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Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Alternate Position(s) Questions or Comments
1 Austin McA Austin McA Defender Midfielder,Defender I'm still the best
2 Nuge Nuge Defender Midfielder
3 EcF Rodriguez Sly Humor Goalie Forward,Midfielder,Goal Keeper I'm the best GK in the WORLD.
4 Texas Tenant Texas Tenant Goalie
5 ORod80 ORod l 80 l Midfielder Midfielder YNWA
6 Collier l 11 l Collier l 11 l Forward Forward If I don't know you don't bother I will take the blacklist :) <3
7 VanB Matthias VanB Matthias Forward
8 Shadow Strykrr Shadow Strykrr Defender Midfielder,Goal Keeper Outside Back/Outside Mid/ CAM
9 xF Mamba xF Mamba Forward Defender I'll play defense if you're not a bum owner and have a good attack (This means I won't play for you Bournemouth) I want to play striker though.
10 no7slickster no7slickster Defender Midfielder 95 lb experience in this league
11 Beast l 14 l Beast l 14 l Midfielder Defender Main pos rb but only for the right team.
12 lZona lZona Forward Forward Here, your a toilet
13 CoLoMBo14 CoLoMBo14 Midfielder Forward,Defender 92- LM/RM - CAM 92- ST 93- LB/RB
14 ARBRN INFANTRY ARBRN INFANTRY Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender
15 Duey912 Duey912 Forward Forward Whatever
16 l iSilver l l iSilver l Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender Trade me please
17 Ripo Ripo Forward Midfielder
18 Shenanigan10 Shenanigan10 Defender Midfielder,Defender
19 z Uh Oh z Uh Oh Goalie Forward,Midfielder
20 eLeX Lazer eLeX Lazer Forward Forward
21 TKShooter22 TKShooter22 Forward
22 phillyfan765 Phillyfan765 Forward Midfielder
23 TheePastorDave TheePastorDave Forward Forward
24 tsuifa tsuifa Defender Defender
26 APAKquarius APAKquarius Forward Midfielder,Defender
27 ArmedMRTMAN2 ArmedMRTMAN2 Midfielder Forward,Defender
28 FarIey x FraudIy Goalie Goal Keeper
29 RWILSO RWILSO Midfielder Forward
31 Eazy Daz lt Eazy Daz lt Forward Midfielder Feel more confident in CAM more than anything. Happy to play CM aswel
32 GotaThatchEmAll GotaThatchEmAll Forward Midfielder I can make most games, I'm most comfortable at LM if you put me in the midfield.
33 XL Chopsticks XL Chopsticks Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper Can play anywhere
34 Rickylogy Rickylogy Forward Forward,Midfielder
35 N0T NiiCE N0T NiiCE Forward Midfielder Elite forward. Willing to play midfield if need be.
36 TIGxThe Fighter TIGxThe Fighter Goalie
37 MOOSE GGINA MOOSE GGINA Defender Goal Keeper
38 BEANbean1223 BEANbean1223 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
39 Jabo l 9 l Jabo l 9 l Midfielder Forward TOON TOON
40 Auzilio Auzilio Forward Forward ST
41 oOimMaxOo oOimMaxOo Forward Midfielder
42 Tricky l88l Tricky l88l Defender Midfielder
43 SP1DERMONK3Y111 SP1DERMONK3Y111 Midfielder Forward Primary position is LM/RM.. secondary is ST/LW/RW
44 fils TnTin0 Midfielder Midfielder,Defender SPECIALIST IN SPANISH PUSHUPS , SPONSORED BY HITACHI
45 xF Trae xF Trae Defender CB S7 beckenbauer winner. Took 2 seasons off so we will see if i shake off the rust. As of now ill make most games if not all.
46 I Murked I I Murked I Forward Goal Keeper
47 l Marshie 7 l l Marshie 7 l Defender Midfielder 94 CB, no mic but I have experience from playing in 5 other websites
48 GolSki40 GolSki40 Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender
49 Risxn Risxn Defender Forward,Midfielder
50 Dusan Double D Dusan Double D Forward Only playing defense for some teams. Thumbsan66 is still a little bitch, tell him to ban me more like he promised, and not block me on fb
51 Showtime IAI Showtime IAI Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender
52 Leiva l 21 l Leiva l 21 l Defender Midfielder Vet CB/DM/FB
53 JackLivesMatter JackLivesMatter Midfielder Midfielder
54 Frosty l17l Frosty l17l Defender Midfielder
55 Draxler l 10 I Draxler l 10 I Midfielder Midfielder
56 PSG21HBA PSG21HBA Midfielder Forward
57 Spideyman494 Spideyman494 Forward Forward 93 LF/ST/LW
58 I M0NEY l I M0NEY l Midfielder Forward,Goal Keeper Fuck trump
59 Icy Cold Veins Icy Cold Veins Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper No trash cans like Gordy please
60 l Clarke l 12 l l Clarke l 12 l Midfielder Forward CDM/CAM/ST DO NOT PLAY CM
61 IRichMoney 19 IRichMoney 19 Midfielder Defender CDM // CB // LB/RB
62 Smoskowitz x 13 Smoskowitz x 13 Forward Midfielder
63 Scheckel29 Scheckel29 Midfielder Forward,Defender
64 SpringBiscuit87 SpringBiscuit87 Midfielder Defender
65 Joshnee Joshnee Forward Midfielder Primary RW. Played CDM last season and did well. Secondary: CDM/CM/CAM. Can always make Sundays and Tuesdays, can only make the last game of Mondays and Wednesdays NO MIC but I can hear in parties.
66 ROMAN95 ROMAN95 Forward Forward,Midfielder
67 ANGELSKYWALKER3 ANGELSKYWALKER3 Forward Forward,Midfielder I play middle. Or fwrd I'm a savage just saying lol
68 HpMcBauer24 McLucas22 Forward Midfielder
69 MossMan 420 MossMan 420 Midfielder Forward,Goal Keeper Mid fielder , striker, goalie
70 MoneyMan552 MoneyMan552 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
71 Glitch Goaling Glitch Goaling Forward Forward,Midfielder
72 MUFASATHEKING23 MUFASATHEKING23 Midfielder Midfielder,Defender
73 Psycho7Clutch Psycho7Clutch Goalie Forward
74 Yvnqq Vortexx Yvnqq Vortexx Forward Forward,Midfielder
75 Ruckus Buck Ruckus Buck Midfielder Defender
76 l Glad l l Glad l Midfielder Defender can play most nights just not and when i have a LG NHL game and Wednesdays
77 spear105 xBiggieCheese Midfielder Midfielder
78 YoUnG HuS 559 YoUnG HuS 559 Midfielder Midfielder
79 ArrogantToast5 ArrogantToast5 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
80 Elusive Rav Elusive Rav Forward Midfielder
81 xXx Reimer 34 x xXx Reimer 34 x Goalie Forward
82 K inG x NeymaR K inG x NeymaR Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender Terrible availability this season, will be on vacation during the season too. Might willing to play other position than ST for the short numbers of games I'll play.
83 Sweeney MUFC Sweeney MUFC Midfielder Forward,Midfielder I have a mic,21,passing always 80% and above,composed and creative midfielder,comfortable on the ball,versatile
84 Bogiman64 Bogiman64 Midfielder Midfielder
85 Dunks Dunks Defender Midfielder Outside back or outside mid
86 Roon l 44 l Roon l 44 l Midfielder Forward My availability is horrible
87 Air Raiders Air Raiders Forward Midfielder
88 SoaR Messiah SoaR Messiah Midfielder Midfielder
89 JLANE91 JLANE91 Forward Forward,Midfielder
90 rF Peanut rF Peanut Forward Forward,Midfielder
91 TheOnlyDuckeh TheOnlyDuckeh Midfielder Forward,Midfielder I play in the middle including CDM, LCM, RCM, CAM
92 hack theez hack theez Midfielder
93 VK Qc Lagace39 VK Qc Lagace39 Forward Midfielder
94 bigbitty9714 bigbitty9714 Defender Midfielder,Defender
95 RiseAboveDaHate RiseAboveDaHate Midfielder Forward
96 m1st3r ped m1st3r ped Goalie Defender
97 Weldxr Weldxr Forward Forward
98 NikLidstrom420 NikLidstrom420 Forward Defender Been playing since 02. I know the game well enough to compete.
99 lI Carlinho Il lI Carlinho Il Midfielder Forward,Defender 93 CAM
100 Shadow God 2315 Shadow God 2315 Goalie Goal Keeper
101 Murxdabeast Murxdabeast Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
102 Varane l 5 l Varane l 5 l Defender Midfielder
103 Grk n1ck1023 Nikos Pizza Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper i was told there would be girls
104 G lR ii M x G lR ii M x Midfielder Forward
105 prodigy8771 prodigy8771 Goalie Forward open availability
106 I Dubois I I Dubois I Goalie Goal Keeper
107 ILuvFemaleDogs ILuvFemaleDogs Defender Midfielder
108 Itz Hotpants Itz Hotpants Goalie Defender Cant play on Sundays
109 MDxRav3ns301 MDxRav3ns301 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
110 KILLSWI7CH69 KILLSWI7CH69 Forward Forward,Midfielder
111 RUFi01989 RUFi01989 Forward Midfielder
112 III Danny C III III Danny C III Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
113 XxCRESCENTIxX XxCRESCENTIxX Forward Midfielder
114 Copy of Apollo Owen I 93 I Goalie Defender
115 murderboy100 murderboy100 Forward Forward,Midfielder
116 B1end x rF Magic Crib Midfielder Midfielder
117 Mezoh STK Mezoh STK Goalie Forward my availability is ok
118 Scott Swag City Scott Swag City Forward Forward,Midfielder,Goal Keeper Looking to play attacking but can fill in other positions if needed.
119 EricE30 ERICE30 Midfielder Midfielder
120 zZVizualZz zZVizualZz Midfielder Midfielder
121 OLIVIERz QC OLIVIERz QC Defender Defender
122 Thibeault x EcF Thibeault Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender can only make a select amount of games
123 Vieira l Xi EcF Vieira Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
124 XxSmarTz XxSmarTz Forward Midfielder If your team is amazingly deep and talented, I might be persuaded to play elsewhere.
125 ODJM Jr x l 3 l ODJM Jr x l 3 l Defender Midfielder,Goal Keeper
126 Smith Logic Smith Logic Defender Forward,Midfielder
127 ST4RZ Ty ST4RZ Ty Midfielder Midfielder,Defender
128 BionicGuns BionicGuns Defender Defender
129 xLegallyx360 xLegallyx360 Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender GET ME IN COACH
130 Matic l 21 Matic l 21 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder Looking to start at CDM
131 xxxHERCULESxxxx xxxHERCULESxxxx Defender
132 l Kang l Rich Homie Kang Forward Midfielder
133 Foehammer006 Foehammer006 Midfielder Forward
134 Tofske Tofske Forward Forward
135 xMaZdASkiLlSx xMaZdASkiLlSx Midfielder Forward,Defender
136 Dino523 Dino523 Forward Goal Keeper
137 MisterRAWness MisterRAWness Defender Midfielder Will only RB or CDM. DO NOT PLAY ME AT CB OR GK FFS. Definite availability on Sunday & Monday.
138 l Karlos I l Karlos I Goalie Defender
139 rF Owen rF Owen Forward Forward (Unlucky Owen) No, I won't play CB for you.......
140 rF Sissoko rF Sissoko Midfielder Midfielder CDM / CAM
141 GeriatricPickl3 GeriatricPickl3 Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender
142 Purpz l 18 l Purpz l 18 l Defender Forward,Midfielder
143 OgN GodOfWAR OgN GodOfWAR Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
144 IE IMI IR IE 23 IE IMI IR IE 23 Midfielder Defender CDM LDM CM LB
145 AB1717 AbKeepzIt100 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender Feel free to add me ABKEEPZIT100
146 Cpt Juizo Cpt Juizo Midfielder Forward
147 MatthewH17 MatthewH17 Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper
148 ChefConstantine ChefConstantine Defender Midfielder,Goal Keeper
149 x JVDK x x JVDK x Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
150 Officer Nastii Officer Nastii Midfielder Forward,Goal Keeper
151 Smithy021 Smithy021 Midfielder Midfielder,Defender CDM RM/LM
153 gatoteo gatoteo Midfielder Forward,Defender
154 Medemaa Medemaa Midfielder Defender
155 krustykrimpets1 krustykrimpets1 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
156 Kx Mars l 11 l Kx Mars l 11 l Midfielder Forward
157 I Vendi I I Vendi I Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper I play anywhere but outside back.
158 Vahlstrom Vahlstrom Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper
159 Henriques I 3 I Henriques I 3 I Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender
160 Mort Ragnarsson Mort Ragnarsson Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender #RabonaClearsForDays
161 trackstarSR21 trackstarSR21 Midfielder Forward ;)
162 l Ponce l l Ponce l Defender Midfielder
163 Inform Vidal Inform Vidal Midfielder Forward,Midfielder I cant play most Tuesdays, and i cant play any Wednesdays. I'm not playing GK in this league.
165 Gnora x 14 Gnora x 14 Midfielder Defender
166 Zwigggy Zwigggy Defender Midfielder
167 FC1493 FC1493 Forward Midfielder I normally play with my friends on Da Boys SC (Top 10 in Top 100). I play ST mainly with them and can rotate effectively to CAM and Wing but I prefer a central role. Just looking for some competitive possession based build up to get my FIFA thrill outside of playing with my normal club.
168 Payner Payner Midfielder Midfielder
169 Tommyboy6924 Tommyboy6924 Midfielder Forward,Defender play cristal p last years
170 Bossmoney9874 Bossmoney9874 Forward Midfielder
171 I KC KONGO I I KC KONGO I Forward Midfielder
172 Top Schneck Top Schneck Forward Midfielder hummmmm
173 I Smell A Taco I Smell A Taco Midfielder Midfielder,Defender CDM, midfield or outside back only.. NO GK!!!
174 Field Goal Team Field Goal Team Goalie Midfielder,Defender One of the best you'll see between the goal posts
175 l Celly l17l l Celly l17l Midfielder Forward Am available for most games
176 in8ability2212 in8ability2212 Forward
177 LegendaryFig V4 LegendaryFig V4 Midfielder Midfielder,Defender
178 I Kraze 5 I Kraze I 5 I Midfielder Forward
179 kleber23 kleber23 Midfielder Forward
180 NYR95 NYR95 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
181 L0K0 1222 L0K0 1222 Midfielder Forward
182 THAA GROVE 13 THAA GROVE 13 Forward Midfielder
183 IHernandezI 19 IHernandezI 19 Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper
184 Havens l 6 l Dzeko l 9 l Forward Forward I am a ST. 6'7 ST. I bundle goals. I get crosses and I score them. Simple really. My Xbox may or may not break if you draft me and I don't know you.
185 ORG4N1Z3D CH4O5 ORG4N1Z3D CH4O5 Midfielder Defender
186 dranblood dranblood Forward Midfielder
187 uptop sekooo uptop sekooo Goalie Goal Keeper
188 Dushi Dushi Goalie
189 Hilly Hilly Midfielder Forward tbh pretty bad but im a 10/10 party presence
190 SuLLy x11 Sully l 11 Midfielder Forward OM, CAM, ST in that order
191 Unlucky Evo Unlucky Evo Forward Forward Striker and striker only. Availability is sketchy. I'll miss a whole week in april
192 LoCoTrAcK5tAr LoCoTrAcK5tAr Defender Midfielder,Defender
193 YESYESGetBodied YESYESGetBodied Forward Midfielder
194 Subi Ross Subi Ross Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender Ideally would like to play as a winger on either flank, thanks.
195 SickWitIt18 SickWitIt18 Forward Forward,Midfielder
196 Huether 10 Huether 10 Midfielder Forward
197 MillerX6 MillerX6 Midfielder Midfielder
198 STEALTHxSh0ts STEALTHxSh0ts Forward Midfielder
199 xXxliL CHoDxXx CHoD l 45 l Midfielder Forward,Defender
200 Richyrichisbak Richyrichisbak Defender Forward,Midfielder,Goal Keeper
201 Supreme JaWaLa Supreme JaWaLa Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
202 OGG Shadow OGG Shadow Defender Forward,Midfielder
203 Doc McLellen Doc McLellen Defender Defender Can only play sunday and monday
204 l Steve McG l l Steve McG l Goalie Midfielder Shitty availability
205 YBGVickers YBGVickers Midfielder Forward,Defender,Goal Keeper
206 CrYoGeNiiKs Fx l Cryo I Forward Midfielder