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  1. HunterShinkaruk
    Kerns-_- : hes fine XxGenoSnipeXx : vv SkillzPayBills3 : should call him back up SkillzPayBills3 : whoever sent down hunter
  2. SabbyAy
  3. NotoriousFAT 00
    NotoriousFAT 00
    Feel the HEAT! Stockton's got that ass kicking for ya.
  4. Camelot28
    Camelot28 FUQT
    Hey sry for last night i been looking if i was schedule and i didn see my name on so i went out of the city
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  5. ScRoTh_420
    Ready for the last season of LG
  6. Gilleh
  7. Gilleh
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    2. Kerns-_-
      hey pal
      May 27, 2017 at 5:54 AM
  8. Mitch_Marner16
  9. SlayinMugs42069
  10. savagesquad906
    Lookinh for a team RW
  11. savagesquad906
    solid puckk moving fwd looking for a team
  13. xOpticSiegeX
  14. Walnuts XV
  15. Jon Clink 96
    Jon Clink 96 l HowieDoo l
  16. Osker814
    Osker814 DJxGrinder
    You really screwed up my plans for this season grabbing Bennett. Lol. Had big plans for us and his buddy this season. Good luck this year and I know you aint gonna move him but if you do hit me up
    1. DJxGrinder
      May 25, 2017 at 2:08 PM
  17. Chief Banks
    Chief Banks
    I will not Kiss ass for Bids :)
  18. HA G0T EMM
    HA G0T EMM
    S26 LGCHL Rookie Of The Year
  19. btren92
    Let my game do the talking
  20. ChiefsHockey04
    In-Game player name is Jonathan Drouin #27