Shenanigan10 Shenanigan10 Defender Midfielder,Defender
57 Shadow God 2315 Shadow God 2315 Goalie Goal Keeper This is my second season
58 zs shake n bake zs shake n bake Defender Midfielder,Defender
59 Splash Cole Splash Cole Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
60 Gnora x 14 Gnora x 14 Forward Midfielder
61 l Venom l 19 l l Venom l 19 l Midfielder Forward,Defender Ready for some Trophies
62 ANGELSKYWALKER3 ANGELSKYWALKER3 Forward Forward,Midfielder Sick lol
63 marino swag Marino Swag Defender Midfielder *I CAN ONLY PLAY ON SUNDAY*
64 MJ23 x Cash MJ23 x Cash Midfielder Midfielder
65 Showtime IAI Showtime IAI Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper Can play any position 90ovr CAM
66 W1LD Dolphin W1LD Dolphin Midfielder Forward,Defender
67 Xerdai Xerdai Goalie Forward
68 OGG Shadow OGG Shadow Defender Forward,Midfielder
69 gordy5567 gordy5567 Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper All rounder, looking to add a title into my cabinet (:
70 LM JuMpEr l9l LM JuMpEr l9l Goalie Midfielder,Defender
71 Michmeister x 8 Michmeister x 8 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
72 I M0NEY l I M0NEY l Midfielder Forward It burns when I pee
73 KingRaRule420CC KingRaRule420CC Forward Midfielder
74 z Uh Oh z Uh Oh Goalie Forward,Midfielder
75 Eh CanadianHobo Eh CanadianHobo Forward Midfielder
76 I Murked I I Murked I Forward Forward I smell like cheese but I score goals
77 Joshnee Joshnee Midfielder Forward
78 theG0D760 theG0D760 Midfielder Forward
79 XxSmarTz XxSmarTz Forward Forward,Midfielder
80 CurtSix2338 CurtSix2338 Midfielder Midfielder,Defender
81 xJettx xJettx Forward Defender
82 no7slickster no7slickster Defender Midfielder 95 lb experience in this league
83 Dv Gullit Dv Gullit Forward Forward,Midfielder
84 Rewind l 7 l Rewind l 7 l Forward Midfielder
85 Olaf l5l Olaf l5l Forward Forward,Midfielder Lift things up...and put em down...
86 Kasimis96 Kasimis96 Midfielder Forward
87 joamatul2016 Joamatul2016 Forward Forward Season 5 Golden Boot winner and League Champion
88 trackstarSR21 trackstarSR21 Forward Midfielder 83 and growing with 5 star skills and five star weak foot by season start should be upwards of 88+
89 EricE30 ERICE30 Goalie Midfielder
90 CHAMPIOFIBER8 CHAMPIOFIBER8 Midfielder Forward,Defender
91 Auzilio Auzilio Midfielder Midfielder
92 King Q l 11 l King Q l 11 l Defender Forward,Midfielder RB/LB CDM CB in that order
93 Bramble l 19 l Bramble l 19 l Defender Defender LCB ONLY
94 MxG pOsSiBlE MxG pOsSiBlE Midfielder Forward
95 PANDA SwAGGGGG PANDA SwAGGGGG Forward Forward Not for sale at any price
96 Van der Duke Van der Duke Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender
97 Insane Abate Insane Abate Defender Midfielder
98 mAc11seVen mAc11seVen Forward Forward
99 xCr4cKx Ochoa xCr4cKx Ochoa Defender Goal Keeper CB or GK
100 Luizini l5l Carvajal l 2 l Defender Midfielder CB , OB
101 SP1DERMONK3Y111 SP1DERMONK3Y111 Forward
102 TheePastorDave TheePastorDave Forward Forward
103 x IMG DeMoN x x IMG DeMoN x Forward Midfielder
104 Huether 10 Huether 10 Midfielder Forward cant play sunday
105 Andyboy1998 Andyboy1998 Forward Midfielder,Goal Keeper Incredibly Experienced, looking for any team as this is my first season!
106 Natural Michu Natural Michu Goalie Forward,Midfielder
107 Cheecky Nando Cheecky Nando Midfielder Forward
108 Dem0nic Furbie Dem0nic Furbie Midfielder Forward,Defender,Goal Keeper like to play on wing, or play as a LB RB can play GK too
109 TXTX TXTX Midfielder Forward,Defender
110 xMoBxGeTxMoNeYx xMoBxGeTxMoNeYx Forward Forward,Midfielder
111 I Vendi I I Vendi I Defender Forward,Midfielder,Goal Keeper
112 TJHaly eLv DeeSa Ali Midfielder Defender
113 S1ghtWarior 345 S1ghtWarior 345 Midfielder Defender
114 ROMAN95 ROMAN95 Forward Midfielder
115 CoLoMBo14 CoLoMBo14 Midfielder Forward,Defender 92- LM/RM - CAM 92- ST 93- LB/RB
116 nubsy004 nubsy004 Midfielder Forward I'm just here so I don't get fined.
117 Bascule de Mort Bascule de Mort Defender Midfielder,Defender
118 Terronce Terronce Midfielder Forward,Midfielder Can be a reserve due to my work schedule
119 Collier l 11 l Collier l 11 l Forward Forward If I don't know you don't bother I will take the blacklist :) <3
120 L3git Diego10 L3git Diego10 Midfielder Any place in mid
121 SuLLy x11 SuLLy x11 Midfielder Forward
122 KENICOTWIX99 KENICOTWIX99 Forward Forward,Midfielder I can play anywhere in the mid field or any where in the forward area
123 EcF Rodriguez EcF Rodriguez Goalie Forward,Midfielder,Goal Keeper I'm the best GK in the WORLD.
124 Risxn Risxn Defender Defender
125 MUFASATHEKING23 MUFASATHEKING23 Midfielder Forward,Defender
126 jesushaxyou jesushaxyou Goalie Midfielder
127 l Mann l l Mann l Forward Midfielder
128 lI Versace Il l Sai I Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
129 l Stastny26 l l Stastny26 l Midfielder Forward
130 AnRaDe728 AnRaDe728 Midfielder Forward I'm very good been playing clubs since it was a thing
131 IISanicXII IISanicXII Midfielder Forward
132 TheOnlyDuckeh TheOnlyDuckeh Midfielder Forward 89,90 rated Central Midfielder with great all around stats. I can send you the through balls forwards need and although I haven't been playing super long, I can't wait to play and take it by storm!
133 tbonemanning819 tbonemanning819 Forward Midfielder
134 XxCIutchxKingxX XxCIutchxKingxX Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender
135 DeKeyser x l65l DeKeyser x l65l Forward Defender
136 EFxJixter l 7 l EFxJixter l 7 l Defender Midfielder
137 eLeX Lazer eLeX Lazer Forward Forward
138 Krockss72 Krockss72 Midfielder Midfielder
139 oO Leo Messi Oo oO Leo Messi Oo Forward Midfielder
140 Poptart I 20 I Poptart I 20 I Forward Forward,Midfielder I score bangers. Not playing defense this time so suck my ass!
141 phillyfan765 Phillyfan765 Forward
142 Comaweed420qc Comaweed420qc Midfielder Forward
143 o2DaTruth3o o2DaTruth3o Midfielder
144 Smithy021 Smithy021 Defender Midfielder CDM - Wing back - Outside mid
145 xXD1NOxSN1P3RXx xXD1NOxSN1P3RXx Forward Midfielder,Goal Keeper
146 Nazemkadri43 NazemKadri43 Forward Forward,Midfielder I score goals, pass the ball and...
147 Cailean x 29 Cailean x 29 Forward Forward
148 DiLo l 19 l DiLo l 19 l Forward Forward
149 GeriatricPickl3 GeriatricPickl3 Defender Midfielder
150 Schwug SO FLY Schwug SO FLY Midfielder Midfielder,Defender
152 lI Carlinho Il lI Carlinho Il Midfielder Forward,Defender 92 CAM 91 ST
153 xCARPx L28L xCARPx l28l Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper
154 Icy Cold Veins Icy Cold Veins Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper Gordy is a bum
155 OgN GodOfWAR OgN GodOfWAR Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender I play anywhere apart from fb and gk
156 Neon Anarchy Neon Anarchy Midfielder
157 Unlucky Dustin Unlucky Dustin Midfielder Forward
158 MisterRAWness MisterRAWness Defender Defender RB (94- 5'10') preferably, RCB (93- 6'3") if the position is lacking. Experienced CDM (93- 5'10") as well. Will update manager on availability later..
159 JBsmokin420 JBsmokin420 Forward Forward,Midfielder
160 FlawedxVictory FlawedxVictory Forward Midfielder ST-AM
161 Officer Nastii Officer Nastii Midfielder Forward CAM ST RS LS RW RM
162 ORod80 ORod80 Midfielder YNWA
163 HighRootz HighRootz Midfielder Forward I'm new to playing 11v11. I know I'm not the greatest or best player on the pitch, I do know the importance of being apart of a team and learning/understanding my role.